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  1. Just heard: All the brothers and sisters that were doing the SMPW on Westminster Bridge are safe thankfully
  2. Ooh I've written one already. So exciting! Going to try to write one to every address listed. Not everyone will have the means or be able to do it so as I'm able, I'd like to send more than one. It's £1.52 for International Standard with Royal Mail from the UK.
  3. I seriously can't wait! Hope it's here soon
  4. Makes you think go bags would be handy for the brothers and sisters affected. Imagine if they lost their homes (I sincerely hope they don't) but at least they'd have insurance documents, id's, and enough food and water for a few days. I really must get mine sorted.
  5. Ooh can't wait to read (and offer) both these mags. Thanks for sharing!
  6. There's so many big earthquakes all the time these days. How can people not believe we're in the last days.
  7. I loved the article "What will go when God's kingdom comes?" I particularly like paragraph 12, talking all about what work we'll have to do in the new system. Such a great article. It feels like Jehovah is trying to prepare us for it to be here very soon!! Exciting times ahead
  8. That last video...just wow. Can't wait for that to be my family welcoming back my dad. Not long now! I just love how the organisation is working so hard for us to keep our hope alive.
  9. Thank you for reminding me. I had completely forgotten about the Windows guys.
  10. Of course I forgot about Windows... Those brothers are amazing!
  11. 3 more days!! I know we've had a lot of spiritual food already like the Gilead program, the annual meeting, morning worship parts and those videos from the convention in 2015...but I feel like I really need the November broadcast!
  12. Yeah I'm sure android will get it soon. I hope so anyway! Must be so hard for the brothers developing the app to work on two different operating systems. I guess sometimes Apple will get some things first, and other times Android will. I wish it could be all equal though
  13. There's a little play button at the top (by Ecclesiastes 3) so if there's an audio recording for that book you can just press play and it'll read it to you.
  14. I have an iPhone and on the jw library app I just played a random chapter in Ecclesiastes and after it had finished it went straight onto the next chapter, so I think the 'continuous play' update does include the reading of the bible, as well as other media like videos and songs of course.