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  1. From the New York Times, The sun was barely up before the Defense Ministry, not famous for speedy reactions, had pumped out a statement underscoring that none of the thousands of Russian troops garrisoned in Syria had been threatened by the American, British and French attack and that none of its air defense systems had been mobilized. “It looks like both sides were playing according to their prescribed roles and managed to limit the harm from this kind of confrontation,” said Aleksandr M. Golts, an independent Russian military analyst and deputy editor of Yezhenedelny Zhurnal, an online current affairs magazine. “Syria will not be the starting point for some kind of global confrontation.” The American ambassador to Russia, Jon M. Huntsman Jr., released a statement on Facebook on Saturday confirming that the two sides had taken steps before the assault to made sure they stayed out of each other’s way. “Before we took action,” he said, “the U.S. communicated with the R.F. to reduce the danger of any Russian or civilian casualties.”
  2. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/president-donald-j-trump-proclaims-april-12-april-19-2018-days-remembrance-victims-holocaust/ Keep preaching the Kingdom and thru it all evil will be overcome! Do not let yourself be conquered by the evil, but keep conquering the evil with the good.+ Romans 12:21 https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/b/r1/lp-e/nwtsty/E/2017/45/12#v=21
  3. Sure the KoN can be a dual world power. The KoS is - US / UK.
  4. Imagine how those who are resurrected will feel when one moment they were dying and the next they are restored to perfect bodies in a paradise earth - like this one hanging on a stake next to Jesus (Luke 23:43) . Amazing! My last memory of my dad is that awful breathing sound he made while lying in a hospital bed with morphine dripping into him and then the breathing stopped. The next time I see him he will be fully restored and better. For him it will seem instantaneous. What an awesome day today is as we remember the sacrifices that made all that possible. Enjoy this day and may it be our last memorial. If not, may we have the strength to endure to the last one and see all of these things come about.
  5. A reset doesn't have to be instantaneous. And maybe this is where you are having difficulty understanding. Anyway, there is no reason to argue over words - 2 Tim 2:14. We can just agree to disagree - especially when there doesn't seem to be a desire to understand. We certainly can agree that it will be wonderful to be in the "New world" where the bad things of this system are wiped away and the good things Jehovah originally purposed are restored.
  6. Hmm, so stopping pollution and starting real clean up efforts is not a reset? It's not making things "new" again? It seems odd Jehovah would inspire that verbage if it weren't true, doesn't it? I personally am ready for Jehovah to hit the BIG RESET on this crazy world - both for wickedness of the people and uncleanliness of the physical planet. It seems to me even the animals are ready for things to get reset / make things "new" again.
  7. The great Pacific garbage patch is even trashier than we thought https://www.popsci.com/garbage-patch-pacific-plastic-debris-growing In a new paper in Scientific Reports, researchers found that the infamous great Pacific garbage patch contains 16 times more plastic than previous estimates showed, and it seems to be increasing over time. The great Pacific garbage patch is one of six areas of the ocean known to accumulate plastic, located in the north Pacific Ocean. While there is a lot of plastic there, the debris aren’t clumped together like some floating landfill. Instead, the plastics (many of them broken down into teeny tiny pieces) are distributed widely across an area of about 617,000 square miles.
  8. I suppose if this system lasts another 100 years where this might be the case - there will likely be bigger issues to deal with.
  9. I think with all the "carve outs", it will be mostly meaningless, but we'll see. Always good to work at being debt free and simplifying.
  10. As I watch my mom, now 71, slowly be crippled with arthritis and her legs bo and toes twist I feel the same way "Yes, I am coming quickly.'" "Amen! Come, Lord Jesus." Then, a few nights ago, I was at mom's and we we're talking about this and she says, " I saw the video - the one they played at this week's CL&M meeting - and watched that lady dance as she learned about the resurrection and that she'd she her husband again. And I think, I can wait a little longer. When I hurt, I am just going to remember her dancing. ". I just love that little mom of mine. I too am working on remembering the dancing. And trusting that Jah knows the best time that helps the most people and He can fix anything. So, I can wait patiently and stay busy.
  11. Well it's signed now. Fortunately, he exempted Mexico and Canada as they are the largest import source of these, but we can be sure that inflation will take off. It won't be like Venezuela, but it will start going up faster than it has over the last decade. Then the Fed will raise rates faster to keep up. That's good for savers and saving accounts (and bad for those with 401ks), and bad for any who have to buy stuff - especially homes. Just another thought - it's also good news that the economy won't take off too fast - even with the trillion dollars added to it thru the tax cuts. But bad news that the government programs will be short by a trillion and with nothing really to show for it. Well, let's watch and see what happens and keep praying for the only solution - the Kingdom.
  12. We are part of the MIGHTIEST nation on Earth. Our King can NOT be defeated ever!
  13. My first was PS 83:18 and almost simultaneously Gal 5:22&23 the fruitage of the spirit. I remember someone in our Congregation having a paper tree on the wall and when we memorized a verse a leaf with our name on it and the verse went up. I miss being a kid and having my dad (and my mom being young and healthy). Thanks for the good memories.
  14. This is not completely true. There are many American businesses that rely on steel and aluminum. When tariffs are added the price for these raw materials goes up. The US is NOT making this stuff cheaper. US Steel will go up TOO. Then who pays - all the consumers - including and especially - the US ones that buy these products. For example: cars, building materials, etc. These things will cost more. It's a lot like taxing the local consumer to "punish" other countries. The consumer is really the one getting the bad end - and so will businesses - as sales go down when prices go up. This is why many of the congressmen in the Presidents own party are saying it is a bad idea AND why his "Economic" advisor is quiting. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/03/06/gary-cohn-wh-chief-economic-adviser-announces-resignation-hours-after-signaling-wont-back-tariffs.html

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