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    Mom knew the Truth before I was born. Sisters knocked on our door and Mom got reactivated. We moved to another state and I began attending meetings and studied.

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    By James Herriot, veterinarian from Yorkshire.
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    Mind how you treat people on your way up. You will meet them again on your way down.

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  1. Showing NO support for ANY political entity is proper. In addition, we don't take a stand against those entities. April '16 WT pg 27-31 ¶9 states: "When presenting the Kingdom message, avoid either praising or criticizing . . . a political party or leader". That's the meaning of neutral; neither for nor against. This new tool, the Online Bible Study, is a big deal. They released it with no advance teasers. Didn't save it for the Annual Meeting. As one post said, maybe because time is of the essence. So, this is my take on it; I feel this is a new direction and we will see more of the same. More candor. I think this is a turn toward the Judgment Message. 'Bad Rulership ' is blunt and to the point. As you said, it is a statement of fact. I can imagine those in government sitting up and taking notice. They could very well ask "Since when have JW's called us out like that before"? I'm any case, it jumped out at me! Exciting time indeed !!!
  2. It's very impressive. I went through the lesson about why God temporarily allows suffering to continue. My CONCERN is this: The lesson explained correctly that suffering is the result of Sin and Bad Rulership. Does teaching that bad rulership is one of two core reasons for human suffering maintain our neutrality? Don't get me wrong, these are TRUTHS. However, I can understand a conversation at the kitchen table with the student, but on the Internet ? When the authorities see us teach about bad (human) rulership on our official website, should we expect them to regard us troublemakers? I guess this is Jehovah speeding it up !!!
  3. Another example of subterfuge is when a statement begins with "According to experts . . ." The "experts" are never named .
  4. Music because it evokes memories and emotions like nothing else can. Dogs because they give unconditional love and loyalty.
  5. Doug

    Books that you enjoy!

    Reading the comments reminded me of books I had forgotten that I read; Swiss Family Robinson and Tom Sawyer. I loved reading as a lad. Old Yeller stands out. I also have been an avid newspaper reader for as long as I remember. Tried some spy thrillers like Jason Bourne, but they were redundant. Read Thorn Birds, a weighty tome. Above all, with no real challenger in non-fiction, are the volumes by James Herriot, i.e: All Creatures Great and Small - All Things Bright and Beautiful - All Things Wise and Wonderful - The Lord God Made Them All. Never have I had so much pleasure in reading than through these. I admire EK Jonathan 's work. I finished the first volume, but couldn't get through the second one. I have offered the three volumes to anyone on the forum. There are packaged and ready to send. PM me.
  6. Not Guilty based on the Jeremiah defense. Jer. 20:9
  7. Doug

    Here is what I see

    He must be the Armageddon President. First term or Second . . Stay tuned.
  8. I don't rule out the possibility that Jehovah will give them both a dream tonight.
  9. Two moments: In 1986 I was en route to Nigeria. We spent a couple of days at Brooklyn HQ's. I was getting a haircut at the Bethel barbershop when Daniel Sydlik walked in. He asked me where I came from, where I was going and what sort of work I do. I told him I was a flooring guy on the way to Nigeria. Then, in his booming voice, he says "Well, put a decent floor in there, will 'ya?" The other moment was 18 months ago. I gave the memorial talk for my mother. Never experienced the power of holy spirit like I did that day.
  10. Precisely. Mr. Trump is just getting warmed up . . lol. He certainly didn't want it to be Kim Jong-Un who called off the meeting. These historic events are always on-again , off-again. The more drama the better. Following this news, N Korea was quoted as saying "We will meet any time, any way". Playing right into Trump's game. When the meeting takes place, Kim will show up bruised and sore from the on-again , off-again. He wants it bad. And besides, as mentioned, the demons are pulling the strings. The meeting will happen, largely on Trump's terms, and it will be the biggest media event since the end of WW2.
  11. So, I'm watching TV and a Tide laundry detergent commercial comes on. It says the ancient Romans washed their clothes in heated urine. So I Googled, and sure enough, the commercial laundry used primarily urine and water to clean (!) clothes. They would leave jars around town and folks could 'donate' . The jars were collected and used in the laundry business. Ahh . . The good old days
  12. Doug

    Keego Harbor Murder Suicide

    This was back in the news on Daily Mail today, May 19. She made a video explaining her reason for killing the family, saying "Christ will resurrect them". She thought they wouldn't be able to handle her suicide. Sick.
  13. I bought the hard copies. Read the first one but couldn't get into the second one. I have offered to send all three to anyone who wants them, but no takers yet. Actually, Dilip was interested but it seems daunting ( expensive) to ship to India. These would probably interest the 'old school' type, since the digital version is readily available.
  14. Doug


    Well, I feel like one ! Gotta get off that wheel . . .

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