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    Happily married to my lovely wife Crystal
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    My Dad was baptized when I was 10 years old. From then on I was growing up in a divided household. My parents fought like cats and dogs, instigated by my unbelieving mother. However, it did seem that it was my Dad that changed and thus brought all this on, plus avoiding Christmas and Birthdays was just plain weird. As a result, I didn't want to hear it. But at 13 years old I had enough of the fighting and took it upon myself to fix my family. I prayed to whoever if anyone is up there listening and made my petition to learn the truth. Purchase my first bible, a New Revised Standard Version, and began reading. After several months I decided to share what I was believing it to say with my Father, who simply said to keep on reading. But when I shared these things with my mother, she bit my head off and accused me of talking to my father behind her back. A light bulb turned on for me then. Afterwards I invited both of them to give me literature. Reading with an open heart and an open mind led me to believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that Jehovah's Witnesses had the truth. I progressed to being an unbaptized publisher by 15, but it was short lived. At 16 my worldy peers got the best of me and drew me out to sea, where I was tossed about until coming to my senses at 25. I realized that fixing my depressing and debauched life meant returning to Jehovah. Fortunately, my girlfriend had a listening ear and we we're married and then baptized at the exact same time in the summer of 2002.

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    Family - doing things together with my wife and children is wonderful - a family that plays together (and prays together), stays together. I'm a Bible teacher and much of my interests center around following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 2:21). I'm also an internet junkie - probably not a good thing.
  • My favorite books
    God's Word, the Holy Bible (I've collected over 40 translations of this book in Hebrew, Greek, English, and Spanish).
    Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament by Jason David BeDuhn
    The Role of Theology and Bias in Bible Translation by Rolf Furuli
    And then all the following...
    What Does the Bible Really Teach?
    Keep Yourself in God's Love
    Is There a Creator Who Cares About You?
    The Bible - God's Word or Man's?
    Come Be My Follower
  • My favorite music
    Such a broad range that it is too much to list. Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Fantomas, Peeping Tom, Mondo Cane, and more), The Cure, Andrea Bocelli, and classical music too. Popular music is okay, until it has been played to death. Probably shouldn't mention some of these. Sadly, you have to listen to an album and weed out the bad songs on just about anything these days.
  • My favorite quotes
    And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free - Jesus at John 8:32

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  1. Two thoughts came to mind as I read this..... 1) This put a whole new spin on "beer battered fish" 2) This would be an interesting entry for our "Was it Designed?" series
  2. Fortunately, the topic here at JWTalk was already clear and accurate and didn't have a spin on it. The Snopes article repeats with more explanation what the FOX article and interview already clearly stated. The schools response/excuse was that they were not supposed to leave any student unattended - which is true. But Jacob's point was that it clearly divided the students into 2 camps, and would give the appearance that he sided with the gun supporters and/or would be disrespecting the lives of the 17 students who died in the recent school shooting. He didn't like that he had no other options given, and didn't want to be associated with either side. Convening with the pro gun group would give the anti gun group the false appearance that he was pro gun. He wanted it to be clear to everyone that he was not taking sides. Personally, I think the kids deserves extra credit for taking a stand for his beliefs.
  3. The classics never die Modern "Christian" movies are usually very cringey. Satan controls the media, and clearly he's trying to make religion look dumb.
  4. Who wants a sneak peak at a new design? Like and comment on this status :) 

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      I am thinking of getting new SQUARE avatar to fit the format better ..:lol2:


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      Nice colors..

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      I too like the squares.  

  5. I would think you could sideload the installation file. However, it would never update unless you still connected to the Google Play Store, Windows Store, Apple Store, etc.
  6. What a schmuck decision on the part of the High School administration. Shame on them.
  7. The article said: "The volunteers, ranging from 22 to 80 years of age, live and work at the Ukraine branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses, which is located near the forest." I remember there being a park that we regularly maintained while we were in Brooklyn as well. There is nothing prohibiting groups of brothers and sisters in local congregations from following this example. I even think there is a local Metro Park nature area that has an area maintained by the local congregation. Clearly, the article on our website is their to draw attention to our community efforts.
  8. We're probably trying to draw attention to the fact that Jehovah's people are good people, who are law abiding citizens, love their neighbor and the environment. I mean, it's silly to ban the work of the worlds most model citizens.
  9. Paul, Apostle of Christ Movie

    I've seen it popping up in my Facebook news feed but haven't bothered clicking on it yet. I look forward to seeing a trailer for it. I'm personally not opposed to watching "Christian" movies, although I usually cringe at how cheesy and inaccurate it is when I do
  10. "Bottled water has twice as much plastic floating around in it than tap water"? Tap water has plastic floating around in it also? I wonder how much plastic particles is considered bad for you.
  11. Google laid an Easter Egg on my phone

    Okay, I followed all the steps and am now just waiting on my notification
  12. No doubt! Just look what 40 days and 40 nights did ;)
  13. I've never seen this. But I don't watch him usually anyway.
  14. Interesting. I've seen people named Yahweh before, but never Jehovah (although, we're talking the same name, of course)
  15. Yahweh's Laundromat - bring in your stained outer garments, and he will make them white as snow again

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