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  1. Elijah teasing the Baal priest always cracks me up: I too get deep in thought when I am sitting on the toilet
  2. Plumbing is in PEX, but gas lines are still black pipe. Something about how gas interacts at a molecular level with plastics.
  3. AS I am a building inspector I have often thought of this - many materials are only made to last 50 to 100 years. What happens when they rust or decay from age? Well, this will start happening more and more I think. Few put much emphasis on maintenance any more.
  4. trottigy


    I'm saving up, but Deb and I are 2 to 7 years away - depending on how well we save. For us the key is having the house paid off first. Half of our expenses are related to the mortgage and with it gone we should be ok.
  5. And, th Bible says they will declare peace and SECURITY at the end. A stock market in freefall is NOT security, but rather the opposite.
  6. https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/1950805 This 1950 watchtower is the oldest I can find that speaks about the cross and why Christians wouldn't use it. It is mostly about translation, but it also adds in the pagan origins of the cross. It is more explicit about it being a phallic symbol than we can be today.
  7. trottigy

    Confused button

    I like them all. I even think there is a place for a thumsdown button - especially on topics where a person is being asked if they do or do not like something (like vegetables or romaine lettuce). We have to be careful with taking these things too seriously.
  8. I see I need to take the lettuce off of my BLT. I’m ok with that - as long as I don’t take the bacon off. Hey, I can use chicken instead. Wow, am I glad Jehovah gave us meat to eat.
  9. Yep, in fact, if you click on the link it says "Bethel Construction Application" under the video
  10. It's all about appealing to their political base without concern for any others. President Trump does this over and over again. This was HUGE as far as his Christian conservative base is concerned. It is certainly NOT about obeying the law. How do we know? There are enough laws that President Trump has ignored or fought against - like the 14th amendment of the US Constitution (as one recent example).
  11. So, your thought is - since we are imperfect – and can’t be as good as Jesus - why try?? Let's take this to a Biblical example - the one the Slave uses when discussing this topic: Philemon - very small book (only one chapter) - packed with info relevant to today. Sum up of the account, “Onesimus was an unwilling slave who escaped from the household of Philemon in Colossae and fled to Rome. Likely, Onesimus also stole from his master to finance this 900-mile [1,400 km] journey. Indeed, he was useless to Philemon. In Rome, though, Onesimus was helped by Paul to become a Christian. Now a spiritual brother, this formerly “useless” slave became “useful.” ” https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/d/r1/lp-e/2008768#h=22 Onesimus was in a similar situation as many “illegal immigrants” today are under – his being gone from his “home” illegally, BUT he was baptized and used by Jehovah to help Paul. Was his efforts blessed? Sure, I never said they weren’t. BUT (yep, another one ) at some point what does Paul do? Paul obeyed the law – as any good Christian should do – and sent him back to the place where he was legal again. Did Onesimus go? YEP! Also an example for all Christians to do what they can to set things right legally – rather than just saying, “Well, I’m not Jesus – so, I don’t have to.” Was he afraid to go? Possibly - run away slaves were not trreated well when they were returned, but he relied on Jehovah (and it helped that Paul wrote a good letter and that Onesimus' owner was a Christian also). We aren’t told what happens to him when he returns. Why? Because it doesn’t matter. What does matter to Christians is our doing the best we can do in following God’s directions in both word and deed. In this case it is the same as today Rom 13. Fear of man should NEVER cause us to disobey Jehovah. Now is our time to prove that we can stay loyal to Jehovah and rely on Him to help us overcome our fears. He is our Father and will provide for us IF we seek His righteousness first - over our own. (Matt 6:33)
  12. This is still, the case today, why? Because now they are at least trying to comply with the law by registering; so, once complying they can be considered exemplary, but NOT complying is NOT a good example.
  13. This is the sad consequences of demonizing the news media or any group for that matter. Soon they will be demonizing religious people and then us specifically. It seems we are getting a glimpse of our own future. Fortunately, we have Jehovah on our side.
  14. Full, disclosur - I bought it and started reading it and my wife said - she didn't think it would help my neutrality. I thought I'd get an impartial opinion.

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