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  1. It has really speeded up! (BTW, my computer broke so lost excel sheet etc and find it not easy to do the same from my phone😕)
  2. humblebumblebee

    Arrests of believers across Russia

    Three more searches on the 22nd of July in Berezovsky jw-russia.org: In the Kemerovo region, two believers are placed in custody Brothers Sergei Britvin (who is disabled) and Vadim Levchuk, are the ones placed in custody on the 24th of July until September 19, 2018. A criminal case was instituted in part 2 of Art. 282.2 - The basis of this case, as in the case of Dennis Christensen , is the testimony of a "secret witness" whose name the investigation does not disclose. Ez 9:4 sighing and groaning over all the detestable things that are being done.
  3. 958 jw.org: Nsenga (Mozambique) Content: two tracts Added to WOL 570: Romany (Kalderash, Russia) and Longuda which was added to jw.org on 10 May 2018
  4. That's alright, easily done
  5. No, all the languages on WOL (568) are on JW.Org (957)
  6. humblebumblebee

    Arrests of believers across Russia

    jw-russia.org Criminal case for the faith initiated in the Amur Region, searched From 7:00 am on July 20, 2018 in Blagoveshchensk, three searches were conducted in Br&Sr homes. The authorities were even eavesdropping on them, invading their privacy. One criminal charge was made.
  7. WOL, click on languages at the bottom of the page Shows the number of languages, Bushi is no 568 Only found this out for myself today.
  8. humblebumblebee

    Arrests of believers across Russia

    Would this help? found at this address: https://fsin-pismo.ru/client/app/letter/create It translated with Chrome not IE
  9. Second language in as many days: 956 Hawaiian Content: How Do You View the Bible?
  10. humblebumblebee

    Arrests of believers across Russia

    More problems for our br. and sr. in Shua (Ivanovo region) In Shuya new searches, a 10-year-old child is questioned The first searches were in April. In May/June Dmitry Mikhailov was arrested and send to prison, suspected of "financing" extremist activities. On June 26 police conducted new searches (From the article but edited slightly) According to investigators, a hidden video camera is installed in one of the believers' apartments. After the new searches, the believers were taken to the investigative committee body. During the interrogation, in the presence of the school psychologist, the child (a 10-year-old girl) was forced to disclose the confession of the family, she burst into tears. Her mother was threatened that if she refused to cooperate with the investigation, she could be charged with another crime - "involving minors in committing a crime". New criminal cases were initiated and a written undertaking not to leave the place with four local residents, one man and three women, including Elena Mihailova, the spouse of Dmitry Mikhailov. To interrogate one of our young ones and sending one of our sisters to prison to me is a new low but not unexpected. For the first time for her Christian faith a young woman was sent to prison There is one address for Sergei Valeryevich Polyakov and another for Anastasia Andreevna Polyakova to send letters of support. Сколько ещё - How much more?
  11. humblebumblebee

    Arrests of believers across Russia

    A couple more profiles of our brothers in prison since 16th of May jw-russia.org: Alexander Suvorov - who is he? Vladimir Kochnev - who is he? The two articles highlight that both brothers are peace-loving persons. Addresses included
  12. 955 Makhuwa-Shirima Another language spoken in Mozambique
  13. humblebumblebee

    Arrests of believers across Russia

    jw-russia.org: In prison for the faith A rough translation using Google translate camera. In prison for faith 15 June 2018 Полярный=Polyarny 2 men in prison. Псков=Pskov Criminal case, there may be arrests. Орёл=Oryol 1 person in prison. Шуя=Shuya 1 person in prison. Магадан=Magadan 3 Men in prison. Пермь=Perm Criminal case, there may be arrests. Саратов=Saratov 3 Men in prison. Набережные Челны=Naberezhnye Chelny 4 Men in prison. Уфа=Ufa 1 person in prison. Майский=Maysky Criminal case, there may be arrests. Прохладный=Prokhladny Criminal case, there may be arrests. Оренбург=Orenburg 2 men in prison. Томск=Tomsk 1 person in prison. Хабаровск=Khabarovsk 1 person in prison. Биробиджан=Birobidzhan Criminal case, there may be arrests. Владивосток=Vladivostok 1 person in prison After the liquidation of the LRO Jehovah Witnesses 18 Criminal Cases 100 Searches in Homes 20 People in Jail декабрь 2009 Верховный Суд Рф признает (экстремистскими) 34 публикации и ликвидирует МРО Свидетелей Иеговы (Таганрог) December 2009 The Supreme Court of Russia recognizes (extremist) 34 publications and liquidates LRO of Jehovah's Witnesses (Taganrog) Ав*усм 2011 Уголовное дело по статье (экстремизм) в отношении 16 Таганрожцев August * 2011 The criminal case under article (extremism) against 16 Taganrog февраль 2014 начало систематических подбросов (зкстремистских) материалов Свидетелям Иеговы с последующими обысками February 2014 began systematic incursions (extreme materials) of Jehovah's Witnesses with subsequent searches Марм 2016 обвинительный приговор для всех 16 Таганрожцев до 5,5 лет лишения свободы условно March 2016 conviction for all 16 Taganrog residents to 5.5 years of imprisonment conditionally Июль 2016. Акция вооруженного спецназа против верующих в Карелии знаменует начало силового давления на верующих July 2016. The rally of armed special forces against believers in Karelia marks the beginning of power pressure on believers On April 20, 2017, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation watches all 396 Witnesses' organizations in Russia with reference to (extremism) 20 апреля 2017 Верховный суд Рфлиkвидирует все 396 организаций Свидетелей Иeroы в России со ссылкой на (экстремизм) 25 мая 2017 Перед КПЧ ООН Россия официально отрицает преследования за веру В СИЗО отправлен первый верующий Д. Кристенсен, г. Орел May 25, 2017 Before the UN Human Rights Committee, Russia officially denies the persecution for the faith The first believer D. Christensen, Orel, was sent to the pre-trial detention center 25 авгусма 2017 ООН призвала Россию аннулировать Федеральный список экстремистских материалов August 25, 2017 The UN called on Russia to annul the Federal List of Extremist Materials 23 января 2018 12 о6ысков и уголовное дело за (оpraнизацию экстремистской деятельности) , г. Кемерово January 23, 2018 12 crimes and a criminal case for (the organization of extremist activity), Kemerovo 7 февраля 2018 16 обысков и уголовное дело за «организацию экстремистской деятельности», г. Белгород February 7, 2018 16 searches and criminal case for "organization of extremist activity", Belgorod 23 марма 2018 Перед ЕСПЧ Россия официально отрицает преследования за веру March 23, 2018 Before the ECHR, Russia officially denies persecution for the faith 10 апреля 2018 Обыски, отправлен в СИЗО A. Вилиткевич г. Уфа April 10, 2018 Searches, sent to jail A. Vilitkevich, Ufa 18 апреля 2018 Обыски, отправлены в СИЗО Р. Маркин и В. Трофимов, г. Полярны? April 18, 2018 Searches sent to SIZO (detention centre) R. Markin and V. Trofimov, the city of Polyarny 19 апреля 2018 Обыски , отправлен в СИЗО В. Осадчук, г. Вла??восмок Обыски , позже отправлен в СИЗО Д. Михайлов, г. Шуя April 19, 2018 Searches, sent to SIZO V. Osadmuk, Vladivostok Searches, later sent to SIZO D. Mikhailov, Shuya 10 мая 2018 Евросоюз заявил в ОБСЕ о гонениях на Свидетелей Иеговы в России May 10, 2018 European Union stated in the OSCE about persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia 15 Maя 2018 Дания вступила как 3-е лицо в дело «Кристенсен против России) 15 Mas 2018 Denmark joined as third person in the case of Christensen v. Russia)) 16 мая 2018 19 обысков , отправлены в СИЗО В. Кочнев и А. Суворов , г. Оренбург May 16, 2018 19 searches, sent to SIZO V. Kochnev and A. Suvorov, Orenburg 17 мая 2018 23 обыска, отправлен в СИЗО но позже освобожден А. Алиев, г. Б*ироб**жан 17 May 2018 23 search, sent to SIZO but later released A. Aliyev, Birobidzhan 22 мая 2018 Обыски , отправлен в ИВС , позже под домашний арест А. Соловьев , г. Пермь May 22, 2018 Searches, sent to the IVS, later under house arrest A. Soloviev, Perm 27 мая 2018 10 обысков , отправлены в СИЗО И. Каримов , К. Матрашов, В. Мякушин, А. Юльметьев, г. Н. Челны May 27, 2018 10 searches, sent to jail I. Karimov, K. Matrashov, V. Myakushin, A. Yulmetyev, Naberezhnye Chelny 30 мая 2018 Обыски, отправлены !в СИЗО К. Петров , Е. Зяблов и С. Еркин, г. Ма*а*ан Oбыски, отправлен в СИЗО И. Пуйда, г. Хабаровск May 30, 2018 Searches sent to pre-trial detention center K. Petrov, Ye. Zyablov and S. Erkin, Magaidan Obyski, sent to I. Pujda detention center, Khabarovsk 3 июня 2018 Обыски, отправлен в СИЗО С. Климов, г. Томск. Обыски, уголовное дело, г. Псков June 3, 2018 Searches, sent to SIZO S. Klimov, Tomsk. Searches, criminal investigation, Pskov 12 июня 2018 Обыски, отправлены в СИЗО К. Баженов, А. Буденчук и Ф. Махаммадиев, г. Саратов June 12, 2018 Searches sent to SIZO K. Bazhenov, A. Budenchuk and F. Makhammadiev, city of Saratov Сколько ещё How much more?
  14. humblebumblebee

    Arrests of believers across Russia

    At the lower right corner If anyone is interested in a translation into English let me know.
  15. humblebumblebee

    Arrests of believers across Russia

    Update - jw-russia.org: Vladislav Kolbanov - who is he? Something good has come from his faithfulness because "Vladislav's father, not being a Witness of Jehovah, under the impression of the Christian perseverance of his son began to read the Bible regularly."

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