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  1. Why did I click this thread expecting it to be different to the other one?
  2. A work colleague had a huge crow bar. He said it was handy for taking the back off his watch.
  3. Did it only work on 48 inch pipes?
  4. My mum's dog would anxiously wander around with a treat looking for some suitable hiding place in the living room. I would wait until he had hidden it then quickly move the furniture to reveal it. The look of disgust he would give me was priceless as I said "Look what I found!" Seems to be a male dog thing - our female never did it.
  5. This counts as exciting 'round these parts.
  6. I haven't really advanced much beyond this:
  7. I have a 24V lithium-ion battery drill I bought specifically to wind the stairlift to the top or bottom should it totally fail. I haven't had to use it yet. (There is a hex spindle accessible on the side for manual cranking.) I never got as far as attaching a reserve 24V battery pack. Lots of other normal DIY hand tools.
  8. The rules and maths for the number of possible English words are here btw: Too hard for me.
  9. Pronounceable. Following the rules of Hebrew word formation, whatever that means. And yes. But I am no longer in contact with them. In English, if I put my hands in a huge Scrabble bag and picked say ten letters, only a small subset of these grabs would produce letters that could be arranged to produce something that looked like valid English words. How small? In Hebrew. You can choose English if you are too chicken.
  10. I have a tool for removing nasal hair powered by an AAA battery.
  11. I said meaningful Hebrew. By which I mean not just random strings of letters, but valid syllables.