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  1. Meanwhile, in the U.K., the news is full of election campaign stories. It's looking even more laughably insignificant.
  2. Each congregation should have a Miss Sweetie Poo.
  3. I remember LOLing at Chaplin in the boxing ring about 30 years ago, but I can't seem to get into it now. I bought some cheap silent-movie DVDs a couple of years ago but they are still on the shelf in the wrapper. I've been meaning to reply for weeks!
  4. Gonna get a load of fries in (and bacon, just to be sure) and do lots of double-blind, one-eye-shut, etc. experiments. or "Big Mac and large thighs please."
  5. My Bp is pretty much spot on whenever I take readings. I'll have to calculate my salt intake but my guess is it's probably still a bit high. There are lots of things I just don't understand. Why can I be out of breath with my bp normal, my pulse at 60 and my O2 reading of 99%? I used to be a runner with a resting pulse of 48 and a couple of years ago, on a good day, I decided to see how long I could hold my breath. 4m 30s My airway feels clear and I never cough despite being bought up in a smokey household.
  6. It's madness! About 12 years ago I saw an advert for 'miracle Dead Sea salt drops, cures everything, free trial'. So I tried them. Within about ten days I felt I had so much energy that I started going running because I couldn't settle! After about six weeks the effect was gone and I conked out again. I was never able to get any effect from the drops again.
  7. I've been really making an effort trying to eat well and forcing myself to eat spinach and other goodies, then last night I found some microwaveable fries in the freezer and had two lots. They gave me superpowers! Strongest I've felt for months.
  8. $16m each! "Mother of all bombs: How powerful is US mega-weapon?"
  9. Is there some way it can just read my mind, so I don't have to tap a finger?
  10. Ex the ex-witness saying they were hated by the Orthodox majority, or that they themself hated the orthodox majority?
  11. Oooh, recursion.