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  1. According to my 'Latest Quakes' app, there have been 17 earthquakes off the coast of Atka, Alaska this past week that were 4.0 and above. Two of them registered over 6.0 on the Richter Scale.
  2. Gunman opens fire at mall in Salt Lake City suburb, 2 hurt 1/13/19 5:10 PM MURRAY, Utah — Authorities say a gunman has opened fire at a mall in a suburb of Salt Lake City and that two people were wounded. The Salt Lake Tribune newspaper reported that officers are searching for the gunman. The shooting happened Sunday afternoon at the Fashion Place mall in the suburb of Murray. http://www.dailyjournal.net/2019/01/13/us-mall-shooting-utah/ Who would have thought that going to school or going shopping could pose such a threat to our lives?
  3. Friends just call me Ross

    The power of water

    Bet that baby would get the plaque off your teeth. Along with the enamel and your gums.
  4. Friends just call me Ross

    Now, for some weird news......

    I can just hear it now, "This coffee tastes like #$!%." Had to see who's poo they were speaking about: Too cute to be kept in cages and force-fed cherries. No more cruelty to Jehovah's critters in the New World.
  5. Friends just call me Ross

    Nuns on the run!

    Is saying the rosary an olympic event now? "Mother Superior could have had a gold medal in the speed bead, but she missed the podium by a two hail Marys and a glory be." It is a bad habit of hers.
  6. Friends just call me Ross

    What Are You Listening To Right Now....?

    Poco..."Crazy Love" I just LOVE that song!
  7. Friends just call me Ross

    Increasing hemoglobin

    When my Mom broke her femur a couple of years back her hemoglobin was so low, they wanted to transfuse her. Someone on here mentioned that drinking beet juice is good for building red blood cells. Can't hurt. Unless you hate beet juice. I tried it. It's actually pretty tasty.
  8. Friends just call me Ross

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    6:3 in Kyushu, Japan this morning.
  9. Friends just call me Ross

    Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6"

    The battery died on my old Ellipsis tablet and I got tired of using my phone's tiny screen for meetings, so I broke down and bought a new tablet. It's a Samsung Galaxy Tab E with a 9.6" screen and 16 GB of internal storage. I put a 128 GB SD card in it. It has a super long-lasting battery. Battery capacity is 7300 mAh. It can go all day and still be half-charged. The paperwork claims you can watch 17 hours of videos on it without having to recharge and I am inclined to believe that claim. My first tablet was a Samsung Galaxy, and that was a good experience. So I was not too hesitant to purchase another Samsung product. Besides, it was on sale for $129 bucks. Hard to find a large screen tablet for under $200 bucks around these parts. I proceeded to download practically every downloadable thing on JW Library (Internet service is hit and miss in our rural territories) plus all the monthly broadcast talks, morning worship talks GB talks, music, movies, dramas, etc. etc. and I still have TONS of storage space available. The tablet is running Kernel 3.10.49-12562000 from Nov. 15th, 2017. And it says there are no new updates. Is Android 7.1.1 the latest Android operating system? The Samsung site doesn't provide much pertinent info. They don't even show my tablet when I search for it. They show a different model with a different model number. This one is a different model number, but I think mine must be newer because it has 7.1.1 OS and this one only has 5.1. I couldn't find a pic of the tablet I bought : Model SM-T560NU
  10. Friends just call me Ross

    Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6"

    For what I am going to be doing with it, it is PRACTICALLY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY. The screen is HUGE. It can take an SD card up to 128 GB. If you download File Manager +, you will be able to find your way around. I think I got a good buy. The speaker is atrocious and the camera isn't the greatest, but I am not going to be using it to take pictures and the sound is plenty good enough for out in service. The info I was looking for was its born-on date and its operating system. Thanks to Brother Musky/Chuck, I know the OS is Nougat. So it can't be all that old. I did not want to buy a tablet and then have it go obsolete on me like my old Galaxy tab did. As a study tablet, this one fits me fine. The battery is so good, it will see me safely through entire days at assemblies and conventions.
  11. Friends just call me Ross

    Post a picture... Any picture

    On the way to the hall a few weeks back, Jehovah treated me to an awesome sunrise.
  12. Friends just call me Ross

    Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6"

    Here is a pic of my old Galaxy tab and my new Galaxy tab. I still use my old one for reading and playing games. Wish the operating system wasn't obsolete. Most apps are no longer compatible with it.. I received it as a gift from my brother way back in 2011. And it's still going.
  13. Friends just call me Ross

    Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6"

    It has a different model #. Mine's got an NU at the end of it: SM-T560NU.
  14. Friends just call me Ross

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    You are doing AWESOME yourself, Sis'!!!
  15. Friends just call me Ross

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    Have you tried diluting it in water? Maybe you could tolerate it if it wasn't so strong?
  16. Friends just call me Ross

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    I have found that on days I have stomach pangs it isn't necessarily because I am hungry. Sometimes my stomach just hurts. Has to do with a botched surgery back in 2000. LOLOLOL I love dill pickles!!! I put tons of them in my tuna and mayo on keto bread!!! And I do the same with our sauerkraut!!! Rinse and drain (press) and then add a little chopped onion and fry it in a LOT of butter. We usually eat Johnsonville Brats with ours. I grate raw cabbage and add it to all my salads. I love the extra crunch.
  17. Friends just call me Ross

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    Yes. But not by choice. We don't have a grocery store nearby, so I don't get salad making ingredients too often. If I try to stock up, I end up having to throw some out. I eat fish(cod, salmon, whitefish etc.), ground pork/beef, lots of white albacore tuna, white cheese (I'm allergic to the orange dye), pecans, lots of chicken, hard-boiled eggs. Brocolli, spinach, cauliflower, asparagus, kale, romaine lettuce hearts, celery. Everything is cooked in butter...except for the celery, nuts and eggs. Like you mentioned, there are endless ways prepare the food, so you don't really get bored. I use heavy whipping cream in my French Roast coffee. Drink cider vinegar water and regular water. Sometimes I add a dash of lemon or lime or pink Himalayan sea salt to the water. When I can't eat KETO on the go, I will snack on a Quest bar and nuts. I mostly eat just one meal a day, at around 3 in the afternoon. (I carry my own constant fuel supply. So I am never really hungry. ) I just had a grilled pepper jack sandwich on Keto bread.
  18. Friends just call me Ross

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    I began KETO on Oct. 15th. In less than three months, I have lost over 32 pounds. I am hoping to be a lot slimmer and trimmer by the time of our convention, the end of May.
  19. The nurse in charge of setting up Home Health Care came this morning.

    She stayed about 2 hours and collected a ton of information.

    On Tuesday, a guy is coming to evaluate my Mom's ability, or lack of ability, to care for herself.  If she qualifies, the paperwork will be passed on to Medicare and her supplemental insurance company.  If her insurance approves coverage, then, and only then , will my Mom be able to receive some medical assistance.


    Until then, we will continue to assist her in every way we are qualified to do so.

    Neither of us can draw blood or do a lab analysis for her Cumadin levels.


    In the meantime, I had to go back home because I have a doctor's appointment of my own tomorrow.   Our baby sister will hopefully take my place until I can get back.  She works full time but would be there for her after work.


    My brother Brother Peter does such an amazing job of caring for my Mom.

    I was able to handle all the stress of this past week, until she started saying hateful things about him behind his back.  I reminded her of all that he has done/is doing for her and that without his help, she would be in a nursing home.  Only, I didn't word it quite that nicely.  I am ashamed and sorry that I lost my cool.:(  But it wasn't her failing body that I couldn't handle.  It is her failing mind.  She sleeps 20 to 23 hours a day.  Her waking hours are filled with fear and confusion.  But, mostly she is frustrated.  I am sure her frustration lends to some of her darker moments.


    She has no concept of what day, month or year it is.


    This morning, she wanted me to open the drapes so she could watch my sister Teri get on the school bus.  My sister Teri is 49 years old.  


    Besides being mean and nasty sometimes, there is the fixation.

    She keeps going on and on and on and on about wanting us to take her to some non-existent park to look for her mother's rings.  (They went missing when they moved her from one hospital facility to another.  They were stolen and reported stolen but are gone forever.)  


    We can explain the reality of the situation until we are both blue in the face, but she refuses to believe us.  My brother has driven her all around for hundreds of miles asking her to point out the park where she left the rings sitting on two wooden posts...just to humor her.  She feels so badly that she is responsible for the loss of her mother's rings, so we try to explain that she didn't LOSE them, they were STOLEN from her.  All to no avail.    


    Dimentia is proof positive that we were never designed to grow so old.:unsure:


    Thanks for allowing me to vent. ❤️❤️❤️

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    2. SheyZ


      You got a lot accomplished while u were at your mom's. I wish the whole process to get help wasn't taking Soo long though.


      Was your Dad a Veteran? Your mom might be able to get some $$$ from them. They aren't to easy to deal with. Filling out the application can get tricky. Call me with questions. Love you Sis 

    3. MizPeg


      Venting in here, is almost encouraged, as 'getting it off your chest', can lighten the load somewhat. Just keep yourself well fed, and hydrated, Ross. That can help.



    4. hatcheckgirl


      My dear sis, I'm keeping you in my prayers too.  Its ok to let it out here, we can help absorb some of the pain.  Of course, best to share with Jehovah, as I know you do. May Jehovah give you the strength to keep enduring, one day at a time.  Much love, Ross xx

  20. Friends just call me Ross

    Post a picture... Any picture

    We were watching a YouTube video of people hiking through the Grand Canyon and one of the hikers was wearing these odd hiking shoes with built in toes. I had never seen anything like them before. Anybody on here own a pair?
  21. Friends just call me Ross

    Bible Trivia

    The last Bible Trivia game was from 2011, so here is a newer version. Please feel free to ask your own Bible Trivia questions. Time allowing, I will attempt to post ten new Bible Trivia questions each week. Have fun! 1. What sound did Paul say would have a profound effect on the inhabitants of heaven and earth? 2. Besides divine favor, what did John say Jesus was full of? A) Truth Love C) Power D) Hope 3. What was the name of the angel who announced Jesus’ birth to Mary? 4. What event do these three sites have in common? Mount Sinai Jesus’ tomb The Philippian jail 5. The Valley of Kidron was A) where Jesus gave his Sermon on the Mount where Lazarus was resurrected C) near where Jesus was arrested D) where Abraham was buried 6. Luke described four things the child Jesus progressed in. How many can you name? 7. What do these three have in common? Jezebel Elymus A woman of Endor 8. Complete this Scripture: (Romans 6:12) Therefore, do not let sin continue ­­­­­­­­­­­­_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in your mortal bodies so that you should obey their desires. 9. What son did Eve say God gave her to replace the murdered Abel? 10. What special talent did Daniel receive from Jehovah that would later help the king?
  22. Friends just call me Ross

    Conditioned reflex

    My hubby hits the mute button so fast his hand almost breaks the sound barrior.
  23. Friends just call me Ross

    YouTube Classics (Post a video... any video!)

    That is so precious! Thanks for sharing.
  24. My Mom's  body is failing her. 

    Hope to get her on hospice care today.

    Talked to her about her funeral preferences.

    She doesn't  want one.


    I was so relieved, because I just could not have tolerated

    a catholic church service and all those Satanic lies.

    Not with the marvelous resurrection hope Jehovah gives us.^_^


    So we will be holding a celebration of her LIFE, instead.B)

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    2. SheyZ


      I had no Idea she was this close to passing. I wondered why you were all visiting her at home and making yummy dinners. I'm so use to her coming out to the farm to visit you..

      I'm so glad you can all be with her and she doesn't want a churchy get together.. 🤢 what a woman. Yay! For her and so much easier on you, Lori and Peter. 

      We are at a bad age for losing Family and friends... My 💓, thoughts and prayers are always with you my dearest friend. Give my love to your mom, brother's and sisters.. 



    3. SheyZ


      Pat's 63 year old brother Chris passed in hospice on Jan 2nd. It happened so fast I'm still in shock. 

      I am so grateful to Jehovah we have the hope of the resurrection.

    4. A fellow servant

      A fellow servant

      Sis,   So sorry you are having to deal with such health issues.   It isn't easy for sure. But our hope of the resurrection is a SURE hope and what a day that will be when we see them but this time in great health with no disabilities.   I can't wait.   My dad died when I was only twelve.  He was only 38 years old.     AMEN come Lord Jesus!

  25. Friends just call me Ross

    Favorite Tabletop Games?

    Let's see... Mastermind...Scrutineyes...Oodles...Life...Option... Yahtzee...Scrabble...Trivia Adventure...Monopoly

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