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    I was raised in the truth and got baptized when I was 12.

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    I enjoy crochet, writing novels, playing board games and cards with friends, cooking dinner for the friends, and re-watching favorite TV shows with my wife after we send the kids to bed.
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    Most of my reading these days is theocratic because of time constraints and other interests. When I do read anything else, it's either non-fiction or sci-fi.
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    Theocratic: "How Does It Make You Feel?" (Song 76, also my ringtone)
    Secular: "Thunder Road" by Bruce Springsteen
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    My interests here are too broad to mention.
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    "We shall do our best, for that is all we have." - some character in some movie

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  1. I'm not sure he was being that specific, rather just letting us know the other two parts would be coming. Still, if my memory serves me correctly, it seems like there is a two week gap between the releases of parts 1 and 2 for these types of programs. Part 3 is usually a week after part 2. However, with the first Monday this January being the 7th, that pattern may not hold up. If that happens, then there is a two week gap between part 3 and February's broadcast. That gap could be filled by "Be Courageous" RC videos now that everyone has had theirs. Having said all that, trying to parse the brother's words like this is a posthumous Tupac album might be a huge waste of time and we should all just be patient. 😁
  2. When all this was going down in April 2017, Newsweek had an article that gave four reasons why we were being persecuted. 1) We're headquartered in the United States, so Putin sees us as an American enterprise, 2) we are politically neutral, so Putin has no use for people who don't vote for him, 3) we don't serve in the military, so Putin views us as useless citizens, and 4) he cannot control us. I think the last one is the most accurate. Autocrats like to control everything and everyone. We'll always be viewed as enemies by these type of leaders.
  3. Great summary. My family loved the video. My 8 year-old whispered to me after it, "That was the greatest video I've ever seen!" That's as good a review as any.

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