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More blows....... CAUTION: There are medically graphic info.

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Okay... It's been a while since I have been here and posted. A lot has happened since my last posting.

My wife ended up going to ICU for pneumonia. While there, she got an infection started in her foot. She asked the doctor to have it fixed or at least checked out. He flat out refused! He said, "No, you and your significant other can go to a regular doctor to have that checked out. We don't have time here." And he turned and left the room. My wife was like, "Does he think I am a lesbian?" That is the only reason, that I can think of, for a doctor to say 'significant other'.

Anyways, she spent 3 days there, then they released her. She came home, still miserable. Not feeling right. She was feverish, throwing up, the whole nine yards of something really nasty. So I put her in the car, and took her to a different hospital in another city. They immediately took her in. They were flabbergasted the ICU wouldn't do anything. They scanned her foot and noticed 5 large abscesses. She had emergency surgery to remove them, and while in there they noticed a really NASTY infection. They decided to leave it open to drain. The very next day they drained out 55cc of pus, that is equivalent to 1/2 cup of coffee. She was in that hospital for a week, and 2 surgeries to have it fixed. She is now back home with a PICC line.

Then my mom broke some heartbreaking news to me, my ex-sister in law, and her two daughters wrote letters, disassociating themselves!!! The oldest daughter was just accepted as a regular pioneer, she was an avid interpreter for the ASL congregation. She would go to BC, Canada and to California for the assemblies to interpret there as well, she was also accepted this past summer for the RBC. She disassociated herself. I am still in such a state of shock that I hope when I go to bed tonight, and wake up in the morning that this was all just a dream.

I don't understand peoples reason to leave Jehovah. Especially when things are going from bad to worse! Pretty soon the cost of milk is going up to $8/gallon. Going along with the scripture, "Bread will cost a day's wage."

I will admit, that since we moved to Columbus, we haven't made a meeting all due to severe illnesses!!! Pneumonia, surgeries, stomach flus, viruses, etc... This is getting way to nutty for me. We came here to help my sister get back and forth to the meetings as it is hard for her worldly husband to do it. I was asked to study with her son.

I feel like everything is just spinning out of control for me, and I don't know how to get the room to stop spinning and restart. I need to say, "Okay, I am starting at point A, not point K and going back and forth."

Seems like everyone I know is getting df'd or leaving altogether. I just found out a brother from my previous congregation is df'd again. I told the brother that told me, "There will be a point they can tell him he can't come back." He's been df'd so many times!!!

I just don't know what to do. I feel that when I pray, I am in an empty room and nobody's listening. I hate that feeling. Alone, desperate, nobody to hear, nobody to hold your hand and say, "Son, everything will be ok."

Well, I think I talked to much, so I will go for now. Thanks all for letting me vent, and being such close personal friends that I feel comfortable enough to talk to you all at this level. I only met a couple of you in person, but feel that we all know each other well!!!


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Big hugs brother!!!!!

Keep going....dont let peoples stupidity, and lack of love for Jehovah get you down.

As for prayer.........well, thats a whole new subject right there!

I recently studied prayer for my personal study, for EXACTLY the same reason you expressed . "I feel that when I pray, I am in an empty room and nobody's listening. I hate that feeling. Alone, desperate, nobody to hear, nobody to hold your hand and say, "Son, everything will be ok."

I wont tell you what I learned because I only studied it with ME in mind, and what struck a cord with me, might not you. But I guess I would encourage you to make it a personal study project?? I feel ALOT closer to Jehovah now, and my prayers feel as if Im being heard and answered.

Jehovah knows exactly how your feeling and what your going through, keep talking to him. I hope you can soon make your new congo and get to know some. It would be good to get some close friends.

Im so sorry about your wife, I think I would write a letter to the hospital about the Dr and make a formal complaint. As well as explaining what happened after.

Unfortunately we cannot expect things to get any better in this system, but we know we have Jehovah to help us through each day, and sometimes minute.

All the best, its nicfe to see you back here. You have been missed. :)

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I am so sorry for you & your Wife Micah..

Drs can be a headache..but this world is sliding further down that sink hole.

A°C'o gave an illustration with a graph using that expression. I watched my cousin go thru a patch with his first wife. The Drs were negeligiant no care. He has only just come back after 16yrs. His first daughter she is 16yrs She survived &gave her first talk last week.

Jehovah is our only life line. No matter what we go through he is by our side.

I also have found this forum has been encouraging &very upbuilding....So many wonderful individuals..So if you can even if you don't want to post. Just reading the encouraging section is a good top up in between the meetings.ay Jehovaj be with you:grouphug:

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:grouphug:Thats shocking news Micah I bet you can relate to Job just one thing after another .

You know you must be doing something right when Satan is going all out for you.

Remember Job he too was totally alone.

I have found you can pray and pray just as you are standing with one foot over the edge of a huge cliff then as you topple over you scream why Jehovah did you let me fall. As you spin around and around in mid air.

It is only at the bottom that you realize Jehovah is there to catch you in his strong but soft arms, sure you may have hit a few branches and rocks on the way down but Jehovah will always keep you spiritually safe.

It doesn't matter who you are on the outside what position you have.

It matters what you are inside your love for Jehovah and others.

Remember Joseph his own brothers left him, sold him as a slave, at times he must have thought Jehovah wasn't listening but at the end he could see how Jehovah worked things out. You never know what people think after we leave:maybe a nurse or doctor may listen to the witnesses 'because of your example in the other hospital.

Take courage dear brother rest assure Jehovah is listening and he does care.

My being a fugitive you yourself have reported.

Do put my tears in your skin bottle.

Are they not in your book?

35 And you will give me your shield of salvation,

And your own right hand will sustain me,

And your own humility will make me great

For I, Jehovah your God, am grasping your right hand, the One saying to you, ‘Do not be afraid. I myself will help you.’

I will pray for you .

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My Dear Bro Micah,

I am so sorry that you are suffering so many tramatic events. I pray that your wife heals well. I would go beyond writing a letter to the hospital & making a formal complaint. It sounds to me like it calls for a law suit. Who knows what would have happened with your wife had you not taken her to another hospital! I have never sued anyone but you should consider this for all that you both have had to endure.

On another note. You have many encouraging comments from the friends. I especially like Celsslyn's illustration. Yes, you can be assured that Jehovah knows everything that is happening with you, he cares & is there for you. Remember too that it is the faithful one's that Satan targets! "Be wise, my son, and make my heart rejoice, that I may make a reply to him that is taunting me" Prov 27:11

One suggestion that I have if you are not already using the phone-tie-in, please be sure and do that! It's not the same as being at the KIH but you have the encoragement of the meetings talks, comments, song (sing along with the cong), prayers etc. You get to hear the bro & sis voices! You are counted as being present & most of all have Jehovah's blessing.

You are in my prayers, Micah.

Warm Christian Love, :heart:

Sis Betty

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The phone tie-in is an excellent idea. If you do not have the local number, contact the Hall and see if you can get it. If you cannot, do you have a cell with free long distance and a large amount if not unlimited minutes. If so, I am sure many on here can give you a number for phone tie-in where you can get the encouragement you need. (PM me if you need to)

As for what the hospital did. I would seriously consider contacting one of the successful contingency law firms in your area and see what they think. It won't cost you any money out of pocket and they would know if you have grounds for a case. Most of them won't proceed if they do not think they can win.

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Hi Micah

Sorry to hear about your life. It's gotta be a real bummer. I am praying that Jehovah keeps you strong.

You mentioned you moved to Columbus. Is that Columbus GA? My son lives in Phenix City, AL right across the river. He is in the truth too.

Agape, Lee

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Dearest Micah, Significant other is almost always the term used in the medical profession because it covers all relationships (lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, trannies, married, living together, or even family ties--ie father having power of attorney over a child or vice versa) This term most accurately covers all types of relationships. So don't give it a second thought.

I am so sorry to hear of all your problems and will be praying for you and your families spiritual protection as well as physical and emotional health. It seems almost suffocating when problems start piling up. Just remember you are loved and needed here and we all care for you.

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