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  1. This is what i was wondering for few years....the destruction will come in " one hour " according to the bible...but i dont think it really mean 1 hour . 1 hour from Jehovah perspective could mean more then litterally 1 hour 🤔 Yes our father can make it happend ! There's no doubt about that. But if 1 hour its like 1000 years then 1 hour is 41.6666667 years .... So the way i see it , maybe its going to take some few years...i know i know since childood everyone think it will happend in 1 sec to remove ALL religions of the earth but what if more sublte ? We are all running with our live and if you dont prepare your meeting and dont meditate , time goes very fast ! I think its only a way to tell us i wont be instateanous. ( Maybe instead of one hour maybe the text would have said 1 second !?): we wake up one morning and ALL religions are seize , their organization and all the banks accompts....ect... it could happend but maybe it has already started not officially maybe but russia has started to remove religions ! Starting with us since 2017 ...its been 2 years !!! I saw this week a video of someone from human right watch from russia i think and he was basicaly saying its maybe a testbench to see how the people will react ( we were the best cobaye ! We only fight back with court !! We dont take any weapon . ) This is why , maybe, we dont know much of the things in china is happenning and reporter cant do a coverage...but the people and our brother ..to them its hard . Same thing in russia , to them its very hard ask to brother Christenssen ? Or is wife and all who there famly is in prison or even those in the same assembly hall who dont know if they are next. Rest assure i wont say that at a meeting !. But that s what im incline to think. I need asap the next annual meeting !!!
  2. Is china getting ready for the attack on religion? China has been reluctant to religion for years !! Brother harold king went in prison in china back then !! After reading all this article and getting to see the images, i might say they have already started maybe not THE attack but there is people in prisons / reeducation camps for extremis religions...there getting rdy for the real phase : JW in prisons !!!?? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/China_hidden_camps And read this article too !!!! https://bitterwinter.org/china-supports-russias-persecution-of-jehovahs-witnesses/ They are really allies of russia !!!!
  3. You must tell us when you have translated in french....i need / must have the link in french !!!!! In quebec all JW need to read all his book. Thx
  4. Igorianov

    More Raids In Russia

    https://www2.stetson.edu/~psteeves/relnews/180517b.html Operation codename: jugment day
  5. Is any of you getting your convention 4-5 may ? Im waiting on extra crispy.every bit even small of some clue about all the 7 part on sunday morning . I dont expect new comprehensions but all the 7 themes 🤔😇😁
  6. Remember 2 years ago the AM... KOTN is the leader of the coalition GOM ...to me its scream : russia=kotn Even if lots of country dont approve russia, someday all the country of the earth will follow russia path. GT is closer then it appear... We need a new post
  7. I saw that the UN has said that they are in part responsible for this escaltion because of their inaction ! Maybe if there's a war ..maybe the UN will say enough is enough....and proclam peace and security once and for all..? ( but personally i think we living the peace and security since , maybe 1986. Its like when they say " goal" during a football game... Goooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaallllll It last for severals years.... 3 Whenever it is that they are saying, “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly on them, They are saying peace and security since , maybe since 1986 and it will stop when the UN will say : we have found the solution of peace and security : remove all religion .

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