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    Who can see my real name and email address on my profile?

    Can everybody see my real name and email address on my profile page?


    No, absolutely not. Rest assured that only you as well as the JWTalk Staff can see that information. Even though we can see it when we look at our own profile pages, your real name, location, email address, as well as the congregation you attend is hidden from the rest of the community members as well as from guests and search engines that may also visit your profile. Your personally identifiable information is safe and secure, unless you choose to share such personally identifiable information with others on your own.



    What if I want to display my actual full name to everyone?


    Then you may type out your full name in the first-name-only field of your profile. Whatever you type in the first-name-only field will show not only in your public profile, but also on every post you make in the community.


    Of course, we provide this first-name-only field for those interested in protecting their privacy online. While other social networks require you to display your full legal name, we won't. Here on JWTalk we have usernames and are on a first name basis only.



    Can I share my email address with others?


    You may share your email address through private messages with other forum members, but you may not display your email address in your profile, nor may you publish your email address on a post or status update.


    Please remember that we discourage the exchange of personal contact information because while we work diligently to try and make sure that only real active Jehovah's Witnesses join our Jehovah's Witnesses community, non-witnesses still manage to get past our registration hurdles from time to time. Using the internal private messaging system (which does send an email to the recipient) is much much safer. If you are harassed by another member via the internal private messaging system, we can investigate the matter and perhaps take action to keep the JWTalk community clean.

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