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App Request: Bible Reading Tracking

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Hi everyone 😊


I am looking for an iOS App where I can track my bible reading. It would also be great if I can have different bible reading programmes - Weekly Bible Reading, Personal Bible Reading, Family Study Reading,... 😊  can you recommend something? Thank you in advance!

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I found this on our website. Not an app, but a nice schedule.

It can be found on the JW.org home page, just under What's new...




Just Older







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I was looking all over the place for a custom Bible schedule I could tick off as I progressed, but in chronological order.  I couldn't find one for iOS, so instead what I did was download an app called "TickTick" from the app store.  It's free and you can make checklists up to 100 items long (unlimited on the paid version).  So what I did was copy the chronological order from an old android Bible reading app I had, and made a chronological, daily reading list that I can check off on TickTick.  The only drawback is that I had to separate the schedule into 4 different lists because of the 100-item limit.  (See screen shot below)


If you'd like you can do the same and import my backup (it's the entire schedule).  But I'd suggest you read the TickTick FAQ so that you know how to use it.  For example, I accidentally sorted it a weird way, which obviously threw the whole "chronological" order into disarray!  But so far it's working beautifully!  And the FAQ will tell you how to import your list - for some reason you have to import a backup through the online version of your account, and not on the device.  


Once you download the app and set up a free account, feel free to import my schedule:



File Jan 17, 10 23 49 AM.jpeg

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