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  1. smile.amazon donations

    Lol it has us listed as Protestant?! Oh wow XD
  2. Im seeing bad, ulterior motives! Are they gonna start taking passports away from JW's? And if they dont want them in their country why are they trying to keep them there?....
  3. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    The world scene is changing rapidly and even the world can see things are worsening! The GT is definitely right over the horizon.
  4. The Reforms Trump Will Push at the UN

    To me all government is bad if it isn't Jehovah's government. I think some have worse policies than others but in one way or another they all fall short.
  5. Using google translate : Jesus Te Ama = Jesus loves you Resgato Jovens = Youth Rescue Assembleia De Deus Ministerio Marca Da Promessa = Assembly Of God Ministry Promise Mark Podemos mesmo acreditar no que a biblia diz? = Can we even believe what the Bible says? Jesus deu uma amostra do que o Reino de deus fara = Jesus gave a sample of what the Kingdom of God will do Por que e bom saber disso = Why is it good to know that? What worries me is the "Assembly of God Ministry" Isn't that copyright? If they were just copying our material and handing it to their flock I'd help! But if they are using to bring people to their church and they have similar beliefs, could it be a branch off JW?
  6. Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    Want to know worldwide disasters like volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes or tsunamis go to RSOE EDIS :http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/index2.php They monitor disasters everywhere.
  7. What sickens me is the fact that since JW's are now labeled as "extremists" they won't get the option of alternative service - it's either military or prison...sigh...
  8. It will be here before we know it....
  9. Prayers please - My mom is having a treadmill stress test today and im praying it doesnt worsen her health. 

    1. cricket246


      She made it thru with some assistance from the nurses. Praise Jehovah! The cardiologist didn't look to happy with her heart valves, and I'm praying it's the hernia pressing on her heart causing the issues and will be resolved after her hernia surgery. Praise Jehovah! There was a code blue at the hospital (heart attack) and it like to have scared me out of my wits as I was in the waiting room. I'm truly thankful to Jehovah the alert was cancelled, and it wasn't mom anyways phew.

    2. lovejoypeace


      So sorry to hear that, please send my love to your mama and you too!

  10. Emergecy United Nations meeting

    EMP (electro magnetic pulse) devices I have heard can be just as deadly as an actual nuclear bomb depending on their range, as they have the potential to knock out phone signals, plane signals, car engines could die, hospital machines can be interrupted and even pacemakers can abruptly stop.
  11. Emergecy United Nations meeting

    Yep I just always think it's funny they say that all the time. I'm thinking you aiin't saying it right, it's supposed to be all of you.
  12. http://www.cnn.com/specials/live-video-1?adkey=bn I've been watching it live for about 15 mins - theyre meeting on how to deal with North Korea and basically said they danger the security of the nations and the peace therein. I said hey you said peace and security in the same breath
  13. Your Top Ten Foodlist

      Mine: (Includes foods I can no longer eat/cannot eat alot of due to health) But they are still my faves..Watch out new system! 1. Rice 2. Sushi 3. Lo-Mein 4. Crab Legs 5. Limes 6. Tomatoes 7. Chocolate 8. Matcha (Green Tea) Cupcakes 9. Tiramisu 10. Salsa   NO MEAT/NO DAIRY Mine: 1. Rice (Vegetable Fried or white) 2. Cucumber Roll Sushi 3. Vegetable Lo-Mein 4. Limes 5. Tomatoes 6. Salsa with cilantro 7. Raspberries 8. Honeydew Melons 9. Kiss melons (their like cantaloupe but sweeter) 10. Starfruit
  14. Regards from Venezuela

    I do not condone it but I can be more merciful toward looters who are after a loaf of bread for their starving families/children, than those who are after tvs, electronics,etc. - And even some acting crazy or upset is a side effect of fear, as the scriptures say "faint out of fear".... But the kidnapping, murder and rape are inexcuseable!... As Jehovah says, in the last days people look for excuses to commit "acts of loose conduct".... I'm waiting for it to hit here.. The scriptures say it would be more endurable for Sodom and Gomorrah than for this system on judgement day, so it's only going to get worse before it gets much better... just gotta hang in there and draw closer to the flock!
  15. https://www.jw.org/en/news/releases/by-region/angola/toxic-gas-20170829/ I didn't know if this had been posted yet or no... truly sad...

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