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2013 TMS Schedule

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I am new to this so please bear with me. I have been a member of this forum for some time now...not exactly sure just howlong LOL. Last year I was able to come across a TMS schedule for 2012 on this site. Is there going to be one for 2013 available or has the FDS mentioned anything to the contrary for it....? Thanks for helping.

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where can we find the schedule, is this something that the brothers who can download the km have access to?

The same schedule that previously was part of the printed October KM annually is now only given to the TMS overseers. It's been a few years like this, right?

I'm not sure whether it is a custom or a local application but schedule for the whole year can also be posted on the congregation notice board.

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You can also get it from the wol.jw site


I bet if you hange en in the above link to your language code you'll get it. If not, i got there through the calendar and clicked on the link above the school info.

but this is the one for 2012, the one for 2013 isn't online yet.

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I'm working on a German school book (I'm already at August, so more than half), and I always check what is in this book. And I have to say, without offence or anything, that I don't think that the person who made the above school book always chose the best sources and references. There are sometimes WT from the 80ies and 90ies but we have newr ones from 2010 and 2011 which IMHO would be better choices. Don't get me wrong, the person really has done a great job, I just wondered a bit about this.

Like for example:

August 5, Talk No. 2: Why True Christians Consider Themselves to Be “Aliens and Temporary Residents” in the World (1 Pe 2:11; 1 john 2:15-17)

he chose: *** w02 11/1 p. 12 pars. 12-13 “Maintain Your Conduct Fine Among the Nations” *** as reference

instead of *** w11 11/15 pp. 16-20 “Temporary Residents” in a Wicked World *** which I think would be better

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hm, not really necessary, I was just wondering why he used these references. Our school overseer once told me that generally all the talks that have only a scripture as source are based on WT articles from the last two years. There are only a few exceptions.

And I want to point out again, that I don't want to criticize his work.

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