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  1. Local Facebook reports indicate all brothers and sisters witnessing in the area are safe. I hope so. Just awful for others though.
  2. Insisting that a giraffe be born on time is a tall order.
  3. To encourage others? 'No one is unreachable' etc?
  4. Name two crustaceans.
  5. Maybe the only time a vertical video is justified is when showing a giraffe.
  6. I used to talk in Spoonerisms with my friend all the time. I can still do it quite well but I don't because it's easy to say something bad before realising it! I did get Emma saying 'shadded poulders', 'par cark', and 'wishdosher' at one point though. My dad was a decorator and he once recalled this conversation with a householder, "Has the swimney cheep been?" "Yes, the swimney cheep came yesterday." But it's Stanley Unwin who would have me creased up with laughter.
  7. Emma just said "She's gone to where the greed is nater."
  8. For a long time we were getting interference from a local baby monitor.
  9. I don't know but he seemed even more animated than usual! You can't help loving him.
  10. BBQ and a guitar solo! #notHeadBanging
  11. Right now I'm listening to static! Actually Brown[ian] noise via earphones to drown out the music from next door. It's a 12 hour track I stitched together. I can't concentrate on reading if there is 'information' coming in through my lug'oles. I wonder if I should just listen to data from SETI. I might discover something.