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  1. Too, I keep reminding myself this attention on us right now is gonna be short lived because the governments will soon be directing their attention to false religion. It has to go before they completely turn on us.
  2. Oh wow is the USCIRF a government appointed branch or is it ran by people who send letters to the US president/government to warn them of circumstances in other countries? I fid this interesting.
  3. Hang in there Sis, as an elder told me, its always darkest right before the dawn. we are soooooo close it's just over the horizon!
  4. 19:10 On July 17, 2017, the Supreme Court of Russia missed the last chance to restore law and justice to 175,000 Russian citizens who profess the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses. Only 20 minutes of the meeting required a board of three Supreme Court justices to leave unchanged the decision taken earlier by Judge Yuriy Ivanenko to eliminate and ban all registered organizations of this religion without exception. As there are no effective domestic remedies, believers will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights and other international organizations.
  5. They are literally fighting for their lives.... Things are really heating up...
  6. What does that mean "The conclusions to which the experts come are that from the legal point of view, local religious organizations can not be attributed to the structural subdivision of centralized organizations.? I am a bit dense this morning
  7. Perhaps if JW's are first the orthodox church will be next, could get the ball rolling. If the government thinks hey, this is easy! Let's go take all the buildings belonging to those churches too! We could be rich!
  8. I wonder how long they actually intend on drawing this court case out? If they end up having to find in our favor, they will have to give back all they have taken.
  9. My mom and I said a prayer for Russia this morning and I will be checking on here every little bit for details! Thanks to everyone for keeping us updated.
  10. How about veggie bacon strips
  11. The world scene is heating up, and I feel things are about to start changing rapidly. You know things are speeding up when develops a breaking news area on their website. o.o