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  1. Thanks Brother Matthew for your work. Just a thought on ".... appears nowhere in the original manuscripts." If only we had "original manuscripts to check, then a lot of debate would be instantly put to rest, but alas we don't. I'm not trying to be picky at all, but many people we speak to are. Maybe something like ".... appears nowhere in the oldest available manuscripts" would avoid any unnecessary back-peddling.
  2. That's not going to work. You can't annualize unique figures by multiplying the daily, because what's unique on any given day can be non-unique on multiple days. In other words if I visit today and then tomorrow I will be unique on each day, but across two days I am unique only once, not twice. And if I visit every single day of the year then I am not 365 unique visitors, but only 1. All that said, the actual website traffic for jw.org as a daily unique figure is extremely impressive.
  3. Brother Peter I believe that there is still a written guide for the literature department, and the specific directions for the literature coordinator are all in there. I know that written guides are easier for some people than others, but in my view the best thing you could do is have an elder review the guide with you. You are fully qualified for the responsibility, but you still need the information in order to carry it out. This would be the case for anyone newly appointed to something like this. It's been a while since I did the job, but even though I had read the guide I found that over time I forgot some of the points, so it might be good to review it again after doing the job for a while, and whenever you have any questions. Jehovah's blessings on your efforts. Your brother, Jon
  4. Thanks for all the hard work. I know that maintaining and moderating any public forum can be quite the task, but especially so if you're running a "tight ship" as you rightly do here. We appreciate it.
  5. AnOther Sheep

    Is this a new site?

    It would be a lot of effort to put into a site if it's not legit. Besides, the email is jw.org. I can't imagine a good reason to include that if not legit. If anybody really doubts it then all they need to do is email the contact. A reply would confirm that it's legit. Of course it wouldn't be kind (or useful) to send a barrage of emails. As a suggestion maybe one person would post that they will email, or already have emailed, and then the matter is settled for all. It's just a thought. Personally I think it's almost certainly legit, and don't need further confirmation. Jon

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