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  1. It's so hard to time, for sure. Even very talented annalists can't accurately predict when it'll crash/correct. The Petro-Yuan released this month is the biggest factor that will affect everything in North America in my opinion, and we're not hearing a peep about it in the news here. I've seen a lot of discussion about the year 2020 and what will happen between now and then. It seems like more than just economists are concerned about the next 2 years and beyond. I'm seeing concerns from environmentalists and others. If something big doesn't happen in the next 2 years, I'll be very surprised, there's only so many more bandaids that can be put on the old system before things start to collapse
  2. This article explains some current financial challenges the US will face in an easy to understand way. I Didn't understand much about the financial system before the collapse in '08/09 when that happened I lost my job, mill I worked at shut down, they later opened and struggled along for a few more years before a permanent closure. But I wanted to know more about what caused the slow down, I still have a lot to learn, but now see how artificial everything is. All the "Claims" on real wealth are just as phony as digital currency like bitcoin. https://www.thefinancialcourier.com/2018/03/interest-rates-rise-as-us-treasuries-demand-plummets/
  3. Many factors caused the collapse in '08, some don't realize. The mortgages and derivatives were one big factor, but that doesn't cause banks to fail in other countries. One factor was the bank of Japan raising interest rates out of the blue, and just overnight with no warning. A lot of other countries had borrowed money from the Japanese central bank at 0% interest and loaned it out for higher rates, ponzie scheme like the rest of the economy. Another big factor was energy prices. Oil hitting $150/barrel, this makes everything more expensive, causing a lot of countries and businesses/people to borrow more money and live on credit, at some point that money needs to be paid back, when they can't afford to, bankruptcies happen, debt defaults and it starts a crash. Oil, coal, iron ore, trees, fish ect are "Primary" wealth, real materials that society needs. Lumber, canned fish in the store, steel at the hardware, gas in pumps are "Secondary wealth/assets" and shares in the stock market on these real, tangible necessities are "Tertiary wealth/assets" tertiary wealth, stocks, paper money, bonds, futures contracts, derivatives ect are a claim on primary assets. all have no real value without primary and secondary assets that they're based on. However the central Banksters are making tertiary wealth in the form of paper, fiat currency, stocks, bonds, derivatives at an unprecedented pace while the primary assets they're a claim on are running out. So a shortage of primary assets or wealth and too many false claims on these assets will cause the system to collapse, it's so hard to time though since they continue to patch things up, always coming up with some temporary solution to kick the can down the road for a little while longer, but they can only do this for so long
  4. Yeah that's the consensus among economists, central banksters just kicked the can down the road since '08, all the bad debt and derivatives are still there. They just printed unprecedented amounts of money and told everyone that's it's all OK. The longer a bubble is blown up, the bigger the burst. I think when this one goes, it might be the start of the tribulation
  5. Interesting development here: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-25/petroyuan-futures-open-over-10-billion-notional-trades-first-hour
  6. There was an article getting emailed around a few years back about the army not using blood anymore for the same reasons. The title said, "have Jehovah's witnesses had it right all along?"
  7. Mountain man

    Post a picture... Any picture

    Here's one of a snowmobile trip, couple brothers drive 17hrs to ride here over the holidays. It was cold, but great to get up there. It was the super moon early this month, so bright it almost looks like the sun
  8. Yes, the boom/bust cycle will always happen. Thing is, right now we're overdue for a correction and this is an unprecedented time in history, global population, energy demand ect. I read it explained this way; laws govern the financial system just like laws govern the physical universe. one of those laws is gravity, what goes up, must come down. Similar mathematical laws govern the financial system. It's important to consider the facts though. One is the exponential growth factor and how it applies in an economic sense. More importantly though, exponential growth is happening, not just with economic inflation, but with population growth, climate change ect. This is a mathematical fact that can't be denied. Lots of information explaining how it works available
  9. Agreed, nobody can buy salvation. When Jehovah judges, money will not help anyone. Just seems that if this system went on long enough, fiat paper currency would be useless again as history repeats itself. Every country that has tried to print their way to prosperity or to gain power has ended up in a hyper inflationary situation and the financial system has failed. Came close in '08 but central bankers cobbled together a plan to push the collapse a little further down the road. Many economist explain this band-aid fix for a deeper problem. If I could time the market and tell you when the collapse will happen, man I wouldn't be working for someone by the hour lol. Lot's of amazing minds in the financial world would love to be able to predict this next bubble. It's nearly impossible since the banksters always pull a rabbit out of their hat and put another band aid on a hole in the hull of the sinking ship and keep it floating for a little longer. Several investors, like Mike Burry were able to short the mortgage market in '08 but even though they timed it right, the bankers were able to stall for a couple months. Eventually it happened anyway of course, they could only postpone it for a limited time. The bailouts didn't change anything, problem still exists and it's now just way bigger. What I will say is, can't speak for the states, but in Canada, emergency low interest rates have been in place for a decade now, bankers did this to avoid a crash, mainly in real-estate, and claimed this was a chance for people to get ahead on paying down debt. In reality they did it to keep the economy rolling since it can't without new debt happening constantly. Anyway, as usual people did the opposite and borrowed their brains out on cheap money instead of paying debt down. Using low interest rates to postpone a correction is a one-way street though, and now the rates are rising, already an increase this year, likely to be followed by several more as rates normalize. People here are absolutely maxed out, household debt has been rising for years, their running out of places to borrow money from, HELOC's, credit cards ect. Now the housing bubble is likely to pop, so they can't use their houses as ATM machines to borrow against equity and payments will rise with interest rates, not just on Mortgage payments, but HELOC's, credit card payments, and all other loans. Nobody know's what banksters will do to avoid this correction. The real estate market, Canada's biggest, Toronto, witch has been bubblicious for years, prices stupid compared to incomes, has already started to crash. New mortgage rules and a stress test are taking thousands of buyers out of the market. Once prices start to fall people hold off on buying, and panic selling can happen. 2018 will be an interesting year This system still has to be functioning when the end comes, it's so close to a collapse now that the end must be close, that's why I think this bubble may pop after the tribulation starts, and no man knows the time or hour that's going to happen
  10. I just heard on the radio on my way into work this morning. All alerts have been lifted, some were evac'd but are returning home now. Mostly on the west side of Vancouver Island. Their getting pounded with snow out there too, have you seen any footage from Mt Washington by chance?
  11. Great, thanks for that info. Yes, we had a recent reno and got an HP computer, it works fine, but I know what you mean, some systems are more combresome for certain tasks. I've recently ordered a google box to setup VOIP at our hall, from Larry's advice, hoping this helps with our issue's
  12. Yes, your absolutely right. Financial analysts (The smart ones anyway) are calling this the "everything bubble" it's not just real estate or derivatives, or dot com companies this time, it's the stock market, bond market, real estate market, crypto currencies, and the list goes on. the central banksters just keep finding ways to push back a correction, the last one being lowering interest rates, now there's nothing really to pump up the credit bubble further. I think with the inflation we've seen and how overvalued things are, the next correction, or crash, may be the start of the tribulation or happen during the tribulation,. Remember, money and gold being thrown in the streets, with the amount of fiat currency printed, it'll be worthless
  13. How is it working for you Brandon? We're having a little trouble with interruptions in internet service, sometimes we can't do a conference call, other times it disconnects lines and drops callers, the brother on sound has to monitor it during the meeting to make sure the conference stays connected. It's a great system and saves us money not having 2 landlines like the old way. Larry said he's had some issue's like this from some other Canadian congregations, I think we may need a better physical service to the building, not sure. Nanofibre should be available to the hall soon. Currently I'm getting setup for a VOIP system at the hall, then we can get rid of the landline completely and hopefully it helps with the KH conference. The building is zoned Commercial, so the only landline service available is for commercial business and about twice the cost of a normal residential service
  14. The economy is completely false and unsustainable, like everything else in this system, it's make believe. Yes, the US/Britain are the last world powers, but the end must be close, because the US is losing it's grip as a world power quickly. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, There won't be another world power like them again, absolutely, however, it's like having a deck seat on the back of the titanic when it was sinking and thinking it's safer, or you won't go down with the ship. Economy is complex, but can be broken down and understood. I've found the most important thing to learn is what exponential growth is, how it works. This is happening in all the systems in this world now. Also, read up on what "Fiat currency" is, that's very important to understand as well. The reason why I believe the US is breaking down and losing it's strength is because the only reason why they're the superpower is because they have the world reserve currency. Most important is oil is priced in USD, all other countries buying oil have to convert their currency to USD to buy energy, if theirs is worth less than the dollar, they pay more. Also, the US has been printing money at a crazy pace. This is what "Quantitative easing" was. The Fed buying back their own bonds. The government is something like 23 trillion dollars in debt to the Fed, hardly even being able to pay interest. For years they've sold bonds to China in exchange for goods. This is like giving them a paper IOU slip and getting stuff like steel, coal, iron ore ect in return. Exchanging paper for something real. Of course other countries got sick of taking the USD fiat money for their resources. China/Russia have started a market trading oil for Chinese Yuan (lots of news coverage on this) and now the rumor is that China wants to stop buying US bonds. If this happens, China will start selling off all the billions of US bonds they hold, devaluing the USD while also offering the world an alternative reserve currency to the falling USD. With trillions in debt and a falling dollar, the US will no longer have the money to fund the military industrial complex, deepening a recession at home and forcing the leaders to pull back military from foreign bases. This will make things worse when they lose control of strategic shipping routes for oil and other goods imported. The problems will compound from there. The important things to read up on are the facts, these are the exponential growth factor and Fiat currency. Once you understand those and how fractional reserve banking works, it'll all make sense, the financial system can only last so long, it's based on finite materials, but they act as if it'll just continue to grow infinitely. A thought that crossed my mind lately is, Revelation says the kings of the earth will submit and give their power to the image of the wild beast (UN) why would a superpower, that's held that position on the world scene for so long, submit their power? especially after having their way for so long? Could it be a last ditch to stay powerful via the UN? In any case, things in this system can't carry on much longer with the way these things work

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