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  1. After seeing this, I has nightmares of "scalpers" standing outside hawking outrageously priced admission tickets (bought up by robo-computer systems online).
  2. A lot of confusion between the JW Library app and the Watchtower Library on DVD.
  3. I began my digital life with Morse Code back in the late 1950's and it is still a beautiful, simple binary (or trinary) code used today. By 1980 I began a 20 year affection for command line computer processing. I used DOS right to the end of 1990's. I still get out my older computer and run through some DOS exercises (the keyboard was king). No one in the commercial market ever asks me what I want in computer systems, they just tell me what I can use. Sigh.
  4. Gotta love the Latin.... MUTE: (1325 AD) Latin mūtus dumb; replacing Middle English muet < French Old to equivalent Middle French mu,
  5. I like AMI Duos. It is fairly inexpensive and American Megatrends Inc is an old and reliable company.
  6. Each of the "cards" or lists need to be modified to match the local Kingdom Hall equipment and situations. If there are checks for electrical systems for bathroom faucets and your hall does not have electrical sensors, then an adjustment must be made. We have two brothers assigned to go over every maintenance task on the lists or "cards" as they are called. It is a lot of work.
  7. I had the same thought Sr. Fae. I looked up "UNmutable" thinking it might be this word (cannot mute). It simply says that this is an old and obsolete spelling of IMmutable. I looked up "un-mute" ant it says it means to restore sound. English is strange.
  8. In line with our Watchtower lesson this week, let's not create anxiety (especially for our dear Russian brothers) over future events of which we have no individual control. God is just and merciful and He will strengthen us for any challenge. Focus on the work at hand an do not dwell on possible future negative challenges. Our Russian brothers have faithfully endured much over the last 80 years and they will come off victorious in this case as well. Love to them and us all.
  9. This may be the non-witness understanding of our accepting "blood-fractions" or "cell-salvage" procedures. They may not differentiate between them and whole blood transfusions.
  10. You are very welcome, my brother.
  11. Matthew 27:52-53 does not refer to a resurrection. Note the references below: *** jy chap. 132 p. 300 par. 7 “Certainly This Man Was God’s Son” *** At that, a violent earthquake occurs, splitting rocks. It is so powerful that tombs outside Jerusalem break open and corpses are thrown out of them. Passersby who see the dead bodies exposed enter “the holy city” and report what they just witnessed.—Matthew 12:11; 27:51-53. *** it-1 p. 669 Earthquake *** On the day of Jesus’ death, about three o’clock in the afternoon, an earthquake took place, splitting rock-masses open, causing the memorial tombs to be opened, and causing dead bodies to be thrown from their graves. *** w90 9/1 p. 7 ‘Many Bodies of the Holy Ones Were Raised Up’ *** When rendering Matthew 27:52, 53, many modern Bible translations give the impression that a resurrection took place. Not so the New World Translation, which points to the effects of an earthquake. Why? First, whoever “the holy ones” were, Matthew did not say they were raised up. He said their bodies, or corpses, were. Second, he did not say these bodies came to life. He said they were raised up, and the Greek verb e·geiʹro, meaning to “raise up,” does not always refer to a resurrection. It can, among other things, also mean to “lift out” from a pit or to “get up” from the ground.
  12. We just received notice of our CO visit during the week of the Memorial. He will give his talk on 4/16 so we are having the Special Talk moved to 4/23. I had already printed about 2400 invitations (about half of the shipment). We are printing labels to cover the incorrect date.
  13. It is on my Windows 10 tablet and PC. It shows on my Android 6.0 phone and I can download it on my Apple Air 2. Dis you look under "What's New?" It is also under "Media" in "Tools for the Ministry".
  14. I liked the view of the congregation watching the monthly video together, after service on a weekend. We do the same thing on the second Saturday of each month. It is a great time to be with our friends.
  15. One of our brothers has already cut and spliced the entire series into a 25 minute video. It is very good.