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What story will i tell?

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Today is the 1st day in our 2014 New Service Year as well as the third day of our 2013 District Convention. It has been wonderfully spiritual banquet for the three days filled with take home and waiting for. Time to stick to the title before my imperfect mind erase the story I was about to tell. How do I start this? Starting what?I meant what moves me to think on the query“what story will I tell?” By the way is this important?


The millennium epoch appears to me with so many chapters to tell but one of them will be get to know and meet personally who made into the new world. This meant everyone will be looking forward to and excited to hear the stories from everyone. All goes down to this;


We are all hoping to make into the new world alive or through resurrection by Jehovah kindness of course. The Bible made me foresee that we will certainly be able to meet many new people from different parts of the world and at different points of time in the millennium epoch. I have a dream to meet everyone who will make into the new world and have idea in mind on what would I ask them. We are looking forward to see and meet new billions and billions of people as we travel around.


Just thinking: If I die along the way before Armageddon or survive the Armageddon what stories will I have to tell others in the new world? I look back to the time I promised myself and said to Jehovah’ I’m yours, lock, stock and barrel’ and when I  reflect on that, I feel ashamed to tell though dedicating myself to Jehovah early in my life I didn’t made my mind over what will I do in my whole life earlier as I did for my dedication. I feel like I can’t live enough to finally decide ‘what will I do with my life’. I have lived enough to make my mind up to serve him soul heart and mind. I have decided for this service year to try being self-supporting missionary (need greater) in a different continent and this is renewable if Armageddon doesn’t come between today and 1st of September 2014. Hopefully will have story to tell others now in this world and forever in the new world.


Everyone is in charge of his/her own story to make and what to tell in the story. I feel that with our perfect mind, our stories are going to be things that will stay for thousand years if not for eternity. As we travel the new world and more get resurrected, it’s fact that we are going to tell our story a lot. If not yet done, making the pieces of your story this year, it’s never too late to start. It doesn’t have to be one of the best story but something that we can be looking forward telling others over and over again. We can’t change what happens in our life but we can backspace, cut, highlight and share the episodes that we were proud of doing them in the old system for Jehovah sake to the best of our ability.


My story to tell in this system is still in progress for now…..i will let you know in pieces as life goes on


Will your story change if you could live your life over again???????Do your best to fine-tune your story?


Be blessed as you strive to do your best and Happy New Service Year to all of you!!!!


 I thought it would be a nice to share this lovely post by friend who is currently a needgreater in my country..what story will all of us tell?Hope we all have stories to tell and never tired of telling it wether  sad or good story but hopefully upbuilding and encouraging..

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So often we think of who WE want to meet and what we will ask THEM ... thanks for the reminder that many who are resurrected will want to ask us many of the same questions we want to ask them :thumbsup:

"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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