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  1. The news media are so good at making us look bad I wonder if she wasn't actually assaulted already and they are trying to make her look incompetent by saying she commited immorality...sigh... Either way it's sad...
  2. A major distinction I see between Jehovah's organization and Satan's (aka Catholic church) - When the government requires that any assaults/sexual harrassment, etc. allegations be reported to the proper authorities, JW's comply with Ceasar's laws - The Catholic church hid them away. And Jehovah said that whatever a person does in the dark in secrecy He will bring forward in the light. So I guess false religion is finally reaping the consequences of what they've sown.
  3. https://www.newsweek.com/jehovahs-witnesses-russia-are-fleeing-their-country-escape-persecution-1063905 It's only a matter of time, before this happens worldwide and we will all have to rely even more fully on Jehovah ❤️
  4. In service the major response is : I don't have time for that, I have my own religion and don't wanna talk to you Jehovah's. A few may be interested but the majority are beginning to not have time for God or religion. And the last time I went to the grocery store I was talking about how people are aggressive. Parents yelling at their kids who obviously aren't listening, kids throwing tantrums or cursing at their parents/grandparents. And then the teenagers don't act like teens, even kids are mini adults anymore... And some of the adults here are worse than the kids or teens sad to say... I was checking out at a self checkout aisle, then forgot some coins. The person in line made the point of saying something to the extent of "I didn't want to get into a disagreement over it." I simply laughed and walked off, as two people there were already into it.... Prices are rising, attitudes are getting more aggressive/animalistic even, people are beginning to develop a "what's in it for me" pattern and letting their inner desires/wants take over... Just imagine when false religion is destroyed and any moral compass people had is gone... scary times ahead, hold on to Jehovah's chariot...
  5. Thank u so much it worked!
  6. Its and Iphone 7 plus and Ive tried several things. cleared the iphone cache and app cache. updated ios on phone deleted app and reinstalled several times Pulled down on the apps home screen and it will just stick on last updated then disappear and nothing happens there are no magazines or tuesday lessons to download and app freezes. Any ideas?
  7. Online Bible Study Lessons? That's new!

    1. humbleebee


      For certain, every effort is being made to reach right hearted ones! 

    2. Wren



  8. If we just had our "courage" convvention, would one of these be this fall and the other one next spring?
  9. The program will be done in two parts. The first part lasts for about a month and requires participants to live together as they "develop a culture of commitment to strengthen their place and role in society." For the second part, the young people will be encouraged to a voluntarily commitment of at least three months. During this time their activities could be related to defense and security in the army, police, gendarmerie, fire service, or civil security; accompanying and helping others; helping preserve national heritage or the environment; or tutoring. Environmental or tutoring might be okay depending on what alls involved. it was the first part that bothered me...If I was a 16 year old female JW I would not want to have to live with worldly teens. O.O I would feel like I was in prison or something.
  10. I agree with you that some treatments work for some but don't for others. But just a friendly reminded for everyone on this board. The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one, so Satan does have some control over the pharmaceutical companies (greed, deceit, etc.) I'm not saying all medical science is evil, some is quite helpful! I'm thankful for the medical help I'm getting! But how many times is a new therapy introduced and seems to work great, only to discover years down the road it causes other major side effects/symptoms? Sometimes the companies know, sometimes they don't. And who knows, in the new system we may learn the food & water was poisoning us, then the meds were to cover over the symptoms and not fix the problems so they make more money. If you were a greedy company which would make more sense? Cure people once for a certain sum till noone is sick anymore and your company goes out of business, or just help with the symptoms to keep raking in the money? I think it depends on the company and the dr. Some are honest hearted and some are just out for the money. I am not against cancer treatment or any other treatment or for it, it's a personal choice and we have to weigh the pros and cons. Either way, one thing we can all agree on the only real answer we will have to cure mankind's problems permanently is God's Kingdom.
  11. cricket246

    The coolest hairstyle ever

    This is a pretty stye
  12. https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/28/europe/france-national-service-trnd/index.html It says the first phase will be they live together to learn diversity then for 3 months I think it was they do compulsory service like army, etc. I wonder what the JW's in France will do...that's a sneaky way for Satan to try to destroy families... 😢
  13. I'm doing my best to stay neutral so when someone asks my take on the governments and this child & immigration policy, I say "I'm neutral when it comes to politics and I look to God's Kingdom as being the only real solution to mankind's problems. So, even though I respect proper government authorities, I don't personally favor any of them, as this system is under Satan's control and if the governments are a part of thats, what can we really expect from something that's under Satan's control?"
  14. I had tried that but nothing happened - but when I pulled the home screen on the app downward it updated and after about 10-20 mins tada everything popped up! So thank you soo much! May Jehovah bless all of you for your help, I truly appreciate it!
  15. Thank thank thank thank you!!!! That worked perfectly!

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