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    My husband did some work for a brother who gave him a Live Forever book. Three years later while looking through some books I had stored away, I came across the book and by chapter 3 had decided that "this is the truth!" There's more that led up to it, but that was the turning point.

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  1. Sallyforth

    Shooting in Pittsburgh

    We’ve had this arrangement for several months now.
  2. Thanks to all of you who took part. That was really cool. Makes me wish I’d participated instead of holding back out of shyness. Maybe if there’s a next time...
  3. Incidentally , that article is dated June 2017 (and it does seem quite fair and balanced).
  4. USA Today has been around several decades. It’s definitely legit not some scandal sheet.
  5. Coordinator of the body of elders, I believe.
  6. Kangaroo court, no regard for actual evidence, Ministry of Injustice prevails! I am sickened but not surprised.
  7. It probably won't happen but I was wondering about the idea of including a special section on the field service reports just to list the letters sent to Russia. That would give a good idea of the numbers at least from Jehovah's people.
  8. We Won't Forget You Your Word Endures Forever Just Around the Corner
  9. It seems odd to have to "like" this but of course, it's the only way to express appreciation for the post.
  10. My husband and I sent six each, 12 in all. +12 = 1293
  11. Wow. I have read through a lot of these posts. It's all quite interesting. I've typed up several variations of my letter to the different officials since I don't want them to seem too formulaic but I'm running out of time! I want to mail them today. Anyway, I think as long as we are respectful (no 'poking the beast') as we have been asked, and show proper adherence to basic letter writing skills, spelling, grammar, paragraphing, etc., we should be fine. I saw a few posts here that dislike the idea of addressing letters to "Dear". Frankly, I don't see anything wrong with addressing any of these officials as "Dear". The use of "Dear" is simply standard business practice without any real sentiment attached to it. I highly doubt that Russian officials will be expecting people from other countries to know the idiosyncrasies of Russian forms of address, so I'm not worrying about it overly much as long as the form of address is respectful by the standards of whatever country we are from. I do love the idea of the Russian authorities being inundated by our letters. It is quite exciting to take part.
  12. Sorry not to have replied sooner. Internet has been out. I guess I didn't read this topic closely enough. Last CD I have is the 2015. Our KH hasn't got the 2016 one yet. I can install it once we get it. It's been a long wait. Thanks, though. My husband just told me that our congregation has a copy that's being circulated around. Wish it would come our way soon!
  13. Is it possible for someone to send me a link to download the update in English? Thank you.

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