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  1. Yep, I think it's something to do with a heart issue. I'm guessing she has an older version tv but I'm gonna ask. I know she can't be around things like microwaves or laptops because of the waves they put out? I am trying to download these in a way she can watch them, so I appreciate all of the help. ❤️
  2. I am trying to figure out how to download (what program to use, etc.) to convert the downloads on tv.jw.org of the broadcast etc. to a format that will play on most dvd players so I can download them on a cd for a sister I know who can't be around many electronics due to health issues.
  3. I have been following closely...thats what has me so worried about such dear ones I do understand the situation is extremely dire and near impossible for some to leave the country, I guess I was just trying to gather why those who may have the option to leave stay behind. I admire the courage of such ones! And yes the U.S. the majority are nonreceptive towardthose they perceive as being different or who they term outsiders.... I know that firsthand... Though I am caucasian alot of people mistake me for being Hispanic or Indian/muslim... I love all and so this iritates me to no end how people act so racist these days I apologize if my earlier post may have come across a bit cold, I was reffering to those who may have the means/abolity to leave (if any actually do) why they decided to stay, whats their motivation... It all started when I was watching the disaster here in Florida and how some refused to vacate... i guess im trying to understand peoples thinking and motives. ❤️
  4. Oh trust me i do understand! If it was me I couldnt leave the city I’m in, much less this country 😔 i Just didn’t know if all them couldn’t leave due to poor circumstances or if some chose to stay to help others... I guess i just hope deep down that soon all of Jehovah’s people can get some relief from Satan’s missiles...I know I couldn’t leave my spiritual family, it just makes me wonder what their inner choices are for staying I guess.... 😣
  5. I have often wondered why so many choose to stay in areas like Russia and Venezuela? Is it because they can’t leave, they’re staying for the preaching work or they don’t have the means to leave?.... I know eventually the entire world will face such things, I just often wonder why some people stay in what I would term a disaster area. I pray for all dear ones in such locations....
  6. Interesting how the government is so quickly starting to turn on various religions/faiths including ours. Things are definitely speeding up! I wonder how much longer they will focus on JW's before they turn their attention to the other large religious organizations in such locations? Hmmm....
  7. Most of us are on tight budgets and prescription prices keep going up. I recently learned my medicaid/humana won't cover a medicine I need that's regularly $236.00 over the counter. I downloaded the GoodRX Card app on my phone and used it at Walgreens and saved over $219.00!!!! It's a free discount card you can also print online or have mailed to you. You can't use it with an insurance or medicaid on a medicine, but if your insurance/medicaid won't cover it, the pharmacy may let you use this card if your other healthcare won't pay anything on it. You can also simply look up a medicine online and print a coupon card for your prescription. It's been a blessing from Jehovah for me! One for which I am truly very thankful for!
  8. Get an HP printer with an instant ink program capability. You pay so much per month for so many pages to be printed and it's regardless of how much ink you use, they simply charge by page. We get like 300 pages for around $10.59 a month. The printer notifies them when it's about halfway empty and they send another cartridge straight to your house to have on hand before you run out of ink. If there are any problems simply contact them, they are pretty good with customer service.
  9. Her laptop is a windows 10 and the biggest USB we have is 32 GB. I'm thinking that instead of doing a regular backup it actually did a system screenshot and saved a duplicate of her entire laptop. So we are trying to download at least some of it, as we already manually downloaded some files on cds awhile ago. After we download what we can, will probably try either disk cleanup or manual removal of the zip file, as her computer is gonna run out of storage if we don't.
  10. I guess as long as a kid in Texas has a letter from a parent stating they won't stand they are allowed to sit, but what about youths who are trying to serve Jehovah and their parents are worldly or left the truth and might not give them that permission?
  11. Just wondering if anyone could maybe help me with this : My mom owns an HP, Windows 10 Laptop. There is a file called a Backup Set on Drive C that's 317 GB and it's taking up the space, causing the laptop to go haywire and freeze. I'm guessing it was related to a backup she did earlier this year? Can she safely delete this file and the computer still work normally?
  12. The news media are so good at making us look bad I wonder if she wasn't actually assaulted already and they are trying to make her look incompetent by saying she commited immorality...sigh... Either way it's sad...
  13. A major distinction I see between Jehovah's organization and Satan's (aka Catholic church) - When the government requires that any assaults/sexual harrassment, etc. allegations be reported to the proper authorities, JW's comply with Ceasar's laws - The Catholic church hid them away. And Jehovah said that whatever a person does in the dark in secrecy He will bring forward in the light. So I guess false religion is finally reaping the consequences of what they've sown.
  14. https://www.newsweek.com/jehovahs-witnesses-russia-are-fleeing-their-country-escape-persecution-1063905 It's only a matter of time, before this happens worldwide and we will all have to rely even more fully on Jehovah ❤️
  15. In service the major response is : I don't have time for that, I have my own religion and don't wanna talk to you Jehovah's. A few may be interested but the majority are beginning to not have time for God or religion. And the last time I went to the grocery store I was talking about how people are aggressive. Parents yelling at their kids who obviously aren't listening, kids throwing tantrums or cursing at their parents/grandparents. And then the teenagers don't act like teens, even kids are mini adults anymore... And some of the adults here are worse than the kids or teens sad to say... I was checking out at a self checkout aisle, then forgot some coins. The person in line made the point of saying something to the extent of "I didn't want to get into a disagreement over it." I simply laughed and walked off, as two people there were already into it.... Prices are rising, attitudes are getting more aggressive/animalistic even, people are beginning to develop a "what's in it for me" pattern and letting their inner desires/wants take over... Just imagine when false religion is destroyed and any moral compass people had is gone... scary times ahead, hold on to Jehovah's chariot...

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