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  1. Before he was elected we saw him fire someone every week. I thought that is why he was elected - to fire people.
  2. No sweat. Someone else posted the link. Thanks for telling us about it. In the future -you can click in the address bar of the browser you are using and copy everything there (some will let you right click and select "select all" AND then click "copy"). You can then paste that into your post.
  3. It must be all that "plasma" you're full of.
  4. What is the latest version of regular eQuipd? Never mind. I see it is 3.7.1
  5. I love it. I can now click on a picture and zoom in. I have been waiting for that nice feature.
  6. This info all fit in nicely with the CBS this week. We need to keep our dear brothers and sisters in mind and prayer.
  7. Everbody say it with me: "COFFEE! COFFEE! COFFEE!" Oh, I am CERTAIN this is believable
  8. Bob should love this!! I too love my coffee. It's good to see it is helping me life longer
  9. Always good to save a little of your food as a snack for later.
  10. I have been called for this duty several times. I go and answer the questions honestly. I always make sure to add that I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and once I do - I have always been dismissed. They are not keen on someone making their primary decision based on Bible principles.
  11. You can serach for specific words that you type in each post.
  12. I think we're going to keep them in one thread (if they are related - like this). If we start to see a conversation center on one - we can always split that conversation off.
  13. Good reminders always. We aren't waiting for the world to attack false religion - NO, We are waiting for Jehovah to put the idea in their hearts. Once He does that, things will move quickly. So, keeping a sense of urgency then is important.