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  1. Great ,very encouraging Talk. Nothing was said about the Bible or the Songbook. At the end of the year we will have the book "Jesus - The Way The Truth The Life" in german.
  2. You are right Skye. We have many Russian people here. Also Russian Congregations. Russian Stores. Many former Eastgerman Brothers had to learn the Russian language at school. There are no known problems with Russian people here in Germany. I have some very nice Russians in my preaching territory.
  3. No. Only Chinese, english,french and japanese.
  4. Dos somebody know why there is no German broadcast?
  5. Klick in the cloud. The three dots should appear after two or three seconds.
  6. In the German Watchtower we had the same thing starting with January 2017. But now the new song numbers are gone and the old ones are back. I hope Portugal has more luck.
  7. The VLC has the Christmas theme every year. I use the Media Player Classic. With the MPC-HC, I save a single image from every video. This is shown on the monitor when the video is finished.
  8. look here:
  9. If you install SoundBox on your Windows PC. You can download all the pictures from the study articles automatically with description.
  10. There is a letter that says public speakers cannot show moving video footage unless they are directed to do so. It also said that still pictures, graphics or artwork can be displayed. This applies to all congregation meetings and not just public talks.
  11. I think the JW Library works with epub (jwpub) offline. The research guide and the index work as pdf with direct links to online. There is no such publication in the library until now. This is a slightly different concept and requires additional programming work.
  12. Only the pdf shows the Grand Totals.
  13. All you need is to download it as a pdf. --> yb16_E.pdf