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  1. No surprise, but we are not desensitized to people losing their lives. What if it were JW'S that were some of the victims, would you say "why the surprise? Isn't this to be expected? People were killed and just possibly could have been related to one of our Bro.s or Sis.s! I'm just saying.
  2. Miss you Alexa, I hope you are okay. 

    1. Gregexplore


      She is absent from 11 June ??????

  3. How do I reload the songbook? Please, ithanks in advance.
  4. My guilty pleasure is (working on it), watching crime solving shows. I've come a long way I might add! I just love the way some crimes can be solved, the whole dish including trial, jury and prosecution. The way clues and other things come into play to catch a murderer. Just the thought of righteousness being carried out smooth my soul. But that sort of stuff can have adverse effects on ones mind and emotions. For they can expose ones mind to seeing murdered victims and cause one to become desensitized. Effecting ones heart, becoming hard hearted. Against such things we're cautioned! I am more so sensitive to the issue now that it has become a personal experience of mine.
  5. Been looking for fourmabout friends but bad nerves stopped meas i called myself searching. Anywho, I've been missing Alexa and  Beggar of the Spirit.  Anyone knows how they are? Thanks in advance. 

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    2. loving life

      loving life

      Oh thanks, good to see you too Sis. Pauline :).

    3. Miss Mouse

      Miss Mouse

      Noticed  same thing ..... life sometime gets hectic and busy and our friends have other commitments that keep them occupied . 

      Did I understand you to say you aren't feeling that great yourself ? 

      I always  smile when I see your posts with your "loving life" .... that's an expression a dear friend of mine used to say when we were  kids together but with the difficult times everyone is enduring it's hard to keep  that cheerful optimism ...... Isn't it wonderful we have Jehovah as our best friend  to  hold us up until the grand finale' ! 

    4. loving life

      loving life

      Yes, Sis.  It is great we have Jehovah help with life we live. Thanks for your loving thoughts! Heart warming indeed. 

  6. I was just asking in reference to health. I've never ate raw fish either but I live in the USA. I can understand what you are saying as to the fresh part but have never been taught to eat meat raw, vegetables yes, meat no. As I've said I am not judging just gaining insight into other cultures or countries. Thanks!
  7. So, it's okay as in health wise to eat raw meat? Just asking so as to get others views, no judgment here, just obtaining information. I personally never liked steak well done, too tough to chew plus dry. Is it like that rare too? Because I've never eaten it that way. Thanks in advance.
  8. I liked watching Dr. Oz. But, as other tv shows religion is put into the mix. Unexplained miracles in life and death situations. Pastors explaining their views of the miracles and such. Dr. Oz.....why! Have anyone else found religion mixed in shows you've gotten use to watching and then bam there it comes. But what else is to be expected!
  9. You're funny!
  10. I'm on Android and I have the bookmark option however, not while I'm in the Meetings part of the app. Is that what you are speaking of?
  11. Sorry this happen to our dear Bro. Ryan, but,also glad they caught the one who is responsible for it to!
  12. So....they say it by means of a Telegram message. Thanks Thanks!
  13. http://s.nola.com/a5kwuWY I see more than one news companies post on their website the articles as the one linked above, but,I don't understand how they know. Are they being notified by ISIS itself? Just looking for some insight. Thanks in advance! Sincerely