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  1. It is a small exhibition, for example in the foyer of the Brandenburg State Parliament Building. Free entry. It is an interesting area in Potsdam. Well worth a visit.Planned exhibition period in Potsdam: from 2. October 2019 to 2. January 2020.
  2. No, he said : Parts 2 and 3 will be released over the next couple of weeks. They’ll include talks given by five members of the Governing Body.
  3. and english: https://download-a.akamaihd.net/files/media_periodical/e3/jwb_E_201901_02_r720P.mp4
  4. The second part is not up. But Mark Noumair: “This Is the Way” (Isa. 30:21) asl : https://download-a.akamaihd.net/files/media_periodical/1e/jwb_ASL_201901_02_r720P.mp4 german : https://download-a.akamaihd.net/files/media_periodical/60/jwb_X_201901_02_r720P.mp4
  5. Don´t give up. Try again and again and again.😉
  6. The German

    Jw Library

    English is better than nothing. I don´t know more about this thing. I am only removing the text every month. Perhaps you will get an update in the next days in Portuguese.
  7. The German

    Jw Library

    You got a PM. The text is incripted in yearTextDisplay.html
  8. The German

    Jw Library

    There are 2 files that work together.YearTextDisplay.bundle.js and yearTextDisplay.htmlA brother who is here in Berlin at AVM programmer, has shown me that the text of the year is included.My version is German.
  9. The German

    Jw Library

    You can find the yeartext here: C:\Users\YOURPROFILENAME\AppData\Local\Packages\WatchtowerBibleandTractSo.45909CDBADF3C_5rz59y55nfz3e\LocalState\www\webapp The File is called yearTextDisplay.html You can damage the File if you rename it for example to "yearTextDisplay.htm". Then you will have no yeartext on the screen. But it will automatically update after 4 weeks. Then you will have the Text on the screen again.
  10. The German

    Jw Library

    Hello jayrtom,we have a year text on the wall.Also we mostly use SoundBox.Sometimes we also use the library.But we do not like that flickering of the yeartext.That's why we remove the yeartext from the library about every 4 weeks.Maybe that's one way to solve the problems.
  11. Hello sister Shari,On our websites you will find more content than on the DVD. The Watchtower Library works offline. This saves money and makes it easier to print content.
  12. The German

    Jw Library

    For us, the text was also too small.We used FonePaw Video Converter.We cut out the center of every video and made so the text 10-25% larger.But that's a lot of work. Work for weeks.I have the 151 videos only in German. (We still are using Soundbox .) 😊
  13. Updated. So all files with subtitles December 2018 are now there for the Brothers who need them.
  14. 145th Gilead Graduation—Concluding Talk and Assignments https://download-a.akamaihd.net/files/media_periodical/d7/jwb_E_201812_09_r720P.mp4

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