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  1. Animals and health decision?!

    Thanks guys thats very clear and exactly how Ive felt all along! Now im doing some personal reflection with the spay and abortion issue as i am trying to help take care of 4 cats now. There has been over 10 cats seen on our property, some neighbors cats others are strays. 1 died, and a nice lady took a momma and 3 kittens to find them homes, now im caring for 2-4. One is fixed and now 3 to go and i dont know if two of them are pregnant or not. Anyone here know how to tell if a female cat is pregnant lol u can dm me with some tips if u do thanks again everyone i really appreciate the help
  2. Okay, I've always looked at Jehovah's laws as having a broad application but recently met some varying views and now I'm somewhat confused. Jehovah's laws say to abstain from blood (meaning no blood transfusions) and not to kill anyone (not commit murder, abortion, etc.) I have always viewed as being wrong to abort animals from a pregnant animal (vet's office, etc.) or to allow an animal to have a blood transfusion if they are undergoing surgery but have spoken with several others an now I'm confused.... Some will take their pregnant animals to get spayed and if they're pregnant have the babies aborted. I was not happy and needless to say openly disagreed when asked my opinion, but now I don't know how to feel or what to think....... I am now trying to find some answers as I have some animals I'm caring for and I don't want to do anything that's wrong in Jehovah's eyes. Any articles or info would truly be appreciated!
  3. And now for the Good News

    Im glad theyre saving animals but the first i could pass on lol
  4. Christmas music

    I like let it snow and a couple other "winter" based songs, but I I have this crazy thing of re-writing the lyrics when the music is playing in Walmart
  5. Jehovah says each of us have "a best" and as long as we're doing our best according to our situation He is happy with us
  6. Just wondering - got a cat fixed Friday (outdoor-barn cat) and was wandering how long anyone here keeps there cats indoor after neutering/spaying. Yep have had several cats show up/get dropped off, and currently trying to care for one at at a time (2 for me, might be two more).. Someone took some to find placements and I'm doing what I can for the others as the city doesn't view cats as animals like they do dogs...lol

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    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Google it. Part of what you have to take into consideration is, male or female. We, “fix” all of our pets. And have never treated them any different. Just sort of watch out for problems. And our cats are indoor-outdoor cats. 

      Good for you. This system stinks. Even the poor animals are suffering. 

      Around here, most of the friends pets are rescues. And that is not even a tiny dent in the problem. I’ve learned, literally, not to look when I’m in Service. Breaks my heart. 

    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea


      Anyway, how’s kitty doing? We’ve got one whose in line for the same alteration! Right now, he’s smug and getting beautiful. And big. But, he doesn’t need those hormones. It’s a strange thing. I’d love kittens, (and puppies) abut the kitty and doggie world is so unbalanced , fixing them is routine. That shouldn’t be so. 

    4. cricket246


      He's doing okay. Loves outside but likes visiting for little while inside. Very happy to be back with his siblings. ^_^  There were several cats that showed up here, A kind lady here took 4 of them to find placements (a momma and 3 kittens) and we still have 4 kittens, 1Pyranese dog and 1 Pomeranian. a small farm lol

  7. 2017 Personal Study Schedule View File This is a suggested study schedule - similar to the one I had uploaded that I got from someone else's site, but I modernized it according to the new workbook, etc. Submitter cricket246 Submitted 11/05/2017 Category Documents  
  8. 2017 Personal Study Schedule

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a suggested study schedule - similar to the one I had uploaded that I got from someone else's site, but I modernized it according to the new workbook, etc.
  9. The radio station for the Assembly - is it only available a certain distance from the Assembly Hall? I would like to listen to ours but can't find it online...

    1. carlos


      Usually it is. I don't think you can listen to it from home.


      But you can ask one elder to send you an invite to listen the recording of the assembly online.

    2. cricket246


      They said they will <3 Praise Jehovah ^_^

    3. Shawnster


      Yes, the radio transmitter some Kingdom Halls and Assembly Halls use have a short range, usually just to the parking lot.  

  10. I just want them to leave me and my friends out of it! But of course Satan will find ways to go after Jehovah's people in as many avenues as possible...sigh...
  11. I say let those who wanna go sign up and leave the rest of us people alone - that goes for any age, male or female. Send the ones who want to go fight and leave us be.
  12. I don't know how reliable Washington Times is, about as iffy as any other news site I guess, I don't know a lot about it I just found this interesting : Commission for modern military to consider skills-based draft, women’s roles, millennial recruitment (since the site is iffy and freezes I'm just gonna post some of the article here, hope that's okay) The members elected as chairman former Rep. Joseph Heck, a Nevada Republican, physician and actively drilling Army Reserve brigadier general whose current assignment is the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Gen. Heck, who was appointed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, said he expects the panel to receive weeks of briefings and start conducting field hearings and tours next year. “The purpose behind the commission and the issue defined by Congress is, ‘How do we increase the desire, the propensity, the ethos for public service in today’s youth?’” Mr. Heck told The Washington Times. The panel, he said, “will evaluate how the Selective Service currently operates and whether or not it should be changed to represent the 21st-century needs of the nation: who should have to register, whether it should be based on skill sets, whether it should just be for a military purpose or a more general purpose for national and public opportunities as well.” Debra Wada, who held posts as a Democratic staffer for the House Armed Services Committee and an assistant Army secretary for manpower, is the vice chairwoman for military service. Former Peace Corps Director Mark Gearan is co-chairman for public service. Members were sworn in Sept. 19-21 during organizational meetings. National service is defined as federal and state government jobs. Public service is defined as jobs in private organizations. When military recruiters refer to today’s youths, they are talking about the oft-studied millennial generation that first reached young adulthood in the early 2000s. Millennials are sometimes profiled as self-centered “snowflakes” who protect their emotions, love cyberdevices and shun public service. “You have a very small percentage of Americans who are serving,” said commission member Thomas Kilgannon, president of Freedom Alliance in Northern Virginia. He was appointed by House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican. The military’s active reserve force is about 2.1 million. The top brass call the force the best in history but lament the shrinking pool of recruits. This is just a small part of the article, and I was wondering does this look like they're getting to redo the selective services to include both genders and a wider range of ages or is it just another debate in the white house?
  13. commonsensemedia.org has reviews of several new movies that were recently released - There are a few I want to see so I just though some of you might like the review site, especially those with children.
  14. Regards from Venezuela

    I'm sure she is heartbroken, I pray she returns while the door is still open. Are they able to get you any supplies yet?

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