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  1. This is true of literature stock for distribution by the congregation. But the Kingdom Hall library does not normally destroy material when it becomes out-dated, since it is for reference or research..
  2. To add some references: *** w02 9/15 p. 22 “Salvation Belongs to Jehovah” *** “National anthems are expressions of patriotic feeling and often include an invocation for divine guidance ….A national anthem is, in effect, a hymn or a prayer in behalf of a nation. …National anthems often express feelings of national pride or superiority. … many make a personal decision to refrain from participating in the flag salute and in the singing of patriotic songs. But how do they conduct themselves when confronted with situations that bring them face-to-face with these issues? When national anthems are played, usually all a person has to do to show that he shares the sentiments of the song is to stand up. In such cases, Christians remain seated. If they are already standing when the national anthem is played, however, there is no need for them to take the special action of sitting down. It is not as though they had specifically chosen to stand for the anthem. On the other hand, if a group are expected to stand and sing, then merely standing up out of respect but not singing would not constitute sharing in the sentiments of the song. *** w02 9/15 pp. 23-24 “Salvation Belongs to Jehovah” *** Today, flags are usually saluted with outstretched arm or with the hand held to the forehead or over the heart. …. By standing quietly while others salute the flag, true Christians make it evident that they are respectful observers. *** lv p. 213 par. 2 Flag Salute, Voting, and Civilian Service *** While not joining in ceremonies that they view as unscriptural, Jehovah’s people certainly respect the right of others to do so. They also respect national flags as emblems and recognize duly constituted governments as “superior authorities” serving as “God’s minister.” (Romans 13:1-4)
  3. The display of the National Flag is one factor. The playing of the National Anthem is another. The flag is a symbolic representation of the country. We do not wish to show disrespect to the nation (or its symbol). So when the flag is displayed, paraded or in some way presented, we may stand out of respect for the nation or its government. Some countries expect men to remove their hats. The National Anthem however is a form of prayer (like our songs at the Kingdom hall are a form of prayer). We do not wish to join in any prayer for a kingdom other than God's Kingdom. That would be disloyal to God. In many cases the audience does not sing the words of the anthem in unison. They may simply stand at attention to show solidarity with the occasion. So by merely standing, you show support of the words. In those cases we do not stand. There are combinations of these events. Often the flag, or its picture is presented first (as when the military march the flag into a stadium) and the audience is expected to rise. While ALREADY standing for this event, we may remain or continue standing for the anthem (so as not to show specific insult to the second event). We aren't standing for the anthem, we are standing for the flag presentation. The difference between the two occasions is what is represented by our actions. For the flag it is respect but not participation. For the anthem it is participation in the prayer. Even though we might be standing for the presentation of the flag (out of respect) we do not join in the ceremony by repeating a pledge or oath of fidelity or loyalty to the emblem or nation.
  4. This error (No internet connection) is a known bug in the updater process. My solution was to uninstall the 2015 library and re-install it. When it asks you to allow the auto updates, say YES again. Then it installs and looks for an update. It finds the new update (build 6435). and installs it. But this is still just the June update. It is easier just to ask the brothers on this site for the 2016 version and use that instead. I have not seen any other watchtower updates later than June.
  5. In our study of God's Name, we learned that the root "hawah" is related to the verb "to be". That is why the King James translators use the English expression "I am" because they fett that Jehovah IS or BE's (as the supreme existence). However we know that "Yah-Hawah" indicates that he "Causes to be" which is slightly clearer. We now say that Jehovah "causes to become" rather than a statement about his Person. So in times before 1958 we discouraged the use of "Being" as applying to anyone but God. Now, our dictionary definition expands the view to include all "who be" or exist. Shakespeare asked "To be or not to be?" and we know we "BE". or exist. Our mathematical friends will remember Rene De Cartes' famous statement the "I thnk, therefore I am (or BE). Some beings (like people or animals) we can see. We know of their existence or 'being'. Others (like angels) are beyond our individual perception. So we can't see their existence. But we still believe that they are (or have being). We trust the evidence provided in God's Word.
  6. Did you check for the video in your Kingdom Hall library? We try to keep a copy of most of the DVD/VHS videos available.
  7. We have a lovely sister in our congregation who has a neighbor that doesn't like JWs. Our sister is the only one of us she will talk to (because she is a Helpful, Caring neighbor). Our sister makes a point of sharing one scriptural thing with this person almost every day. But...she does not remember to count the 15 minutes (or more) and she doesn't remember to count the RV either. So our world-wide record is short about 10 hours and 20 RVs a month. We do the best we can.
  8. I am reminded that when an older widow of modest means opens her home to the Field Service Group for worship on Saturday morning, that this worship is just as beautiful to God and Christ. I believe our song says "it's the person, not the place."
  9. And Spanish will be available (it didn't say if subtitles or overdubbing).
  10. Go to JW.Org and scroll to the bottom of the page. select "conventions" at the bottom (it shows as 2016, but that is OK). Choose the orange box to pick your choice. Mine opens with USA selected but click on the arrow and choose Canada.
  11. They would not know what resolution you wanted and the files can be very big individually and even larger as a group. If these video files averaged 3 minutes each, that would be 7 1/2 hours of recorded video.
  12. Since Adam had ALL the genes available was he a MUTT or a perfect specimen? Maybe you are just a little closer to perfection.
  13. I noticed that the 2017 convention lists are up on JW.Org and you can see the cities and dates for each. There are listings for 58 countries (I may have miscounted ) BUT there is no Canada. Strange. By the way, the page headings still show the 2016 pictures and theme but when you request the dates for this year it shows them all.
  14. The growth is great. In 1953 there were 22.350 publishers in Canada. When I left in 1958 there were 30.933.
  15. I often think of specialty fireworks or directional explosives. If someone wants to display a certain pattern in the sky when a firework is launched, it requires a great deal of thinking, chemical analysis, planning, calculating, assembling and care to get it just right. Those great explosions in the sky are not random or haphazard events. This example is just a puny human creative effort that is over in an instant. Jehovah's creation is still lighting up the sky after billions of years.