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  1. As I saw Your post Bro. Daniel, I just knew it was on national news channels! Turned the tv on and found nuttin, (nothing) just as I misspelled the word on purpose the news channels are choosing to not cover it. I guess! As Sis. Lucy stated, all they are covering mostly is Mr. Trump. As our text for today brings out Psalms 118:6,7 "Jehovah is in my side; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me? Jehovah is on my side as my helper". What a strengthening aid that must be for you all. As others, I'm praying too that this will end soon. Hopefully!
  2. I've just gotten in my right frame of mind and I haven't read all of the post regarding our new toy! Therefore, I'm wondering if the update on windows 10 is automatically done or not because I don't see it. How would I update manually? Nor does it offer an update like my tablet did. Thanks in advance
  3. We had a Local Needs part this Tuesday that centered on just that topic. "Keeping up with the celestial chariot", not going ahead or behind it. (My addition) I thought the entire post #13 with the sisters comment in it would have shown up but it didn't. That's the part our local needs part was about, spreading news that haven't come from the FDS.
  4. I really enjoyed this month's broadcast, they are so refreshing! All of them are!
  5. Too funny! I needed the laugh. Or am I alone in finding this funny?
  6. Been sleeping all day on and off with a debilitating headache. I think it's from stress more so than not. Stress from my life then, the ruling yesterday after not sleeping the night before. I'm not stressed out of fear alone, but just from my body inability to deal well with it. I have absolute confidence in Jehovah. I can understand in a way why the disciples feel asleep on the night Christ was to be put to death. The stress of it all itself was stress in it self added to the impact on the body. At least that is what I find in my case. Am I along in feeling this way? Well, I am up but with a lessened headache. I'm reading through you all post and see there hasbeen a video made for us. I am very happy to see it. I'm watching it now, and reading more of your post as they help aid in my understanding. For that I thank all of you!
  7. It's all over Facebook too! My son told me that's how he found out about the ruling before I could even tell him. He's not even a JW.
  8. If Jehovah allowed it to happen, then he will let it be used to carry out his will. As the last Watchtower lesson brought out, "May we all join our voices with those of God's faithful heavenly creatures in saying: "Let the praise and the glory and the wisdom and the thanksgiving and the honor and the power and the strength be to our God forever and ever. Amen." -Rev. 7:12 No doubt Jehovah will accomplish his will. No weapon formed against us/him will succeed! Everything is just falling in place for him to act, just as Moses and the Israelite's were at the Red Sea being followed the enemy.
  9. According to my calculations it will be 5:00 pm/17:00 in Moscow, Russia and 9:00 am central time in USA.?
  10. Today for me is 3:16 am April 20th, 2017. What time is 17:00 for Russia when the case starts? What time will it be central time in USA? Thanks in advance. I appreciate the work y'all are doing to keep us notified to the case.
  11. Yes, Victoria you are right! I didn't notice St. Petersburg and Moscow have different times? Or maybe I need to leave this clock alone...lol
  12. If my World Clock is right, it is now 8:59 AM in Russia. I've prayed, you've prayed, all Jehovah's people have prayed! Now let's stand still and see the salvation of Jehovah no matter how it turns out. If Jehovah allows this to be in their favor, believe he has a plan and will indeed make the way out for friends all over. This is affecting all of us! But we still need to "pray constantly"! 1 Th 5: 17
  13. Only in the New World would I consider a snake as a pet. Just plain O NO! I'm looking for comfort and company not something that's going to make me never want to return home.....lol No thank you.
  14. Thank you all dear friends for your input, I really appreciate them. I am thinking deeply about not getting a pet yet. Many factors have been brought out by you and I think I need to wait just a little while longer at least until after the RC. I don't have anything against cats except the shedding of their hair. They are cute and so playful! I hope I can make a good choice sooner than later, I am home bound most days and would love the company of a dear pet. I am so looking forward to paradise, when all the animals will be friendly and not harmful to us. Oh well, back to square one. And again thanks!
  15. Hi, I am considering getting a small, non shedding, low maintenance dog. But not a toy dog, one that's just naturally small but so cute! However, I've never owned a pet dog before and have some anxiety about caring for it, such as walking it everyday, what to do with it when I have to go for long periods of time etc... Any advice would be welcomed! Such as what breed, how to take care of it, what's best to feed it, (I'm not a cooker). I am on a low income, will it be reasonable to even get a pet because of that? How often will it need to see a Vet.? Where to find information? My reason for even wanting a pet dog is seeing how comforting one can be. My reason for asking for input is for help in deciding if it would be good for the pet or not. Because I'm not a very active person with lots of energy that it might take to fully care for it. I can't take it suffering on my account or the emotional hurt if it gets sick. Thanks in advance!