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  1. Good reminders always. We aren't waiting for the world to attack false religion - NO, We are waiting for Jehovah to put the idea in their hearts. Once He does that, things will move quickly. So, keeping a sense of urgency then is important.
  2. Sometimes that all that works when this happens. I have had to do this a few times also.
  3. I wonder - is it possible Muslim extremists comes about as they don't eat bacon? Something to think on.
  4. Nice. We all need reminders to stay humble - even the anointed. Interesting to see that the slave "do not claim to have special knowledge or revelations; neither do they try to prove that they are in some way superior. " nor do any of the other anointed ones. We all study, meditate and do our best to apply Bible principles.
  5. The Supreme Court has not yet set a date for the appeal hearing, but Jehovah's Witnesses believe it could take place as late as September 2017.In the meantime, Jehovah's Witnesses have also submitted a challenge to Judge Ivanenko's refusal, during the proceedings in April, to dismiss the Justice Ministry's suit. The Supreme Court is due to hear this challenge on 13 June.
  6. Or he could even do a 2nd 500 years (as this book covers "only" the 1st 500). It would be interesting to get into the idea of possible unrest due to land divisions - especially as this pertains to the Jews and even returning ones from the Middle East. I am sure there would be people for or against those on different sides. This seems to be a large part of the discontent even now. Add in some possible overcrowding or assignments taht ones do NOT want and there is quite the powder keg ready to explode. Also, perhaps even some discontent over who actually gets credited for inventions or music or art - this too is often the beginning of pride and then discontent. That final judgement day should be interesting. I have a feeling it will eliminate quite a few people - so, the concept regularly brought up about the possibility of overcrowding would / could be handled thru that as well. I loved the weaving of technology thru it as well - a database for things and some monetary means of trade - only makes sense - excellent! I loved the idea of jobs and how work could be traded for various things (this is where the use of money again makes trade so much easier). Thinking about this – travel would be a good job. Many are interesting in going all over. There would surely be a need for food service and cleaning. What a thing to volunteer for in the New World hmmm. I am not sure about dinosaurs coming back - primarily due to the land area these animals need. But that will be an interesting thing to see - one way or the other. I also loved the use of aging for the undecided - fascinating idea. As well as how to handle the unborn / newly born. I am certain Jehovah will some amazing way to handle this. My only issue was the complete removal of the circle of life. I seem to be in the minority that believes this will still take place. Sick and dying animals need a way to be removed – if only to reduce the awful stench they create when dead. I can’t imagine us being required to bury every single animal that ever dies. And if this still takes place – so would the eating of meat by humans – as Jehovah gave as a gift. I am still baffled that ones see Him as a person who would take back a gift once given. Animals will still die. Which made me think of how some might have a distaste for pets – that DIE on us – like one of the characters. I loved that plot line and found it fascinating. I am certain we will have a WAY BETTER view of animal life then. I look forward to the New World and this gave me that much more to think about when meditating on it. Thank you!!!
  7. Yes, it was just excerpts from Mr. Trump's speech. It will be interesting to see if this changes anything. I found it interesting that they set a date of 2030 to accomplish this. Only 13 years from now. Will this system continue that long? We'll have to stay alert and see.
  8. No. I make the bacon crispy and put it in the peanut butter sandwich - very tasty.
  9. I had to try it and you're right - not that good. Better is a bacon and peanut butter sandwich.
  10. Use the search feature. Select members, but leave the search field blank. Or put just the first letter in to shorten the results.
  11. This from the article linked to above: So, do we respect people FOR BEING thieves? No Do we respect people who are thieves and liars? Sure. Otherwise how do we show respect to certain elected officials
  12. 2 of the 3 tours we're very similar to what they were in Brooklyn: Faith in Action & The Bible and God's Name. There were some differences, but mostly minor.