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  1. Does anybody know when the selection will end? I wasn't notified yet and I think about making other plans in case I'm not invited.
  2. Raising Children...

    The song of Christina Aguilera - Hurt brings me emotions. You would have reason to thank even an abusive parent ... how much more to a loving one.
  3. I'd like a Replay button on JWBroadcasting.

    1. Gregexplore


      I would like to see feature where extended highlights of the talk with key scriptures (the gist of the talk) can be printed.


  4. Football (Soccer)

    I liked Barcelona when Guardiola was the coach... It is a pleasure to watch an El Clasico anytime
  5. Why are we encouraged to be at least 2 persons? Aren't there rooms for one person only? Why would it be more expensive for one?
  6. are you invited as a congregation?
  7. So when are we going to know if we are invited?
  8. Regards from Venezuela

    In the final prayer during the special convention in Cluj, brother Morris mentioned Venezuela.
  9. Well, I can tell from my life experience that "the best swearers I ever meet" were some of the most limited in intelligence. I'm not saying intelligent people do not swear, but generally, the ones swearing all the time are not at all characterized by intelligence. I didn't need any money to make a study ... just living around people I use this words when someone tries to impress me by speaking dirty: out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. "how can you speak good things when you are wicked? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks"
  10. Girl has half of her brain removed

    It is known that when a part of the brain becomes unusable, other parts will assume its functions - neuroplasticity. But I think this will take some time.
  11. then, it is a trick question and a blurred image anyway, what about that squirrel down there?
  12. right click anywhere on the page and then select "Translate into english"

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