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    I was in my third year of college when an accident took the life of my best friend since high school. This is the time I started to ask questions about the meaning of life and why things happen? First , let me give you a little background info. I left home at 16 years old and lived on my own. While in hight school I became best friends with a guy and later he and his family asked if I would like to move in with them which i did. They had a bowling alley in which I helped out since I felt it the only RIGHT thing to do since they took me in. My friend and I went on to college, joined a fraternity and in our Junior year of college he had a head on accident in his vehicle. An older man with two young boys had pulled out in his lane in front of him. Well, I needed to get some Answers since he was like my brother. I didn't feel he was good enough to go to heaven but he was not also bad enough to burn forever. So now my search! My sister in a different town had been studying with Jehovah's Witnesses and she began showing me scriptures, etc. (She was not baptized nor going to meetings regularly as of yet) I remember praying, "Jehovah, God or whoever you are , if it means wearing a beany cap, I will wear one" I just wanted to KNOW for a certainty that I would see my best friend again. Well, to make a long story short, I found the answers to my questions and MUCH MORE. I came to know the TRUE GOD, Jehovah. WHAT A PRIVILEGE. When I researched and checked on my own for several months before knowing what a Bible study was or even going to the Kingdom Hall for the first time. I tried to prove it wrong but at the same time it was all there in front of me in black and white in the scriptures. To logical to just pass off as another religion. I have been privilgeged to be used by Jehovah to help several families into the truth and a couple of special ones in my life as well. If you would like. I could share these experiences. Jeho

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    I am a simple person who loves to study the Bible with others. My wife and I spend time together since our two boys are grown and gone. I have one son who he and his wife are doing quite well in the TRUTH. He is the Theocratic Ministry School Overseer in his congregation and my oldest son was a servant but a couple of years ago he chose a different course and disassociated himself. Haven't seen or talked to him in years. My heart aches but Jehovah knows and gives my wife and I strength.
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    Bible and spiritual magazines, Watchtower and Awake
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    I love several different genres of music-- of course golden oldies. ha
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    "If you aim at nothing you will ALWAYS hit your target."

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  1. Post a picture... Any picture

    I laughed until I cried with this cartoon
  2. Post a picture... Any picture

    Thanks friends for posting such beautiful, colorful, adventuresome photos. Keep em coming!!
  3. illustrations

    Here is a nice website for illustrations as well: myjwillustration.com
  4. My ancestry DNA results!

    Jack, I used ancestry.com site it was on sale this past summer.
  5. My ancestry DNA results!

    I had a DNA test performed last summer and this was the results: 50% Great Britain 28% Ireland 22% Other regions
  6. Post a picture... Any picture

    Sandra thanks for the photo! Is there any more story to this photo? We always like to hear of these very encouraging meet ups.
  7. Sing National Anthem . . . Or Jail

    This reminds me of the young men on the plain of Dura. The proposition or persecution! In this old system of things it will all be downhill from here.
  8. Irmantas, Very creative and interesting. I believe you have something going. Very nicely done! Continue sharing these fine videos. I can see that the other brothers and sisters enjoyed it as well. Thanks for sharing as already expressed by others.
  9. WELCOME!!! Warm love and christian greetings to both you and your family as well as the brothers and sisters in your congregation.
  10. JW missing in NC.

    May all of us pray for his safety and safe return to his family. Such a violent world we live in. Jehovah help us all!
  11. The Severity if the Ban in Russia is Permitted

    Just know Svetlana, like the brothers and sisters have so lovingly commented...Our daily, hourly prayers are going up in behalf of ALL you dear ones. As Jesus stated in John 16:33 "Take COURAGE....."
  12. The Severity if the Ban in Russia is Permitted

    Very sobering and troubling!!!! May Jehovah strengthen them. May they be determined , courageous and faithful in these difficult times. Keep praying fervently for these dear ones ! It keeps going through my mind ......if I were in that situation how would I respond. Hopefully as faithful as these brothers and sisters are and just as those ones during the Nazi Regime.
  13. Mormon leaders encourage more baptisms for the dead - The ... https://www.washingtonpost.com/.../mormon-leader-encourages-more-baptisms-for-the-... 4 hours ago - Mormon leaders reminded church members Saturday about the importance of performing ceremonial baptisms on dead ancestors who didn't ... All I want to know is....where in the scriptures is this mentioned that Jesus said to do this? I am so glad that I didn't stay in the Mormon religion. THANK YOU JEHOVAH!
  14. Post a picture... Any picture

    I have an anniversary coming up tomorrow as well. Not a wedding anniversary but April 1st is my baptism date. 44 years tomorrow. Have seen a few changes since then. ALL the refining for the Better.

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