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    Mom knew the Truth before I was born. Sisters knocked on our door and Mom got reactivated. We moved to another state and I began attending meetings and studied.

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    Mind how you treat people on your way up. You will meet them again on your way down.

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  1. Article mentions 'a degree of organization' , 'not haphazard '. Reminds me of what they say about the universe. They believe galaxies are clustered like grapes on the vine. And these bunches of grapes are surrounded by other bunches of grapes. Similar idea with the coral reefs. Appearing random and abstract, until a closer look reveals the Truth.
  2. I attended a seminar about earning money selling on Amazon. Won't bore you with too much information. I was skeptical. Their marketing signs and banners use the words 'quick', 'easy' , 'riches' . . . lol. Since we have many sharp minds here on the forum, thought I would ask if anyone is supporting themselves by selling on Amazon? Or doing it occasionally, as a hobby?
  3. Good idea! They should have a list . . But, ALL lawyers are looking for more money, so . .
  4. Exactly what my concern is. Would love to find a brother or sister to work with.
  5. Hello Friends, I'm contemplating the arduous task of applying for a U.S. Patent. Have any of you been through that? The first question that comes up is whether to DIY or hire a Patent attorney? Anyone with experience?
  6. As Jehovah's Witnesses, we may readily accept that we are a tiny minority of the population, always swimming upstream, against the current. David vs. Goliath. But take heart ! Our text for October 18 made this observation; "All of us today are descendants of those who served Jehovah". Just think about that ! All the high-minded of academia, all the skeptics, all the non-believers, all of those in the grasp of false religion, all of them ALREADY OWE THEIR LIVES TO JEHOVAH - Not once, but twice! They are DESCENDANTS of those who SERVED JEHOVAH. So, literally everyone in our territories has a member of the family who served Jehovah faithfully. Those of us serving Jehovah have come 'round full-circle, haven't we?
  7. Bay Area on Fire

    Typically we would be updated on containment; 10% - 30% - etc. I have seen no such updates. This is literally out- of- control. Cal Fire is throwing everything they can at this. Outside agencies pitching in as well.
  8. Bay Area on Fire

    Yes, there's this tunnel you see . . . Wait ! I've said too much already . . .
  9. Bay Area on Fire

    This got me thinking. It's not as simple as one would think. To begin with, I found the following explanation: When you walk into the wind (blowing into your face) you are upwind ( going against the wind). An airplane takes off upwind to get lift. When you travel with the wind blowing on your back, you are downwind. In an airplane, it's a tailwind. However, when hunting, the idea is to be downwind of the prey. This is so the prey won't pick up your scent, because the wind is blowing from the prey toward the hunter. That would mean the hunter is walking upwind, with the wind blowing into your face, and is downwind of the deer. You wouldn't want to live in a house that's downwind of a livestock ranch, or dairy farm. You will have a nose-full of stank. I would have agreed with Dove when she asked, "Upwind is better than downwind, right"? Now I'm not sure. It seems you could be either upwind, downwind, or both. Maybe someone can clear this up, it that's possible? On a serious note, the fires are tragic for all concerned. Unfortunately, there's a red flag warning for Wednesday/Thursday. My own neighborhood burned down 10 years ago. You could Google it - Angora Fire 2007. We will hope for a rapid conclusion to this disaster.
  10. “calm before the storm,”

    When you know something but can't tell anyone; it's irresistible to drop hints / tease it. "You'll find out" , while ominous in itself, always makes me think 'sooner' rather than 'later'.
  11. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    Las Vegas . . .
  12. Very interesting. The explanation that JW's are banned in Russia in order for the government to distance itself from the West is plausable. I like the point that "error has no rights but people do".
  13. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    In about two months we will be giving wide distribution to the December AWAKE! No. 6 - Is the World out of Control? This would be very timely right now. I shudder to think how supremely timely it will be in another couple months.

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