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    Confused, so you don’t have to be.

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    S.E. England
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    Via my fleshly brother, who was studying. The Truth hit me like a slap in the face! Finally everything made sense.
    My wife, Emma, and I were baptised 21st Sep 1991 at the Surrey Assembly Hall. (We now both have CFS and listen to the meetings over the phone. Our ministry is 'the widow's mite' and we are grateful to Jehovah for his understanding.)

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    The Bible!
    The sciences. But they make my brain ache.
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    My favourite non-spiritual book is probably The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Though I haven't read it for decades.
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    Careful chosen guitar music.
    Kingdom songs!
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    The conclusion of the matter, everything having been heard, is: Fear the true God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole obligation of man. Ec 12:13

    “Don’t quote me.” - Me

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  1. ChrisC

    California Fires

    Thanks for those videos, I must say “Camp fire” did confuse me for a while. Why do power lines fall in high winds? Do they oscillate? When is rain expected/hoped for?
  2. ChrisC

    Witness memes

    I actually said to our son the other day “Back in my day we had to chisel our memes into the cave wall.” #old
  3. The 12.9” Pro is still the only model the will show ‘full-sized’ apps side by side. https://developer.apple.com/design/human-interface-guidelines/ios/visual-design/adaptivity-and-layout/
  4. Is anyone able to show what multitasking with JW Library looks like on their shiny new 11” iPad Pro?
  5. Imagine the anxiety in seeing this every time I walked the dog. It was parked by the local industrial units for years. I’m proud that I never bought anything from him, as it was clearly a trap.
  6. Is this bridge for sale? #wearingMyGullibleHead Great photo, I assumed you used a dslr.
  7. They 11” models also have a slightly different aspect ration. From 4 / 3 (10 / 7.5) to 10 / 7. The slight extra width might make the difference.
  8. It’s available on jw.org, with the artwork. May 2015 printing. 😊
  9. Side-by-side apps on iPad Pro 9.7”: Notice that with JW Library taking up 70% of the screen the Study pane is still visible. But with JW Library taking 50% of the screen the Study pane has to be selected. (Like on a phone in portrait mode.) Is it the same on the on the larger 10.5” 2017 model, or does JW Library also show the Study pane when taking 50% of the screen?
  10. ChrisC

    My off topic thread

    We put our clocks back an hour in the U.K. last night. This carefully positioned (and dimmed) clock sits above my bed and is visible when I wake up by peering under my eye mask. I know if I touch it to put it back an hour it will fall down. The other option is to try to carefully put a sticker on it “Subtract 1 hour until end of March”. This will be the major decision for my ‘day’. (Which started at 7pm.)
  11. ChrisC

    My off topic thread

    We had a letter today from Gatwick Airport. They want to use their short emergency runway full-time “for departures only”. I think I should tell them that they will pretty soon run out of planes.
  12. It feels a little more responsive on iPad. 😊
  13. Shortcuts crashes when trying to create the list. After showing Please Wait ... for about 2 seconds in the notification. (iOS 12.0.1, IPad Pro 9.7)

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