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  1. From 3 weeks ago. I wonder if there is something saying how the trial went.
  2. It's interesting as they aren't our buildings now. They belong to the state. So, they are actually damaging state owned property. I bet the vandals hadn't thought of that. Once the state sees it.
  3. And even with a photo, it's not automatic full access. We still need to see a number of posts. So, your posts are always the key.
  4. If you want privacy you don't post pictures of yourself and your business on a public website like Snapchat. If she didn't know better, why immediately remove the pictures? I'm just glad to not have her claim to be a witness for now.
  5. Keep us posted. This will be interesting. They can't force JWs to talk or do business with him - no matter the ruling. He has to know that.
  6. No problem. Others have gone back and forth about the same info. So, we left everything visible. This helps all of us know what is accurate and what isn't. Thank you again for your continued particiaption
  7. The news makes it sound like it will start sometime this weekend or someone will have backed down by then. We'll know by Monday. Hopefully, this means the Special Public Talk this weekend will go ok everywhere.
  8. Yes, I don't remember being this close to a possible war in Asia and the Middle East. Things are different, but I wouldn't say "better".
  9. Awful isn't. They need the truth badly. In our trip to France, I noticed there were a LOT of smokers there too. Terrible habit.
  10. When I read these kinds of stories, I often think of how close Shepherds were / are to their sheep and they still eat them. I look forward to the new world when we have a proper view of animals and none will question these things. For now - 2 eat or not 2 eat is the question.
  11. Some Witness parents would forbid their children - but that is true in some families who are not witnesses. Some do it due to money or even other social concerns. IT just has never been our "offical" policy. I am glad the memorial went OK for the majority of our brothers and sisters.
  12. Speaking of absolutely trustworthy...... Putin would never make something up or push blame on someone blameless - insert sarcasm gif here.
  13. Nicky Haley US UN representative said,