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  1. I don't know the criteria. But I would prefer for the first-timers to be selected. I found out in December.
  2. I hope so. Cause I got selected several times even though I had attended a convention before, as opposed to first-timers who were not.
  3. blueyellow

    Post a picture... Any picture

    A picture I took yesterday. It may come in handy.
  4. blueyellow

    Coffee break

    And cheaper.
  5. blueyellow

    Coffee break

    So that's whom you've got your wonderful sense of humour from! I didn't understand the purpose of coffee on Earth up until about 30, when I also got addicted. Now I don't understand what mood-changing effect alcohol may have on people. I wonder how soon I'll get addicted to it.
  6. blueyellow

    My off topic thread

    Hungarian architecture's interesting.
  7. It's not a group, it's a congregation in an isolated territory.
  8. What is the smallest congregation you have heard of in your area? Or one of the smallest? In my country the smallest is made up of 8 publishers (one of them is the elder) and it's got its own Kingdom Hall.
  9. blueyellow

    KH Board

    But will the Branch office agree? Moreover, I notice the software designers ask from brothers to recommend them to other KH and they ask for donations. Sounds fishy. Maybe it is not.
  10. So only 1,500 people invited divided by 9 countries (in Ukraine).
  11. There is a video on Broadcasting explaining the difference between international and special conventions. There are fewer people invited at a special convention and if you divide that by the number of the nationalities invited the result is very low. Frustrating, I know. This teaches us patience.
  12. The selection in Romania was made in November. So when I heard of people being selected, the natural conclusion was that I was not. I heard (cannot confirm though) that there were only 100 places for Romanians. I know of a couple of Gilead-trained missionaries who were selected and of a single regular pioneer sister. I do not know the other brothers selected.
  13. Congratulations to all those selected! I'm especially happy for those going for their first time. For me it's the first time when I'm not selected and it gets frustrating. How do you cope with the rejection?
  14. It depends on your interest. If you're not selected in the first round, there's a chance you may get selected when others decide not to come. For the 2014 convention in Greece we were notified of the selection in December.

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