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  1. If article has already been mentioned please disregard Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Up 67 Percent, FBI Says just a few points: This was the first year that anti-Arab hate crime was recorded in the FBI numbers. There were 37 incidents and 48 victims. It was also the first year that crimes against Mormons, Sikhs, Buddhists, Eastern-Orthodox and Jehovah's witnesses were broken down. The rise of hate crimes doesn't come as a surprise to John Cohen, an ABC News contributor and a professor at Rutgers School of Criminal Justice, as well as a former Department of Homeland Security official. First, the country has become increasingly polarized and there has been a rise in the lack of willingness to engage in healthy discussions with people who may have different opinions, said Cohen. This polarization has been along political, racial and religious lines, said Cohen.
  2. Hello- First of all Thanks! We really enjoy the spiritual info/research on jwtalks. In many threads sometimes there is an attachment with even more research info, but when we click on it it says we are not allowed to view. Can you direct me how to fix this, if it can be?