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  1. I believe it was Google’s attempt at a platform to compete with Facebook but failed miserably.
  2. I was thinking maybe downloading publications into pdf format then uploading them to a cloud account...?
  3. Does anyone know who gave the talk where the identity was revealed?
  4. A few yrs ago there was an article that dealt with children caring for their elderly parents, specifically each child contributing by taking turns. Can anyone help me locate this? Many thanks.
  5. As much as I hate to say it, I am afraid we will see more of attacks like this becoming more common. During our meetings as soon as they start we lock our doors and have a brother monitoring the survelience camera for any late-comers to let them in. One positive thing for our location is that we are next door to a Tim Hortons – for those unfamiliar it is a famous coffee shop all over Canada – and the police use our parking lot during non-meeting times for their coffee breaks and usually there are 2-3 squad cars there on a regular basis. Actually, a comical story from when I was young: A brother stopped off at our Hall on his way into work one morning to get some literature for a neighboring congregation. He goes to the front door and notices the entire side window glass pane was shattered – he looks inside and see’s a person laying in the back row and blood on the floor. He calls the police immediately fearing the worse possible sceneiro that someone was murdered. It turns out the man was driving drunk, ran out of gas and got cold so he decided to break into the Hall to keep warm. He slipped as he stumbled in, cut his leg on the broken glass, wrapped himself in the carpet by the front door and passed out LOL. The funny part is the man had no idea where he was and no memory of what he did.
  6. Cheeks

    My DNA

    I was listening to the same podcast episode I mentioned earlier and one of the co-hosts said he refuses to do the test because that would mean that a company now has access to your DNA, which is something I never thought about. Is that something that one should worry about re: someone having access to your own DNA? Maybe I worry too much but not sure how I feel about that actually being out there. Being adopted, my DNA is something I have def thought about, almost daily. I know a little bit about my roots (British, Scottish) but it is very vague. Sometimes I think I must also have Irish somewhere down the line because of my temper (and love for Guinness...). Along the same lines there is a company out of Toronto that actually provides DNA testing for your dog. Apparently it can pick up the 3 most highest breed levels that your dog's DNA has: https://www.easydna.ca/dna-my-dog-breed-test/ - we were told our little fur baby is Bichon x Maltese but I am positive she has Pit Bull somewhere because she's a fighter lol!
  7. Cheeks

    My DNA

    I listen to a sports podcast and one of the co-hosts wives thought she was of Italian background & was very proud of her background and was never shy about representing her heritage. She decided to do the DNA test and turns out she was only 10% Italian and 90% Irish [emoji38]. According to the co-host she was so upset she actually started to get depressed! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  8. Interesting times indeed. Question for those that live in the States: is CNN as bad as what President Windbag says with regards to reporting fake news? I only ask because I always though CNN was the highest level of news reporting that all other networks looked to be like. Then again, I'm in Canada and aren't totally familiar with the USA goings-on. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  9. What does the outcome mean for Trump? Does this mean he doesn't have as much power as he did before? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  10. My only exposure to Android was back in the days of the Galaxy S2, which was probably the worse phone Samsung ever made so it soured me on the Android experience. However, we recently were out in service with another couple who re-introduced me to Android through the Google Pixel phone...it is awesome! Like you I am so done with iTunes especially . Did you have a different Android phone before the S9? I have heard that some get annoyed with all the bloatware Samsung puts on the phone so just wondering if that's an issue for you.
  11. I was a big Apple fan but the last while I have found their products boring - I am leaning towards Android which have the ability to customize things. Personal preference.
  12. I've seen some that instead of a wedding ring they get tattoos on their wedding ring finger. I guess if they ever get divorced they could say it was just ink from a pen exploding LOL!
  13. Love it: "Tattoos make them look different, just like everyone else"

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