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  1. I bought some advantage (low grade and use only part packet forst time to check for allergies) but still searching for other options. Places mearby dont really offer organic or natural, safe pet solutions so im going online. Im so leery of using anything afraid it will hurt the cats and i dont quite have the money to vet four cats right this minute. But flea season is upon us here and i cant procrastinate any further.
  2. Anyone here know Ashley Morales? Just thought Id' share https://www.gofundme.com/5edxrf4 Saw


    Though I don't know them personally this saddens me. :(

    1. 4th Generation

      4th Generation

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Governing Body donated the needed amount from all the donations we give. I so hope they are ok. 

    2. NW2018


      Or through the gofundme they could raise that money with friends from all over the world.


      For example - A recent campaign closed with record contributions  - $15,185,700 was raised from more than 142,000 contributors in 12 days from across Canada and numerous countries around the world. 


      Do we know which congregation they belong to?

    3. alohapaulette
  3. Imagine people's reactions now they really can't hide from JW's we're on their local tv
  4. I will be sharing this! I never saw this coming - it makes me very very happy!
  5. I don't qualify for disability, it's hard to get down here so I'll probably lose my medicaid as I am in no shape to hold down a public job or care for elderly patients in a senior care place for 20 hours a week x 4 = 80 hours....sigh...
  6. Online thrift store :

    Oh wow yes https://refer.swap.com/s/cricket246 It's like me to share something an leave everyone on a cliff hanger
  7. I found an online thrift-type store online that sells gently used and some new clothing. I have made a few purchases and so far I'm pleased with the products. Shipping is $5.99 and some of the tops are under $3.00 each. You can even search by size, skirt length, or color. You can use this referral link to get 20% off your first purchase of $20.00. =. I like how each item is shown to be either good condition (ready to wear, no stains, etc.) or fair condition (could have a small stain/tear, etc.) I can't guarantee you'll like, just want to share.
  8. How to Remain in God's Love

    Is this a simplified version or an updated version of the original "God's Love" book?
  9. Oh trust me I know not to take sides but to remain neutral At times it's difficult especially when around those who do take sides. And some of the government officials I don't like on a personality level regardless of their status I don't like their attitudes lol My first thought in the news is "I pray no brothers or sisters were there!", I have compassion for anyone caught in the middle of these horrendous situations but fellow JW's always pop into my head first.
  10. It's similar to some of the photographs in our magazines, some of those are made on green screens, but it still touches my heart. .. We definitely want to be careful what we believe on the news but I want to stay informed what's going on so I don't get blindsided if something was to happen that could directly affect JW's.
  11. Could it perhaps be the same as when in Nazi-riddled Germany they would think up creative ways to stay loyal but not get caught? For example : When asked their religion they would reply we are Christians. Could it be similar?
  12. Ky circuit #2 does anyone remember the theme name for this weekend's assembly? I'm trying to find notebooks.

    1. Musky


      For Ky Circuit number 2 this coming Sunday the theme is "Don't Give Up in Fulfilling the Law of Christ!"

    2. Musky


      Here are a couple of notebooks:


      Notebook 1


      Notebook 2

    3. cricket246


      Thank you so much!

  13. In the order that the events actually happened, so historical I guess Thank you for the above schedule, I will definitely check it out
  14. Does anyone know where i can find a bible reading schedule on JW.org for readingthe entire Bible in chronological order? Thanks!

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