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  1. This is AWESOME! thank you so much for sharing!!!!!
  2. Ours is July 4-6 in Atl GA. I would love to know lands that will be visiting if anyone has that info. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Tapatalk
  3. AliciaC

    Witness memes

    This thread has made my day. Ive been sitting at my desk giggling to myself like a crazy person. Lol
  4. Haven't been on in awhile....Hi friends! How is everyone doing today?

    1. GrumpysWife


      Hi back Alicia, been missing you.

  5. How do I see replies to statuses I've made???? TIA

    1. Dismal_Bliss


      On the Full Version, click the dropdown arrow by your username at the top right, and then "My Profile" and below your picture you will see "Profile Feed"

  6. Reflecting on the convention, and can't help but to LOL at myself for not realizing something so obvious about Job in the drama. It took me a minute. I won't go into details b/c I don't want it to be a spoiler for those who haven't had their DC yet. But maybe in a few months, I can let you all know how much of a dweeb I am sometimes. LOLOLOL.

    1. Lance


      Well I am probably in the same boat.. It was a little ambiguous ...

  7. I use my Nexus 7 every meeting, and prior to getting it, I used my Note 2. It's way too convenient not to. I love having all of my materials in one place. Not having an "oops" moment b/c I rushed out of the house and forgot to grab a book we may need for the service meeting/school. I take my tablet, a Bible and a smile to each meeting
  8. So very, very sleepy. Feeling like I need toothpicks to prop my lids open. 5:00 please hurry!

  9. I agree with the Note 8, I would absolutely love to have one...but like you, that price is wayyyy too deep for my pockets. I did buy the jot stylus yesterday, but as you warned, it's no wear near the precision and accuracy and I get with my Note 2 stylus. Looks like I'll be using good old paper and pen at the district Won't complain though, I got the Nexus for free with my AT&T Uverse, so I'm good.
  10. Thank you, I will check it out. What device did you use it with? I sure would much rather have the Note 8, that would solve my problems. But I got teh Nexus for free so I can't complain.
  11. Hi everyone, I got my Nexus 7 last Thursday. I've really taken a liking to it...lovely device, snappy, great battery life and a vanilla android experience is a plus in my book. However I'm having a hard time finding a suitable stylus to use for note taking. I guess I've been spoiled by my Note 2's note taking capabilities. The Note's stylus is pretty much like a regular pen just with a rubber tip. I really want to use my Nexus for note taking at the upcoming DC July 4th weekend. I have a couple of the cheapo ones, but the tip only replicates the tip of your finger, not good for writing. I ordered a pack of 3 by "The Friendly Swede". Nice sturdy stylus, with a smaller tip, but still not good enough for precision writing. Does anyone have any suggestions for a stylus that's close to the one that comes with the Note 2? I welcome any and all suggestions. TIA friends! <3
  12. *waving* Heyyyy friends!!! How is everyone today? :)


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