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  1. Jerry Lewis...

    Best movie I ever seen him in was The Caddy. Hilarious actor.
  2. I think the link is missing. [emoji848]
  3. Does anyone here do what Bro. Jackson mentioned about having 2 Bibles, one for personal study & another for service? I honestly only use my iPad and very rarely utilize the print version of my Bible. For personal study all the scriptures are via hyperlinks which take me to the scriptures directly. I'm so on the fence about going the hard copy route as I don't want to start using the large print bible then go back to my usual digital way. [emoji848]
  4. I'm a little unclear: what is the export function used for? What format is it in?
  5. This update is amazing!!!! Love it! One question for the techie's here: I saved a Note to my Google Drive. I went to open but because it's zipped I can't open it. Is there an app that will open this? I use an iPhone and iPad btw.
  6. I might be a little selfish but I am not volunteering for this yr convention as I don't want to miss anything. I am vowing to ensure I get as much as I can from this spiritual feast.
  7. Nothing was said about that. I think it pertained to the fact that our letters from Canada had to be in the mail by this past Monday in order to get to Russia by the deadline. If we couldn't get them mailed by then we could send to the Embsassy as an alternative.
  8. Not saying that everyone can do this as this was a direction from the Society and read last night at our mtg: we also can write to the Russian embassy here in Ontario, Canada. Perhaps check with your elders before doing the same as it might be just an Ontario and/or Canada thing. Just sent my letter to the embassy this am. [emoji4]
  9. For those assigned to the Toronto Special Convention, our group overseer just told us that we will be having Brother Herd from the Gov Body and a brother named Rocky who is an assistant to the Gov Body! [emoji3]
  10. I hope the auditor doesn't actually audit anyone's taxes. I can see them saying: you are getting back $900 from the government.....oh wait, sorry you owe the government $9,000 [emoji12]
  11. "There are two kinds of spurs, my friend. Those that come in by the door; those that come in by the window."
  12. I'm excited to see that too! [emoji5]

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