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  1. Can't wait for the update where we can write notes on the app when studying a publication.. Not sure why it is taking so long... I suppose "patient" is a quality that is being refined on me
  2. That's right my dear brother I was born in Lisbon and moved to London when I was 9 years old. Learn the truth in English during my late teens. I much prefer the Portuguese European language reaches the heart. Going back to this topic... I've always said it would make perfect sense for us to have the Watchtower Study along with all other publications translated into Portuguese (Portugal) since Scriptures will he quoted on articles from the new Bible...
  3. The Portuguese (Portugal) Bible is now available on the JW LIBRARY app.
  4. What I have noticed so far, the big differences are the verbs..
  5. The Portuguese (Portugal) Bible is also already available on the main website, whereas before it wasn't there. Good news indeed, just can't wait now to see it available on the JW Library app.
  6. I wonder if we will ever see an update where within the app we can loggin with out iCloud account. So for example, we can start preparing the Watchtower Study on out iPhone and finish later on the iPhone. (Similar to Apples Hands-off feature)
  7. Part 1 gone missing, or are my imperfect eyes playing up
  8. JW.org is already available in Spanish and Spanish (Spain) and Spanish (CatalĂ£) so I'm guessing the same could be for the Bible translation... Lets Wait n See :-)
  9. I have a feeling that the Portuguese (Portugal) bible will be officially release up to April! Why do I say this? On our website under publication we already have Aprils meeting workbook available and looking at the first page, the third offer for the month is the teach book. Now as we know the grey bible teach book cover is with the new revised bible. Now why is that the Spanish, German, Italian along with other languages, have April's meeting workbook with the yellow bible teach book? why the English and Portuguese (Portugal) have the grey bible teach book displayed??? Interesting!

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