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In the May 2015 Kingdom Ministry there was an article entitled, 'Help the Blind Learn About Jehovah.' The article mentioned 'a blind sister named Janet' in paragraph 4. I felt honored that that sister was a member of the congregation I attended. Her and her husband lived in my old neighborhood and I had visited in their home and met at their home for Field Service. I learned a few things from this family. Janet's husband told me that Janet's vision has gotten worse over the years. Letters used to have to be 1/4 inch for her to see. Now she can only read if the letters are 1 inch tall.


Blind people have a lot of things holding them back from learning the truth. They feel vulnerable and will not answer the door if they do not know the person knocking. If you hear someone inside and they do not answer, it might be because they are blind. Other religions do not have braille publications because there is no profit in it. Our organization is not concerned about the money but is concerned about helping people, so they publish material for the blind. This is a case where  the harvest is great but the workers are few.


Keith and Janet travel to handicapped conventions and meet many blind people. Bible studies are conducted over the computer with blind people around the country.  Janet says that you have to ask lots of questions since people who are totally blind suffer from non-24. Their bodies do not know when to produce melatonin and they might get sleepy anytime. Keith and Janet call theirs a blind ministry. Before Janet realized the needs of the blind, Keith and Janet had what they referred to as an airport ministry. They are now so busy with the blind ministry that they had to pass the airport ministry off to someone else.


I am sorry if this is off-topic. But when I read about the language I thought about the braille language of the blind. Maybe it would have been better if I had started a new topic!  ???

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