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  1. My only exposure to Android was back in the days of the Galaxy S2, which was probably the worse phone Samsung ever made so it soured me on the Android experience. However, we recently were out in service with another couple who re-introduced me to Android through the Google Pixel phone...it is awesome! Like you I am so done with iTunes especially . Did you have a different Android phone before the S9? I have heard that some get annoyed with all the bloatware Samsung puts on the phone so just wondering if that's an issue for you.
  2. I was a big Apple fan but the last while I have found their products boring - I am leaning towards Android which have the ability to customize things. Personal preference.
  3. I've seen some that instead of a wedding ring they get tattoos on their wedding ring finger. I guess if they ever get divorced they could say it was just ink from a pen exploding LOL!
  4. Love it: "Tattoos make them look different, just like everyone else"
  5. I don’t know if it is just me or whatever, but I cannot believe how many women have tattoo’s these days! And I am not talking about just one on their upper arm – I am talking full sleeves down their arms! For one, these things are not cheap to get. And also, what are these things going to look like in 5 years? 15 years? I suppose they feel the need to make a statement or whatever. Even ones where I would have thought would require the utmost professionalism: banking, legal, etc. Sign of the times I guess.
  6. I thought the same. Was thinking maybe just a cover but the edging even has the old gold color the deluxe Bibles used to have.
  7. I currently am an Apple user (iPhone and iPad). My iPad is about 6 yrs old and getting slower and battery life is approx. half of what it was and is dying a slow death. The majority of apps I use are non-Apple: Google Drive, MS One Drive, Outlook, Gmail, MS Notes, Google photos, etc. I ventured into Android back in 2011 with the Galaxy S2 – was ok but so many issues: unread email count not working, Samsung bloatware, etc. Currently I have been thinking of making the jump away from Apple completely and siding back with Google/Android. Of course, the main concern is security since Apple seems to be more harder for hackers or virus to break than Android/Google. Also, the cost of Apple is just insane & I cannot justify the prices they charge. I also enjoy the flexibilty the Android world offers. Any Google/Android users here that can relate their experience with the platform? Have things improved for the better since the days of my Galaxy S2? Anyone make the jump from Apple?
  8. I def can relate to what some have pointed out to regarding Instagram. For a while I used to get very envious of others on what they posted – it appeared as if they had no problems, stress or worries and they just surfed through life with no problems while the rest of us are dealing with a mountain of issues and feel like a turtle on its back just struggling. I felt as if it was constantly being thrown in my face and/or that they were flaunting things. I deleted my account for a while, to get some perspective & focus on spiritual things. I went through a bad time with depression, family issues, job loss, blah blah and the negativity I was distinguishing from Instagram was a liability to me. I’m back on it now, with a few ppl deleted. I’m a huge dog lover so my main viewing is for puppies or animals in general lol! Like anything else, Instagram can be something good or bad – it depends how it’s used and really we are the one that can dictate whether we control it or it controls us.
  9. My all time favourite book when I was small! I remember the pic of Jezebel used to scare me so much. Then a sister moved into the cong that actually looked like her and I would always ask my mom: is that Jezebel...? [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks for your hard work on doing this my brother. 👍😀
  11. Yeah that’s the one lol. [emoji846] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. On the Oct Broadcast regarding maintaining assembly halls - did anyone else notice the one brother being interviewed looks very similar to the brother in the video drama “Hope For What We Do Not See” whose wife was rushed to the hospital at the beginning & passed away. Later he returned home & became a roofer & assisted the Bannister family with their roof repair. I am positive it’s him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. The problem with these types of things is that media will take someone who is not spiritually strong and/or someone that is AROUND the truth who makes up stories/withholds info & media takes that as the majority & in their eyes “all JW’s are like that.” Or they take actual apostates who claim to have the “inside” scoop on everything & twist anything & everything to support their selfishness to drag anyone they can down.
  14. Cheeks

    Shooter in Las Vegas

    It’s to the point now that if I want to attend a public function like a game or concert I almost am thinking twice about going, just because one has no idea if something would happen. Time of the end ppl will become “faint out of fear...having no natural affection.” Just unbelievable yet in a way not surprising considering how deep we are in this old system.
  15. Funny you mention Remini as I just read season 3 of her documentary against Scientology is possibly going to focus against JW’s. I won’t post the link but I can imagine the apostates will have fun with that.

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