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    Norma Clutter

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    Wilkesville, Ohio
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    Yes 1975

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    Story goes that my grandfather found a book in the trash.

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    I like to spin wool and other natural fibers. I love gardening.
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    I love to read the stories that some of our brothers have written about life leading up to and in the new system.

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  1. normaclutter

    2 pics 1 word

    Moses mow + sis
  2. normaclutter

    2 pics 1 word

    I’ll try solving, but not good at putting a new one up.
  3. normaclutter

    2 pics 1 word

    Rev (c) el (ebr) ation = Revelation
  4. normaclutter

    2 pics 1 word

    He-bruce = Hebrews
  5. normaclutter

    Ultima-Thule Pictures

    I hear it IS pretty cold out there!
  6. normaclutter

    Post a picture... Any picture

    Are you saying purple chanterelles? And are chanterelles is season right now put there?
  7. normaclutter

    Geminids Meteor Shower

    The short time my daughter and I stood outside watching, we must have seen at least 30 or so. I was great!
  8. I wish articles / pictures on jw.org had like buttons!! The article about the 57 Korean brothers being released makes me happy. 

    1. nanceebgd46



      That made me happy too!

    2. kejedo


      I shared this with a Bible Student, yesterday. Not sure if it resonates as much as it does to those of us who have been praying about it for so long. 

    3. Miss Mouse

      Miss Mouse

      I’ve often thought that ....just read the one on Habakkuk I wanted to double like lol 

  9. Not so...... B- beautiful E- exciting E- exquisite F- fare
  10. Mmmmm... blueberries.
  11. I borrowed this book from a friend and it got damaged by a leak in my home. Does anyone have an extra I can have or purchase to replace it with??
  12. We are across the street from ours. 3 min walking distance. Yay!!!

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