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  1. Stephen Hawking has died

    I just read something about him that we can all agree with. He said the ultimate, 'complete mystery ' is . . .
  2. Trump agrees to meet with NK President

    Shooting spitballs . .
  3. Notice in David Schafer's talk "Survive The Great Day" bullet point number 3 is actually A Respite, then the hailstone message. It makes me think that we will need a moment for it to sink in, that BTG is GONE, out of business. Perhaps we will chill for a wee bit. Then, come back strong with the hailstone message. What a powerful impact that will have. They be say'in "I thought we got rid of religion"? And then the attack by a coalition of nations !!
  4. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) WOOHOO !! Bass player got the Truth too - Larry Graham
  5. Cauldrons

    On a road trip I stopped in a small town called Tonopah, Nevada. It was probably a boom-to-bust mining town back in the day. Went in to one of the historical buildings (now full of slot machines) and saw a real copper cauldron suspended from the ceiling. I noticed the portion that was solid, as in not spliced or joined. This was the bottom 30% or so. The rest was pieces, sections, riveted together. All I could think of is the folklore of the missionaries in the jungle being cooked in the cauldron . .lol
  6. So, this change of our message. Isn't it based on Isaiah 61:2 "To proclaim the year of Jehovah's goodwill and the day of vengeance of our God" ? The point being there would be a generous amount of time (year of goodwill) to 'come to know God', but as that time expired there would be a rather short (day of vengeance) period of time when our message would change to one of imminent judgment. I see that we will have a talk at the RC titled "The Hailstone Message" referencing Rev. 16:21. Has the FDS given this change of our message a NAME ?? Will we be speaking of that time in the near future as the 'day of the Hailstone Message' ?
  7. This made me jump out of my chair . .haha I just began looking into Uruguay as a possible retirement area. So far, I've only found the one English congregation in the capital city of Montevideo. There must be others? I'm assuming I need to type in the name of a specific city on jw.org to get an answer. It doesn't just list all English congregations for the whole country by typing in Uruguay. In any case, I was also going to post the question on the forum - "Anyone from Uruguay here" ?
  8. Just imagine: "Peace and Security". A declaration. Based upon what? Something very compelling. Perhaps accompanied by 'signs and wonders'. Then, destruction of Babylon the Great. Then a respite. Then, our message changes to one of judgment. Can you imagine, as the world celebrates peace, security and their human institutions, along we come with a strong judgment message ! WOW!! The courage we will need is unimaginable. We will have a sense of what it took for Noah and Jonah to accomplish their assignments. And the theme for this year's RC? Yep - Courage !
  9. Interesting perspectives . . Did Jesus have his rights violated, was he mutilated (Luke 2:21) on orders from Jehovah (Genesis 17: 10 -14) ? Does it matter that circumcision was mandated up until the mid-first century (Acts 15: 19, 20) but now it's a choice ? If it wasn't mutilation then, how could it be now? I've seen some elective plastic surgeries that could be described as a mutilation . . . so maybe it's not so easy to define what is or isn't a mutilation.
  10. That's right friends - Iceland may outlaw circumcision ! The proposed law (a draft at this point ) Would impose a 6 year prison term for "removing part of all of a child's sexual organs" which violate a child's rights. Concern that Jewish and Muslim people could feel unwelcome in Iceland.I Judaism and Islam will become criminalized religions. "We must avoid all such forms of extremism" . ( I wonder if these same people are following the Russia story? )
  11. Whom, besides JW's, leaves a tip for the housekeeper? No one I know. If the survey is drawing a conclusion that the godly enjoy material prosperity, they are spiritually blind. "Material prosperity cannot be relied upon as a sole indicator of God's approval and blessing" g03 9/8 26-27
  12. Sister, your post is more than two years ago but I just stumbled onto this topic. I couldn't have said it better ! There have always been those 'well connected' , and their groupies. The forum levels the playing field . .haha. Human nature being what it is, even here I sometimes feel that I'm eavesdropping on a small circle of prominent ones. But, as I have posted before, I love you guys !
  13. How exciting for you Carlos ! I will always remember visiting the branch in 1987, on my return trip from Nigeria back to the US. It was at breakfast with the Bethel family that I was first introduced to a strong coffee and steamed milk. WOW that was good !! What do the locals call it? Exciting times indeed ! For the coffee aficionados in the audience, I've been enjoying Organo Gold Black Coffee with Ganoderma (mushroom) extract. It's the closest thing to that delicious Spanish coffee I've found. I don't add milk. I buy from Amazon. On the packaging: Cafe, Extrait de Ganoderma Biologique Cafe, Extracto de Ganoderma Org'anico Those both look like Spanish language to me. One is, and the other?
  14. I have the three books (paper&glue) Critical Times, All Things New and The Unrighteous, in new condition. If anyone wants them for their bookcase, pm me to make arrangements.

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