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  1. “calm before the storm,”

    The meeting of President Trump with his military was the same night that Belshazzar met with his military.The night of October 5. Sure is a coincidence and does not mean absolutely nothing is just coincidence. This autumn feels different. The world is falling apart but Jehovah's organization continues to move forward and up. Truly we can not give up now more than ever. Only a love and an unshakable faith along with loyalty, endurance and courage will help us to continue and pass the final test. The undeserved kindness of Jehovah will be with all those who are loyal to him.
  2. I just noticed that the texts quoted in the book are not the same as in the NWT in Spanish. They look more like NWT in English. I do not know what it means but it's interesting.
  3. Oh I hope is here very soon. Thanks very much in advance. !!!!

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