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  1. oh... I made confusion between Victoria and Svetlana. The last answer was adressed to Victoria. Anyway, I do not deny that it's not easy for the ones that left as well.
  2. I'm sorry if I said something wrong... the part that I liked was that you are standing fast together with the others. Appreciating your attitude doesn't mean condemning the others in any way. I meant an appreciative word of encouragement... I mention you all (the ones fighting there) in my prayers regularly.
  3. I like this answer... at any time those who fought made history. May Jehovah bless your courage! With His help, you will be what your name means.
  4. Adelin

    The Happy Ending Thread

    because i hate snakes
  5. I used the "cherish" button for some comments today in the morning and now I see all of them as "angry" :confused: 

    There was a software problem or I start being amnesiac :lol:

    1. Stormswift


      Oooh i better check that. I've done some cherish ones too - surprise surprise. I'll see if mine have done that.

    2. Stormswift


      if you scroll down you have five angry and one cherish and that one hasn't changed. 


      All mine are still as they should be.


      Go through your taboo topic and the Transgender topic and change them ... if they revert back to angry - give Bob a PM

  6. I guess this congregation you're talking about has a lot of bible studies attending the meetings ... or it is just a group belonging to a congregation? I don't know of congregations with less than 20 publishers. Recently, the general tendency in our country is to unite the smaller congs with bigger ones if they are close to each other. Six months ago I was in a congregation with 30 publishers (only around 15-19 attended the meetings regularly) ... we were assigned to other congregations and the kingdom hall is going to be sold.
  7. Now I remember ... I was a little child when I first watched it and it moved me to tears.
  8. https://www.jw.org/en/publications/music-songs/original-songs/a-place-that-will-bring-you-praise/
  9. Adelin

    Going to Venice and Rome

    Called them and got it. We gotta go directly at the ticket office and they will give us everything else we need. This is the tour: http://ecm.coopculture.it/index.php?option=com_snapp&view=event&id=E70BA522-3BA1-4BC5-071A-015FBFEA7456&catalogid=AC297F8A-566C-CF3B-18A5-015FC0002E80&lang=en
  10. Adelin

    Going to Venice and Rome

    So, I bought that Colloseum tour ticket (it is only the coopculture site that provides this) ... the question was - do I need any other ticket in order to visit the Colloseum? (for entrance or for skipping the line etc)
  11. Adelin

    Going to Venice and Rome

    I took the tickets for the Colloseum tour (Belvedere and Underground). What else should I buy? I see there are tickets for skipping the line - Palatine Hill, Roman Forum and Colloseum. Should I take that as well or I can skip the line with the tour ticket and buy and entrance ticket there?
  12. Adelin

    Going to Venice and Rome

    you mean the second edition of the WT for public ... indeed, great ... thanks https://www.jw.org/en/publications/magazines/watchtower-no2-2018-may-jun/arch-of-titus-accurate-prophecy/
  13. What do you think about the move of running heads from the top of the pages to the beginning of the Bible book? Is it more helpful to you this way or not?
  14. I use JWDroid because it is simple and it doesn't take much time to take notes.

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