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    Mom knew the Truth before I was born. Sisters knocked on our door and Mom got reactivated. We moved to another state and I began attending meetings and studied.

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    By James Herriot, veterinarian from Yorkshire.
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    Mind how you treat people on your way up. You will meet them again on your way down.

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  1. Hey Everyone! It's not every day we learn something new. Today is that day. I just learned how to find a cache of our artwork. OK, ok, I won't keep you in suspense . . Start at Google Images. Type in subject, such as - Tigers. Follow Tigers with a space. Then type - BAM! Up comes our artwork! It doesn't stop there. Tap on an image and the search engine takes you to the article where the artwork appears! Now, please tell me I'm not the only one who just learned this.
  2. Nice, clean look.  Would you please restore the 'Back to Top' button?

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    2. bagwell1987


      Never thought I'd miss that button but I do.

    3. Gregexplore


      Bob: Another major update is coming soon which will bring some significant changes.

      Greg: I am excited! :ecstatic:

    4. Skye


      I love the colors! Possible to add a "go to last post" on a page? More like the opposite of "Back to Top?"

  3. Maybe the two are related. It will get a lot worse before 'they' get their act together and try doing something about it. Of course, it will merely be crying out " 'Peace', when there is no Peace".
  4. No impact on our Branch Office, located in Igiduma (pronounced Iggy dooma) Edo State, Nigeria. My home for one year, during construction.
  5. Thanks Bro'. On the point of "I take pleasure in weakness": I have often been far more concerned about the friends who seem to 'have it all' . Good job. Dad is serving in the congregation. Stay-at-home Mom. Charming kids. My concern is: How will they handle the tests that will come? Those of us who have been knocked-around already know how we will respond to future tests, having been through some (experience). Perhaps, to some degree, that's why Paul said "I take pleasure in weakness". Bring it on! The more practice the better.
  6. The man who chases two rabbits catches neither.
  7. Fair and balanced. The innkeeper and merchants may not want to be one of us, but they are glad to have us in town, spending and tipping. And we are happy to do our share!
  8. This is disturbing and scary. Sorry I don't know how to post the link. Someone else will though . . "Philippines May Get New Law: Sing National Anthem With Spirit or Face Jail Time"
  9. I think it means they acknowledged they were meeting together and they knew it was not allowed. Fined and released (to continue meeting together). The one hold-out may have a weak conscience, and feel that 'admitting' or confessing to illegal conduct would be a mistake? Who knows.
  10. The brothers had taken precautions - KH full of people, but not a single car in the parking lot. So, they have been expecting this eventually.
  11. If only someone could ask the Bishop of London how he understands Jesus' words "They are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world". It sounds that the Bishop finds it 'deeply regrettable' to be no part of the world. John 15:19
  12. Authorities fear a collapse of the structure!