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  1. I feel that if you own a car, then it's a good thing to learn as much as you can about it. I mean, you shouldn't necessarily feel obligated to fix your own car, but it's definitely a good money saver. I'll be honest That's good, as long as you can do it yourself and are comfortable with it. I agree, shops are expensive, it's a lot more in Canada. Most shops are now around $110/hr and I'm surprised at how many hours they quote for some jobs. Isn't there a brother in your that's a mechanic and will "Moonlight" and work on congregation stuff on weekends/after hrs for a discounted rate? In the last congregation I was in, when I was layed off, I almost had full time work for the brothers & sisters, I did it for a discounted rate, they kept me busy, and they got a good deal. There's usually a brother around that will help out. When it comes to fixing your own stuff, I'm in a little different situation, that I do it for a living. The way I look at it when I fix my own vehicles is, if I spend 3hrs on a repair, and a shop would charge $300 for it, I just pay myself $300, money banked that I can use for something more important... or not lol
  2. Mountain man

    My off topic thread

    Lead acid batteries still explode. City buses I worked on had 2 8D's in the back. They had a huge load with all the lights ect. Since they we're always charging and bounced around a lot, they'd come in blown up once in a while. The "Gel cell" like optima won't explode as far as I know
  3. Mountain man

    My off topic thread

  4. Mountain man

    My off topic thread

    Yeah, it's interesting, they told us that in school. Nobody knows which way electrons travel, from + to - or - to + since it'll work either way Have you ever recharged a dead battery backwards? if you hook the charger up backwards, you can reverse polarity and make the - hot
  5. Mountain man

    My off topic thread

    Older Chrysler cars had the positive wire from the battery connected to the fender for ground and all accessories ran off negative post. If you were using this system, I believe a diode would need to be reverse biased to work
  6. Mountain man

    My off topic thread

    Nobody knows if DC current flows from Positive + to negative - you can ground the positive post of a battery and run everything off the negative and all electrical devices will work
  7. Mountain man

    Canada, Eh

    Up Delphine creek past the ski hill, there's an alpine lake named Shamrock lake. A brother I grew up with is flying chopper there, he flew a couple groups up to play
  8. Mountain man

    Canada, Eh

    That abandoned mine looks super cool, never seen that one before. Down where I grew up, Molson made a rink on top of the mountain, you could rent a helicopter and have a game on it. The brothers there got together and flew up for a game. Expensive, but really cool, I'll see if I can find the article on the rink or a picture of it
  9. Mountain man

    Canada, Eh

    You bet, but only in the bigger centres, don't have one here. I used to go to Chapters/Starbucks all the time when I was in the city
  10. Mountain man

    Canada, Eh

    I agree, definitely not worth standing in line for. I've seen people lined up 30' outside to get in for a coffee, I'd rather just go to a service station a block away and get better coffee
  11. I'd just put another un-heated mirror on it. worst case is you have to use your window scraper on it in the winter. I'm guessing the mirror got torn right off your vehicle, the accident didn't just brake the glass? Check out the price of one on Rock auto before you buy from anywhere else, their prices are usually as low for a new one, as others want for a used one. YouTube is a good place for instruction on how remove the door panel and replace the mirror, it's not a bad job. I've actually epoxied a couple back together and put back on the vehicle to use until it got into the body shop for accident repair just re-read your question and realized your asking if it matters if it's heated? all the ones I've seen have an extra harness for the heat, you can just leave it not plugged in, it shouldn't matter. but rock auto likely has an unheated option
  12. It's so hard to time, for sure. Even very talented annalists can't accurately predict when it'll crash/correct. The Petro-Yuan released this month is the biggest factor that will affect everything in North America in my opinion, and we're not hearing a peep about it in the news here. I've seen a lot of discussion about the year 2020 and what will happen between now and then. It seems like more than just economists are concerned about the next 2 years and beyond. I'm seeing concerns from environmentalists and others. If something big doesn't happen in the next 2 years, I'll be very surprised, there's only so many more bandaids that can be put on the old system before things start to collapse
  13. This article explains some current financial challenges the US will face in an easy to understand way. I Didn't understand much about the financial system before the collapse in '08/09 when that happened I lost my job, mill I worked at shut down, they later opened and struggled along for a few more years before a permanent closure. But I wanted to know more about what caused the slow down, I still have a lot to learn, but now see how artificial everything is. All the "Claims" on real wealth are just as phony as digital currency like bitcoin. https://www.thefinancialcourier.com/2018/03/interest-rates-rise-as-us-treasuries-demand-plummets/

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