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    My parents raised me in the truth. After studying the Bible with them and going for meetings and field service, I came to love what I was studying. Also my love for Jehovah deepened and I dedicated myself to Jehovah and symbolised it through baptism.

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    Medicine, Scrabble, Reading, Football and listening to soothing music. The Kingdom songs are really a source of comfort.
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    The Bible, Young People Ask(Vol I &2), Kidnapped, Treasure Island
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    Soul, R&B, Cools, Classical
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    3 Idiots, The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, The Pursuit of Happyness, Concussion,
    The Town, The Boy In the Striped Pyjamas, V for Vendetta, The Words, Unconditional

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  1. Hi everyone.... Warm greetings from Ghana. Well... my mum has a Bible student who she has been studying with for a while and she really likes the truth. She comes for meetings whenever she can, bringing her two boys and a third who stays with them along. Though due to the nature of her work, her meeting attendance has not always been regular. Plus she tries her best to attend the conventions too. Her husband has no problem with it and would also welcome a Bible study but he is a very busy man who hardly has any time to spare and even works on the weekends. The good news is that after talking with him a week ago in the ministry, he agreed to give me an hour in the evening during one of the weekend days to have a study with him. I was wondering what could be an appropriate topic for discussion to start with. Being a very hardworking family man, should i just zoom into a book or brochure or just discuss a scripture with him. Any suggestions or advice will be highly appreciated.
  2. Thanks brothers for all the clarifications. Really appreciate all the comments
  3. Hi everyone. Our congregation just received this booklet in hardcopy and I know the softcopy too has been on JW Library for awhile now. But looking through it, i see similarities to our Theocratic School Book. Is it meant to replace it? What was the FDS' purpose for this booklet?
  4. Paa Yaw

    Bible Riddles

    What is the answer? What is the answer?
  5. Thank you. However, i cant see the option 'check for updates' under 'Help'. Please what do i do?
  6. Hi family, please how do you go about updating the WT Library on CD ROM after you've installed it on a PC or laptop? Since the last CD version was that of 2016, i would like to update it to have the current issues and articles but all the stuff in there are still up to 2016. How do i go about it?
  7. There is no doubt Jehovah's organization really gives us insight into false religions while doing its best to stick to the truth as found in God's word. But then, i know if you are to show today's text to a Catholic, they would doubt the authenticity of the words since it comes from a JW publcation. So are there publications, historical books or any other texts which can consolidate this information? I know this will help because i have a Catholic cousin who last visited the kingdom hall during the time we were studying the Revelation Climax book. That particular study mentioned the role the Catholic church played in politics and oppression of Jehovah's servants. He didn't take it kindly at all and insinuated why we will choose to discuss about his church in our book study and doubted the validity of such information about his church. Sadly, i don't recall him ever entering a kingdom hall since then. So information from other historical documents or books which are not written by the organization will be very helpful.
  8. Thanks Bro Richard... Keep them coming pls😃
  9. I would like to know if anyone knows how the Bethel family goes about the Daily Text... The way we go about ours is.... we read the text scripture, then read the commentary/extract and formulate questions from the extract. In as much as this way helps, sometimes it makes it seem like another question n answer session. So can u share with us how u go about yours? And if u know how the Bethel family does it too, u can brief us... may be with this information, we can all bebefit more fully from the Daily Text.
  10. I was deeply touched by this month's broadcasting. It has been a real eye opener on how to really delve into the scriptures and make it come to life. I really liked how to use the 6 questions and how brothers n sisters used different colours to identify subject topics in the Bible. It was such a humbling experience that has made me see that I have a lot to learn. As for the song...... Wooooww, i think i did share a tear and i looked round to see others wiping tears from their eyes too. Such valuable gems from Jehovah's organization.!!! May He keep blessing us with more of these and help us to apply the things we learn.
  11. Amazing work Brother. May Jehovah bless you.
  12. Paa Yaw

    Witness memes

    Please where are the rest of the memes...? They just make my day
  13. We should not be anxious about our basic necessities. Jehovah knows that they are needs, not wants and so we have to acquire them in order to live. But then, He expects us to put our service to Him before these essential necessities. This means even our basic needs should not come in the way of our spiritual activities. Jah knows we need them to survive and He will bless our work so that we will not go entirely hungry, not be deprived of clothes to wear or not have a place to lay our heads.
  14. Today is exactly 2years since I joined this wonderful forum and what a great privilege its been. First of all i want to thank Jehovah who led me to this beautiful family. I dont really remember how i bumped onto this platform coz all i remember is that i came across it. It wasnt anyone who introduced me here.(A sign of Jehovah's hand?? Sure) I also want to thank all the brothers and sisters here for the warm reception, wonderful posts, encouragements and responses. Especially anytime i post a question and open up this forum to see the length that brothers and sisters go to, sacrificing their time and energy to make research and bring their findings here, I cant help but to be in awe of all of you. Lastly I want to show my deep gratitude to the moderators for the good work they are constantly doing to keep this forum free of apostates and encourage healthy spiritual interactions between ourselves. May Jehovah help us all to continue serving him faithfully to the end especially in these perilous times we find ourselves. "Let us not give up in doing what is fine, for in due time we will reap if we do not tire out."
  15. Please can i get a link to download the lyrics of the song "A place that will bring you praise" Since its not in d song book... We r thinking of learning to sing in Family Worship

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