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  1. Are you updating the 2015 version or the 2016 version DVD?
  2. I just went to the site and the translated version now says the date HAS BEEN scheduled. Things are moving along, it seems.
  3. This was posted to JW-Russia.org (I didn't see it yesterday) and it is dated May 22. It says "NO DATE" set.
  4. Which update started the problem? There is a brand new update on Google Playstore this evening (version 9.0.14111). It has some bug fixes.
  5. The Kushner purchases were some time back (couple of years ago). Kushner often partners with other real-estate companies (like RFR) as noted by the JW.ORG article in 2013 (that Tortuga mentioned).
  6. Whatever happened to the proposal to build a pipeline to transport Great lakes water to California and the West?
  7. The term "Christendom" has been used in the English language since the year 900 CE. Non-witness users believe it refers to all places that claim to follow the teachings of Christ (as espoused by nominal churches). To the average citizen, Christianity is the faith and Christendom is where it is practiced. We use the term differently. To us, Christendom is the place where the church version of imitation Christianity is taught.
  8. There is a scroll bar (gray) on the right side. Pull it down and you can see the other resolutions.
  9. In the 1950s and early 1960s, in the USA we used to have "tent cities" or "trailer (caravan) cities" near many of the large summer conventions. These often had bathroom facilities and running water available. Our family of 8 individuals was too big for a hotel room (and my father could not afford it), so we used a tent or trailer for every assembly that was more than a couple of hours away by car. I did not get to stay in a hotel room until I graduated from high school and I paid for it myself.
  10. It is strange that it always shows as English on my PC. I can access the JW-Russia site directly and Google will translate for me but this URL always shows up in English (with no pause for translation. funny....
  11. does this work in English for you? https://jw-russia.org/news/17040510-129.html
  12. The announcement is now up at the regular (USA) JW.ORG, I just checked. https://www.jw.org/en/whats-new/russian-supreme-court-rules-against-jehovahs-witnesses
  13. We can say that the "spin" is not physically producing the magnetism because the particle is too small (mass). To produce the observed reaction in a magnetic field, the amount of magnetism produced by rapidly rotating the particle would require rotational speeds in excess of the "speed of light". That is why the observed "spin" phenomena is labeled intrinsic. It is part of the objects nature and not produced by actions of the object. These observed forces "act" like spin or angular momentum but are not caused by the rotating abilities of the particle, they just are. Most of the study of sub-atomic physics is mathematics based. I clipped a small part out of a web report on this subject.