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Searching for a new business name.....help?

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Hello friends, I hope everyone is doing well..:-)

My dear wife Denise is starting up a new project, a pillow design and fab, online kind of thing, and she has been trying to dream up a cool name for it....

If it all goes OK, this added income will help her meet some of her spiritualgoals, as it is something she can do in the evenings, and not have to have a day job....

So, can anybody help us out here, maybe come up with a cute, clever play on an antique, retro themed pillow making job?....

Thanks for any suggestions, anything is welcomed, it all is appreciated....

Much Christian love to you all....

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I am not too good at naming things but here is an idea maybe?


"Pillow Lava" = Pillow lavas are bulbous, spherical, or tubular lobes of lava. They form during underwater eruptions and

                        is characterized by pillow-shaped masses.

                        So if your wife makes or designs different "forms" of pillows, this might be a cool name?

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I agree with Brother above. We need more information. What is her USP (unique selling proposition)? What makes her pillows different than others? Different materials? Handmade vs. mass produced? Colors, patterns, customizable?

Whatever the case, if online is your market, be sure to make sure that a top level domain (.com preferably or .net) is available. Even if she's just selling on other marketplaces like eBay or Etsy, having her domain is cheap and good should she need it later. You can use sites like those to direct and build a following to your own website eventually so that you can free yourself from reliance on them for your traffic exclusively.

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Hey thank you for your suggestions. This is Denise. I actually have a variety of home made pillows. They are mostly unique.although I have had to go along with what is really popular right now such as the chevron print, etc.


I like to take vintage women's silk scarves and incorporate them into my designs along with vintage women's hankies.


I also like to work with ticking and burlap material. Since we live near Lake Tahoe, I am going to be creating  pillows of plaid material, etc.to be used as cabin pillows.


I have a large variety of different designs since I enjoy making different collections.


I had thought of the name "Sweet Dreams" earlier but it is everywhere. Changing the name to "Sweet Dreamz" makes the name more unique and it hasn't been taken. So 'thank you'!


A few of the names I am thinking of are: Sweet Dreamz Collection Co., Sweet Dreamz Design Co., Calming Effects Design Co., Signature Style Designs.


My goal is to pioneer again and hopefully I can bring in a little money to help support my effort.


Thank you all for your thoughts. Too, thank you Mike for your suggestion of setting up a domain. We will take that under much consideration, although we will need to read up on what that involves.


    Thanks again, Denise....

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Just a word of caution : if "sweet dreams " is in use by an other company, changing the spelling will not be enough to overcome a confusion argument if they object to your use of the name, especially if they have a trademark. Do a search on the USPTO database to check.

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PILLOW TALK....cut the chatter!


Pillow talk makes me think of sweet. snuggly time in bed with your mate OR when you can not turn off the voices inside your head that keep talking to you all night long..  Cut the chatter?  tag line shows you taking control and an instant nights sleep.


Or Pillows by Denise...When sleep is essential!

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