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    Confused, so you don’t have to be.

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    S.E. England
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    Via my fleshly brother, who was studying. The Truth hit me like a slap in the face! Finally everything made sense.
    My wife, Emma, and I were baptised 21st Sep 1991 at the Surrey Assembly Hall. (We now both have CFS and listen to the meetings over the phone. Our ministry is 'the widow's mite' and we are grateful to Jehovah for his understanding.)

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    The Bible!
    The sciences. But they make my brain ache.
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    My favourite non-spiritual book is probably The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Though I haven't read it for decades.
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    Careful chosen guitar music.
    Kingdom songs!
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    The conclusion of the matter, everything having been heard, is: Fear the true God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole obligation of man. Ec 12:13

    So Peter was being kept in the prison, but the congregation was intensely praying to God for him. Acts 12:5

    “Don’t quote me.” - Me

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  1. Congratulations, you have passed your British Citizenship Test and may enter. (Offer expires 29th March 2019.) But don’t try to land at Gatwick, LGW. It’s been shut since about 9pm due to drones in the area. It was strange because I could hear the Police helicopter searching and I commented that it was making me uneasy because I was watching Capricorn One!
  2. ChrisC

    Witness memes

    Maybe they actually wanted to jump off the precipice?
  3. My simple £40 door-cam I bought would email stills and short videos to me every time it detected movement. Sensitivity, video length, etc was adjustable, it just needed a WiFi connection. (Mine kept disconnecting.)
  4. Me too! I sometimes wonder how small he must be now. Is there a chart somewhere?
  5. ChrisC

    My off topic thread

    I saw this recently.
  6. ChrisC

    My off topic thread

    I read a story of some parents who wanted to pick a nice name that couldn’t be corrupted for their new daughter. They chose Amber. Everything was fine until their son started calling her ‘amburger.
  7. ChrisC

    My off topic thread

    I went to the doctor because I had a strange stabbing pain in one eye.
  8. Thank you! I had been finding Chrome kept reverting back to Russian.
  9. ChrisC

    My off topic thread

    It’s like a comedy sketch. Downing Street's Larry the Cat gets a helping hand from police http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-46280468
  10. ChrisC

    My off topic thread

    A ‘Countdown’ app was free so I thought I would use it.
  11. ChrisC

    My off topic thread

    I joined a snooker club and played on a full-size 12’ table for a while, but at 5’ 4” tall I needed the rest for just about every shot!
  12. ChrisC

    My off topic thread

    Meanwhile, in snooker news: Ronnie O’Sullivan made a maximum 147 break at our local K2 sports centre. He said the venue “smelled like urine”. #soProud (I’m wondering if it was the adhesive for new flooring or something.)
  13. ChrisC

    My off topic thread

    'Bleeping' parrot sparks Daventry emergency call-out (Bleeping like a smoke alarm, not cursing.) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-northamptonshire-46226696 I guess he must burn toast frequently. Ours would copy the beeps from the on-the-hour time signal that Radio 4 broadcast. We also had a brother come to install a new sliding door. By the afternoon Tufty was perfectly mimicking his electric drill. We are right by some fields and (relatively) lots of trees. Tufty would make owl noises whenever we opened the back door at night.
  14. ChrisC

    My off topic thread

    After checking 7 smoke alarms, 2 CO detectors, and 2 personal alarms, we found out it was the wheelchair that was beeping to indicate dead batteries. I didn’t even know it could do that and I’ve been fiddling with them for 14 years. Reminds me of something funny from about 10 years ago. Emma was shopping in the town in her electric wheelchair and every time she went through store doorways their alarm would go off. I had raised up her wheelchair cushion by putting bought library books underneath and neglected to remove the security tags!

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