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  1. Oh yeah, now that they're tightening instead of printing it's going to get ugly. I like Malhony's outlook, so far it looks like it may happen, slow down, then one more huge drop of cash, then hyperinflation
  2. I'm interested to see how gold and silver performs. I agree, the US dollar is losing reserve status, the only way they've got away with printing this much is having reserve status, it's just history repeating itself, Rome tried the same thing, as did many others in the past. I like the way the "Hidden secrets of money" series on YouTube explains this history I see that countries have been dumping the US dollar like crazy lately. Russia has recently, all that exported paper money is going to come flowing back to the US Once the dollar loses reserve status, that's the end of the US as a dominant world power, so this means we're close to the end. I could see the cry of P&S coming from the creation of a new reserve currency that's not tied to, or benefits any one country, after a crash of the US dollar. When the Beast (US) breaths life into the image of the wild beast (UN) this could be the U.S. trying to hold onto their power by using the UN, since it's got a big influence over the UN as it always has. If you look back in history, world powers usually don't give up their power voluntarily Just my observations With regard to precious metals, silver hasn't been performing, it should always be a certain percent of gold price, but it's been low for a long time, it could be the real performer when this next "everything buble" pops. I think that when the next crash happens though, that may be the tribulation or happen during the tribulation
  3. Mountain man

    Canada, Eh

    I've never had a problem with "Unaged" bear meat, don't think I'll be hanging it for that long, just a chance for it to dry out and get moldy
  4. Mountain man

    Canada, Eh

    Really? I've never heard of that. Interesting. We never bother. I know some that hang wild meat for 10 days or so, but it's a waste of time since the wild meat doesn't have the same enzyme that beef has, doesn't need to be aged. Usually cut & package as soon as we can, that way it doesn't get that dry layer on the outside and need to be trimmed off. Learned that from a European butcher
  5. Mountain man

    Canada, Eh

    Sorry, what are you referring to?
  6. Mountain man

    Canada, Eh

    It's not too much different here, regulations change from area to area. Up North some animals are open season instead of limited entry like in the southern part of the province, so it varies. One big difference here is we can't carry pistols when hunting, which sucks. We have to buy a license and tags for whatever we're hunting. Fish & wildlife has done big deer culls to control population and disease, which is sad. I heard it explained this way, after the flood it's mans responsibility to manage animals. It's too bad imperfect man isn't doing a good job of it, but it's still our responsibility. Something I've seen first hand is wild predator populations getting too big. There's no natural predators of wolves, they get overpopulated and wipe out absolutely everything, then move to another are and do it all over again. They need to be hunted, as well as bears. Around here there are bears everywhere. A friend loves black bear, I'm thinking of starting to hunt them, since I see them pretty much every time I'm out
  7. Mountain man

    Canada, Eh

    For a couple months a year during hunting season? The wild animals around here must be messed right up then, The mine & ski hill are always bombing, way more often and louder than gunfire. Look at how domestic meat is raised, especially chickens, animals don't suffer like that when they're killed by hunters. Besides more deer getting killed on highways every year than ever get killed by hunters, or game culls from fisheries
  8. I feel that if you own a car, then it's a good thing to learn as much as you can about it. I mean, you shouldn't necessarily feel obligated to fix your own car, but it's definitely a good money saver. I'll be honest That's good, as long as you can do it yourself and are comfortable with it. I agree, shops are expensive, it's a lot more in Canada. Most shops are now around $110/hr and I'm surprised at how many hours they quote for some jobs. Isn't there a brother in your that's a mechanic and will "Moonlight" and work on congregation stuff on weekends/after hrs for a discounted rate? In the last congregation I was in, when I was layed off, I almost had full time work for the brothers & sisters, I did it for a discounted rate, they kept me busy, and they got a good deal. There's usually a brother around that will help out. When it comes to fixing your own stuff, I'm in a little different situation, that I do it for a living. The way I look at it when I fix my own vehicles is, if I spend 3hrs on a repair, and a shop would charge $300 for it, I just pay myself $300, money banked that I can use for something more important... or not lol
  9. Mountain man

    My off topic thread

    Lead acid batteries still explode. City buses I worked on had 2 8D's in the back. They had a huge load with all the lights ect. Since they we're always charging and bounced around a lot, they'd come in blown up once in a while. The "Gel cell" like optima won't explode as far as I know
  10. Mountain man

    My off topic thread

  11. Mountain man

    My off topic thread

    Yeah, it's interesting, they told us that in school. Nobody knows which way electrons travel, from + to - or - to + since it'll work either way Have you ever recharged a dead battery backwards? if you hook the charger up backwards, you can reverse polarity and make the - hot
  12. Mountain man

    My off topic thread

    Older Chrysler cars had the positive wire from the battery connected to the fender for ground and all accessories ran off negative post. If you were using this system, I believe a diode would need to be reverse biased to work
  13. Mountain man

    My off topic thread

    Nobody knows if DC current flows from Positive + to negative - you can ground the positive post of a battery and run everything off the negative and all electrical devices will work
  14. Mountain man

    Canada, Eh

    Up Delphine creek past the ski hill, there's an alpine lake named Shamrock lake. A brother I grew up with is flying chopper there, he flew a couple groups up to play
  15. Mountain man

    Canada, Eh

    That abandoned mine looks super cool, never seen that one before. Down where I grew up, Molson made a rink on top of the mountain, you could rent a helicopter and have a game on it. The brothers there got together and flew up for a game. Expensive, but really cool, I'll see if I can find the article on the rink or a picture of it

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