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Friends in Gurgaon, India

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My youngest daughter will be visiting Gurgaon, India next month to work for a few weeks at one of the banks there. Are there any friends on this site or know of any brothers or sisters there who might be willing to meet up with her and welcome her. Does anyone have a number for one of the congregations there, she doesn't need a place to stay, she just wanted to meet some friends that she could trust and be comfortable with and attend the meetings with. Thanks, your sister in the faith.

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Hi Annie, I removed all the duplicates and left this one. I think this forum is the correct place.

Unfortunately - I don't know anyone in India personally, but I do know there are several on the forum who live in India - BIG PLACE.

I hope you find someone.

Plan ahead as if Armageddon will not come in your lifetime, but lead your life as if it will come tomorrow (w 2004 Dec. 1 page 29)





Soon .....


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Aaahhh, what happened to my post?! I thought I pressed the "Submit" button, too.

Anyways, to try to repeat myself. Fortunately we've got jw.org. Probs too late to send the branch in India a letter, so why not give them a call: http://www.jw.org/en/jehovahs-witnesses/offices/india/

Likewise you can also benefit from the possibility of searching for meeting times/locations at jw.org: http://www.jw.org/apps/index.html?option=FRNsPnPBrTZGT

Wikipedia says that Gurgaon is located in the State of Haryana (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gurgaon). In the meeting search you can narrow down the results to a specific state or province. In the state of Haryana the only congregation seems to be "Faridabad"--wherever that is. However, according to Wikipedia, this Gurgaon is located only 30 km from New Delhi. Meeting search gives six results for "NATIONAL CAPITAL TERRITORY OF DELHI". That's where you can also find a plenty of telephone numbers to contact the brothers in respective congregations. For an overview of our activities in the Gurgaon area, however, I guess the Branch would be your best bet.

(Now Ctrl+C in case my post disappears again... :pistols:)

To this David said: “What have I done now? I was only asking a question!”

– 1 Samuel 17:29

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Thank you very much, as a matter of fact, I just got off the phone speaking with someone from the branch office over there and he gave me a couple of numbers at the Kingdom Hall where my daughter will be attending while she is there, I am to call back in 1 hour. Again, thank you.

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There you can also find appropriate links to Google Maps. Nearest metro station to the Hall where Delhi English congregates at [expecting you and your daughter are English-speaking?] seems to be called Saket. According to the interactive map at http://www.delhimetrorail.com/zoom-route-map.aspx the Saket station (some 1.3 km away from the Kingdom Hall) is on the yellow line, which in turn extends down to HUDA City Centre. And if you look on Google Maps, that doesn't seem to be too far from Gurgaon :)

To this David said: “What have I done now? I was only asking a question!”

– 1 Samuel 17:29

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What a small world we're living in!

I like to do virtual traveling like you, Julius!

Recently I was at our Brooklyn Betel, then I visited Philippines. :scooter:

So interesting (and inexpensive 8-) )!

P.S. I'm glad you moved finally out of your "crazy house" to own world. :)

"Absolute rubbish”

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Sorry Annie, It seems I came late to this column. I just saw your message today only.

I am happy that Julius has explained well, how to find out the brothers in a certain place.

I am in India, living very very far away from Gurgaon. (2000 miles). There are no many congregations there in Haryana.

Especially in Northern India, only very few congregations are there. I am glad that you got the contacts.



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