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  1. It also says they will be looking into the fact of whether the people have been attending religious or "church" meetings. I wonder if that fact alone could bring some inactive ones back?
  2. Did anyone happen to record or have on hand the : Give me courage video from the 2018 Convention?

    1. bohemian


      I have it. Give me a bit of time and I'll upload it to my gdrive and send you a link by pm.

    2. campanula


      Dear brother  Christopher! May I humbly ask you for that link too, please? 

  3. cricket246

    Increasing hemoglobin

    Beets, cooked beef or chicken liver, (i like it alot of people don't). I've also heard that foods high in vitamin c and b can help your body create more hemoglobin. ❤️
  4. Hmmm... wonder when the broadcast will be up... ❤️
  5. cricket246

    Zany food ... what do you want to try?

    Try moki It's a sweet asian rice dough filled with ice cream - they are amazing or pocky - an asian sweet breadstick covered in chocolate or strawberry candy. ^_^
  6. I used to be a pokemon fanatic until someone told me they the word meant pocket demons (which I later found out was incorrect, or that's what the creators of the show said, lol). I don't know about the new series, except that the craze exploded for awhile here with the pokemon go handheld game but then it calmed down. I have however noticed a growing trend among shows based at similar audiences. How even disney is sneaking in innocent looking characters, then once you get into the show, BAM! They reveal hey I am a demon, talk about a shock to the senses!... Satan really is deceitful and I've started researching the characters on a show before I let myself get really excited about it lol.
  7. I like how the new Ezekiel book actually ties in with that video. How it breaks down the events during the Great Tribulation and shows us no matter where we find ourself (in the woods, in hiding, at a meeting, etc.) Jehovah will always be with us if we follow His direction. ❤️
  8. https://www.newsweek.com/jehovah-witness-russia-kremlin-religion-freedom-1262985 World scene events are getting interesting...hmm..
  9. I feel bad for the youths of this generation.. They are supposed to be able to look to the adults for guidance but it seems the majority of the world's adults are not "mature" enough to even make choices for themselves.... People are only getting further from the truth...sigh...
  10. Hmmm.... First Korea frees some of the brothers and now Vladimir seems confused... Could it be Jehovah is speeding things up - but before He puts the thought into the minds of the government officials to turn on false religion, could he direct them to free his people so he can gather them into safe spots during the great tribulation?.... interesting indeed...
  11. Perhaps it will partially be about some of the spiritual adjustments we saw during the last service year compared to new light now.
  12. cricket246

    How far do we go?

    News stories always seem to have two sides to them, for me anyways. For instance - From one perspective the child could be seen as a rebellious, selfish child, perhaps even bratty. And turning to others (with the aid of her mom) to get something she wants regardless of others. Some may feel the girl deserves to be punished for even making such a request in such a poverty stricken land or may feel she should have been more obedient and let the matter go when her father wasn't able to afford it.. On the other hand - Some may see it as a young girl taking cleanliness and hygiene very seriously. Perhaps she had worked hard to keep up her end of the agreement and felt her father wasn't keeping his word. We don't know exactly what the parents disclosed to her so she may not have comletely understood the situation of his being unemployed and how harsh that can be, especially since she is only 7. We also don't know what kind of person her father was as to why he was unemployed. Another bearing, she may have been influenced by neighbors and relatives, perhaps even bullied by kids whose families were better off financially... That's an interesting things with news articles, many are made to invoke different reactions. However, we are only seeing one side of the story..
  13. I like the New world's translation better. Leading could be termed as someone leading someone else into a temptation by deceit whereas our says do not bring us into temptation which is kind of like Jehovah knowing we're going to face a test and forewarning us by bringing us through it.
  14. Yep, I think it's something to do with a heart issue. I'm guessing she has an older version tv but I'm gonna ask. I know she can't be around things like microwaves or laptops because of the waves they put out? I am trying to download these in a way she can watch them, so I appreciate all of the help. ❤️
  15. I am trying to figure out how to download (what program to use, etc.) to convert the downloads on tv.jw.org of the broadcast etc. to a format that will play on most dvd players so I can download them on a cd for a sister I know who can't be around many electronics due to health issues.

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