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  1. Perhaps after the preaching work is done. Maybe when a message of judgement starts.
  2. I guess the reason I was curious about others views is the recent replaying of the basement video. How it seems that the world had gone completely mad. Perhaps I was imagining a time even closer to the end. And I didn't say they laid down a law. I agree each person should use their own bible trained conscience. Last night at our meeting they talked about obedience. Even when it seems as if it doesn't make a whole lot of sense at the time. Each time in history when Jehovah brought about large change his people literally separated from the world. I am just curious to see if their may be a modern day parallel. They listened to the direction of the body governing at that time. I wonder what kind of instructions we will have.
  3. To be completely separate from the world before it is destroyed?
  4. I wonder if at some point we will be instructed that its a good idea to stop attending worldly functions? Things like sporting events, entertainment parks, concerts etc. Places where the majority of people attending are not witnesses. Places where the players, actors, musicians etc are not witnesses. I wonder if at some point we will be instructed to cut off all not essential association with the world. Like other than work or shopping for food or preaching. Just thinking here. Comments?
  5. The links work!! The language tab shows 7 languages.
  6. I watched it about a week ago. I liked it. Inspired me to return to vegetarianism. I always felt better eating that way. Stopped using eggs and considering using eggs very rarely instead of often as i did before when i was vegetarian. Maybe only in baking or for flan or custard as a special treat. Still need cream in my coffee. Stopped using butter pretty much too, been using coconut or olive oil. But i am not necessarily cutting butter out totally. I cut out all forms of animal flesh. I started on the 17th and my belly certainly feels better.
  7. Apparently they haven't evolved enough
  8. I love this show. Waiting for another season to come on Netflix.
  9. "Pink popcorn" turned me on to it.
  10. I dried it so I can use it for tea or i can rehydrate for other things. Years ago I used to make a beautiful jelly. I would like to do that again when I have the time.
  11. Todays text in my few words... Peace. Jehovah wants love and peace and unity within his people. Jesus said the greatest command is to love Jehovah, then others. All others. Having a gentle tongue is part of love. We should use kind words even in stressful situations. Sometimes in our imperfect state and this crazy, hurtful world that can be hard to do. Harsh, cruel words do no good. They have long lasting detrimental affects. Gentle, kind words on the other hand break bones in a different way. A person "hard as a bone" may be softened by a mild answer. Answering in a gentle, kind way and not allowing someone to provoke you may break down or break through to a bone hard and inflexible person. Harsh words and gentle words can both break bones... but which ones heal faster? Beautiful instructions from our grand Creator.
  12. Can i give comments in this ? If so is it just three words?
  13. I grew it in my garden last year!
  14. Sorrel as in roselle or jamaican hibiscus?