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  1. I'm missing the public WT and study WT for March (the simple WT is there), but have the public & study editions for April. Anyone else with this problem?
  2. Give our love (Nathan & Mari from Gibraltar) to Ishmael & Maxine Portelli. I think they're still serving there. Have fun!
  3. Does anyone have a copy of the schedule of the yearly Bible reading that's in CHRONOLOGICAL order? My printed copy is worn out... Many thanks :-)
  4. I've had problems lately with this app. On just one of my tablets (Note 10.1) the Jan issues have downloaded OK. On the others some are missing and on my phone NONE have come through - most strange. Also, I can't change the language of the Bible in the app anymore (I used to be able to change the language to Spanish which was handy when conducting a study in that language) I don't know whether anyone has contact with the developer? I sent a message to him a while ago but he never got back to me...
  5. Out of interest Lloyd, which live wallpaper are you using. I like it