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  1. Greg. You have a nice place. If I were closer I'd love to come share a shrimp on the barbie.
  2. Temps dropping and slowing icing up.   Expecting ICE over a large part of the state.    NW area of the state of Oklahoma should expect power outages.  Trucks from Electric companies in surrounding states are already on hand to help.  

    1. Gregexplore


      WoW ..not good ..not good. :(

    2. bagwell1987


      Wow, winter really took hold this year, huh? We also are colder than we've been in a long time. I remember winters in the 70's, wow, snow, cold, freeze drying sheets on the cloths line...

    3. Omo_Yeme


      Due to the pending ice storm, we may have to reschedule our C.A. today.

  3. Direction is more important than speed...Just look around.....Many are going nowhere fast! People who shine from within do NOT need a spotlight.
  4. Talk about the weather here in Oklahoma .    The temp high is supposed to reach 74 degrees and tomorrow it should be in the 40's with temperatures dropping into Friday with sleet, snow, and ice.     

    1. JudyO


      It's the same down here in Antlers! It really can wreak havoc  with your health!  How are you, David? I just wanted to let you know in case you haven't heard, that Diania had to have surgery last week, and she is still recovering at home. She would probably LOVE to hear from some of the friends there in Pauls Valley. PM me for her contact information if anyone would like to send her a get well card or message.

    2. Miss Mouse

      Miss Mouse

      Bizzare weather this winter in our area . Sign of the times I would think . 

  5. I am so thankful that in this workbook it is directing attention to inactive ones and showing our deep concern to get them back into the fold. In our circuit alone we have around 600 inactive. With the use of this video and heartfelt prayer, discussion and heartfelt motivation to assist those who for whatever reason are no longer worshiping with us at our christian meetings. We need to "round up" all those ones who have strayed for whatever reason. Really appreciated Jesus illustration found in Luke 15: 8-10. These ones who strayed are of no less value to Jehovah. This has really been weighing on my mind and heart lately. Now some more direction. THANKS JEHOVAH!
  6. We had an announcement Tuesday evening meeting that our 2017 "Don,t Give Up". Regional Convention will be May 19,20,21 at the fairgrounds (Jim Norrick) arena in Oklahoma City. Really looking forward to the Convention as I realize all of you brothers are as well. Christian greetings to all of you.
  7. "Circumstances don't make a person....they reveal a person." "We cannot change the past but we can change our attitude toward it." Never idolize your desires but pummel and lead them.
  8. It's not the degree of education, it's the degree of faith we each put in Jehovah that makes us successful.
  9. I heard this one yesterday...."Always focus through the front windshield and not the rear view mirror"
  10. Richard, That is what was not clear to us when we had heard the news briefly. We were sure hoping it wasn't a bad publicity on Jehovah's people. But something good may come out of their showing the JW.ORG on the screen. Maybe some people will be curious and look it up ......including the police that were investigating. I'm trying to look at some of the positive on the JW.ORG being flashed across our television screens.
  11. As my wife and I were watching the TODAY show a news report on a kidnapped victim (Sherri Patini) who is alive had been abducted and her weight down to around 87 pounds. In the news shot on the today show it showed a Kingdom Hall that was taped off. What caught me and my wife's attention was the JW.ORG sign on the side of the Hall. Does anyone know how this may be related to the kidnap victim? Just curious. Thanks Dave
  12. When I talked to the son a a preacher he said his dad always said, "There are more PROFESSORS than there are POSSESSORS." I have used this in public talks.
  13. Lisa, Thanks for sharing this nice experience. People are very concerned about the turnout either way. But we do not have to be concerned because we know without doubt Jesus as King will take care of matters his way.
  14. In the ministry we saw a signs put up by a local church that read "Campaign for Christ". The older brother with me said to the householder who brought this up was , "We appreciate that we don't have to campaign for Christ because he is already our ruler."
  15. Well,  we have a new Christian brother ....My Brother Rod was baptized at our circuit assembly yesterday.   He was the oldest of 9 baptized yesterday.  7 brothers and 2 sisters.

    I cried like a baby when Rod was baptized.   It reminded me of my other brother who I was privileged to study with and he was baptized in 2011.   He died 2 years later.     Memories flooded back.   By the way,  Rod's wife who is not studying or interested YET came that whole morning and watched his baptism.    He was one happy camper.    I am also.   

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    2. Alexa


      Congrats brother Rod :) 

    3. Sylv


      How wonderful!

    4. shali


      You will now have your brother with you forever! And he may also win over his wife, so the blessings may keep on coming!!