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  1. Faith strengthening account Luezette!
  2. The stock market appears to be crashing for the moment.
  3. This was a good watch! seen it before...thanks for posting!
  4. Colombo-peter falk cracked me up.....when the perpetrators thought they were in the clear, and he would keep showing up with his old beat up coat, they would be SO annoyed! I guess he'd be out of work in the new world...
  5. a few year ago i purchased all the series of colombo, i have since misplaced them! ...loved Peter Falk!
  6. tim I'm confused by your comment, the difference between jwtalk and face book? All social media.....I don't get your point...
  7. I lived in NYC for 15 years, but was not in the truth at that time...missed opportunities......they were not on my radar..
  8. I thought this text was so loving-- are u sure this is why you were unfriended? or could it have been for another reason? im confused. in any event sometimes the truth hurts.