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  1. The format changed a bit i was like wow , starting with dramatization and then when they played the music video I'm like this was a really quick hour but there was so much more. I really enjoyed it.Every month they are always so awesome. I may need to watch some reruns now since so much time has passed since we got broadcasting.
  2. That's kinda like last week with organization accomplishments video 7 min part but 7 and half minute video. Like wait a minute it's impossible for this part to not go over lol
  3. Road Rage Shooting

    Crazy, I just noticed this made national news, the J.C. Penney is like 8 minutes from home, right next to the Walmart I frequent often, its odd they made it to penny's that she didn't Call for help or anything earlier or notice ( that seems reported unclear idk ) becouse that's a distance of 15 mins from incident to the jcpenney where she called for help. But yeah this is terrible we had something simalar happen to a 2 year old recently too
  4. What kinds of expierences have you had as a result of a conversation on Jwtalk? Have you been able to visit a area you didn't perhaps even think about visiting? The reason I'm interested is I got a chance to work with a Chinese pregroup in the area and I met a brother mike today and he mentioned they came down from Missouri to help the pregroup having heard from a brother J.R from his congregation "who uses the Internet in talking with different friends" and heard about the need with this pregroup, so brother mike and his wife decided to come down and help. I didn't get to work with him today so I don't know much other then this brief conversation but I came away thinking that's pretty neat and I could see that happening on here ( I don't know a brother J.R on here or a conversation about Arkansas first Chinese pregroup so it may not be from Jwtalk ) but anyway it made me wonder and thought to ask what is something y'all have done or responded to a need as a result of some conversation on Jwtalk.
  5. Maybe annual meeting we will get something on this like a official you can tour also curious maybe we will hear about said special surprises in store for Warwick. I'm pretty sure somewhere in broadcasting a GB member said there some special things in store when Warwick is complete
  6. So Jehovah has a exact day and time of his day somehow I've confused myself is it the day and time wherever hits first? I'm also thinking if we have a new calendar or something that maybe Jehovah has already been using it and will be universal then when exactly that day and time was once we are in new world. But right now my mind is boggled.
  7. Do you know what it is for the new songs???
  8. I literally thought I would not use highlighting in jw library till I could also write notes through the app. But I recently got iPad and found the notes the multitasking way was a good alternative when using app for highlighting So I love jw app becouse it keeps my publications way more organized then iBooks
  9. It's up and posted downloading now!!!!!! Apple
  10. Game consoles

    How do you watch the broadcasts on there? I'm still using my Roku but to be able to use Roku in another room and watch broadcast on Xbox one would be nice!!
  11. I did forget to add I like a minimum of 3 colors so if there is only 1 or 2 I may stay with iBooks, will wait and see
  12. Wow never thought deeply about the potential crashing there!! Now that I think about it I did have with iBooks a few times where I had studied, but it took a long time to load and seem like I didn't study for a bit it was odd. But for the most part I don't study more than 1 or 2 meetings out so everything is still fresh in mind and I should be able to recover my thoughts and rework the highlighting, so I'm still gonna use the jw library app, I love how organized the library app is and right now my iBooks does not stay very organized so all in the library would be fantastic!!!!

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