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    A snocked on my door. I accepted a Bible study. After doing much research at the library, read books pro and con about JW (actually read a book by an apostatet that was in the library -I didn't know that at the time). Realized what was written wasn't true. I researched Jehovah's name, and the holidays. Within 6 months I was baptized becaused I was throughly convinced I had found the truth!!!!!. Actually Jehovah had found me.

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    I enjoy my husband, children and grandchildren and of course the ministry. Also love traveling to new places and meeting new brothers and sisters.
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    Smooth Jazz

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  1. + 3 more today = 1853 Also PO ran out of Int'l stamps today
  2. Thank you for this post. You don't know what it's been like out in service and some of the things the friends have said amongst themselves. That a certain someone even looked like the devil. I just bite my tongue and tried not to say anything one way or the other. I would just tell myself , nope, don't say a word. I'm going to print out these reminders and possibly give it to them individually so as not to embarrass anyone.
  3. IMO it seems that Ms Downey thinks that's what she did....although with a twist.
  4. Well said Miss Bea. For me when the Elder from his hall said that he was a brother in "good standing" that brought joy to my heart bc at least as far as I know (which is nothing more than what I read) he was trying. Aren't we all trying. Jehovah is a wonderful god, father and judge.
  5. The 1st one completed with this design is in NJ. I must admit that as it was beiing built I said to myself that it "looks like a warehouse." As was stated above wait until the grounds are completed. The completion of the NJ KH..... the KH is absolutely beautiful. Everyone loves it!
  6. Luezette, I felt the joy as if I was riding along with you to the assembly. How wonderful our God Jehovah is!
  7. Thank you very much. She is such an encouragement. I say is because in Jehovah's memory she is alive. Her words of encouragement lives.
  8. The kH in New Jersey is beautiful as I'm sure they all are. At first I thought it looked like a warehouse. But once the parking lot and the landscaping was completed... it looks beautiful! Some of my family will be attending that hall. I do plan to on going to the open house.
  9. ladybug

    Pay to pray...

    I actually have a Bible study who used to attend a baptized church. She was in a very bad car accident. 6 to 7 months of rehab or more of rehab. She never received a visit from anyone while in hospital, nor at rehab. Not even a phone call. But one day she received a letter from the church telling her that she would be removed from the church roles if she did not catch up on her tithes. She said that she never responded to them. I met her in the house to house work. She has attended one meeting. She wants to come to the convention. She would have to travel about 25 minute train ride. Also, I don't know if she can sit all day. She still experience pain. She will never be completely well until NS. But I hope that maybe she can make it for a few half days. I had no idea some churches treated their members like that!
  10. My son's congregation is one getting the new LDC design KH in North Jersey. As you said all of the outside work is being done first. Funny, but he told me last fall when they started clearing the land they were the 1st ones in US to build the new design and that the LDC workers were already in their apartment in the area. They are building the mediun size hall. But now I have burst his bubble and tell him ... nope .... they are not the first ones. Isn't it wonderful to be apart of such an organization where our brothers and sisters enjoying working so hard for Jehovah! Thank you Bro Darin.
  11. I to have enjoyed her blog and encouraging posts related to our brothers in Africia. How do I contact her via email to request an invitation to continue to enjoy her blog? She is such a great writer. I also am not on instagram. I see you are in North Jersey. I'm in South Jersey.
  12. I was in Australia for the IC. And we were told the same story. We serve an awe-inspiring God! If Jehovah wants it done... it's accomplished! Amen. Amen.
  13. Hope everyone is enjoying the special campaign. My husband and I got to show the video, "Why Study The Bible," 3 times yesterday. One man's little kids were looking through the screen door. He told them to come out and watch also. None today. Everyone in a hurry. But what a joy!. I was thinking when we make a return visit we can show them "What Happens On A Bible Study?"
  14. Agreed. World events are moving so fast. Hard to keep up with what new harm is being done to mankind. The nations are roaring. But Jehovah by means of the Kingdom will set matters straight.

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