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  1. this is just sick

    Can't believe people would be so heartless to do something like this! And what happened to her clothes, to be put out in a hospital gown for crying out loud? Sad...
  2. I like your picture sis donna :) 

  3. I do believe you are right bro Greg.
  4. Well, David Cassidy was one. I can't remember off the top of my head, but there have been many this month alone.
  5. Wow, she is just one of many celebrities that have passed away in the last week.
  6. This is horrific! For those of you in Florida, stay safe !
  7. Oh no, how tragic! Praying our brothers, and others are safe!
  8. Leanna Lefler

    So sad....her family has been sharing her picture on Fb..poor little thing...this just makes me cry....
  9. It says nothing about our brother receiving the medical attention he needs. Praying for him...
  10. I had been going to the Puyallup assembly hall just recently. There is no more camping on the grounds. But there is at least 2 homes on the grounds that house the caretakers. It's a lovely building!
  11. They didn't happen to be the stangs, did they? Hehe...went to the Stanwood Cong in the late 70's.

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