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  1. I thought they were supposed to be keeping planetary bodies sterile, so they can check for life? Anyway, I've had a wash and I still want to go to the moon.
  2. With all due respect I've been sort of expecting her death for a long time. It will feel a bit strange with Charles as king - for a couple of days, but that's about it for me. I think the death of Diana will remain of greater impact because of the suddenness and her age. I wonder how she will cope if Prince Philip goes first? Very sad either way.
  3. Because of the glorious weather I now have a tanned face. Not because I have actually been outside but because I realised how pale I looked and decided to use my facial tanning thingy. I've used it before but it takes ages to have a noticeable effect so I thought I would hold it right up to my face. So now I have an uneven tan because, of course, when the machine is right up to my face then my nose is half the distance and gets four times the radiation. (Inverse square. Law. Not nose.) Not that anyone looks at my mug anyway.
  4. That happened to me! We had followed a fire engine to a lean-to fire at the side of a house and our little daughter couldn't see. Just before we were moved back a fireman said 'This is why we crawl and feel ahead when we can't see properly. It was on stilts at the back and the floor had collapsed.'
  5. I wish Theresa May would stop saying "No deal is better than a bad deal." Surely then "a bad deal" is the one to go for. (It's like "Nothing works faster than Anadin." Okay, I'll take nothing then.) edit: "Taxi parking only behind the Town Hall" So much ambiguity! I'm confused enough already.
  6. I have three stories about Emma, not for the squeamish. She is terrified of frogs. We first met in 1989. I was a partner in a painting and decorating firm and we had just taken on Emma as a trainee. We had the contract to paint and repair the outside of a school and I asked Emma to bitumen the railings around the little school pond. "There won't be any frogs will there?" "No, no. You'll be alright." A short while later I heard a little scream and Emma was standing there as pale as I've ever seen anyone. In her kettle of bitumen was a little pair of eyes looking out. We were married just over a year later but I still don't think she has forgiven me. Circa 2002 and Emma was still able to occasionally walk the dog. By the side of the path there was some grass and then a little ditch with a soccer ball in it. I insisted that no one would have left it there if it was any good but she insisted on scrambling down to fetch it. She grabbed the ball and climbed out collapsing on the ground in exhaustion. It wasn't until we got home that I told her she had been lying on dozens of tiny frogs. The grass was covered in them. (The daft thing was there was a real risk of her getting stuck and me having to call for rescue.) About 2009 and we are out with the dog in our electric wheelchairs - in the dark. After a few popping sounds of exploding frogs Emma had had enough and we came back at about 1/2mph.
  7. Can we do tortoises and turtles?
  8. Of course! Hence the 'self contained'.
  9. How does a SCBA cool the superheated air?
  10. It's all heartbreaking. Would a smoke hood protect a person long/well enough to get down several flights of smoke filled stairs? edit: I watched a documentary about a fire-something guy who, when staying at hotels, would practice finding his way to the exit with his eyes closed and always traveled with a smoke hood. We have them here because it would take us some time if we needed to evacuate.
  11. I searched for 'watchtower library on iPad' and found Someone mentioned this forum, I see him here occasionally but can't remember his name!
  12. I was browsing the BBC News app and thought I was going mad. They changed it after a few hours.
  13. Improved multitasking, better keyboard, and Files app.
  14. Looks like iOS 11 is going to be pretty good. Bringing in Speak to Siri after I asked them to. What if I'm out of breath or Emma is asleep? Better multitasking, drag n drop, Files app ... Lots of goodies. And I've just noticed Screen Recording. New iPads (faster, brighter, 10.5” model), and iMacs (soon). And a speaker that looks great, if you like that sort of thing. edit: I mean Type to Siri.