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Need some tablet/jw.org recommendations for possible gift

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My in-laws are having their 40th anniversary soon, and I had a possibly misguided idea for a gift. Sounds good in my head, but not sure if the reality will match that idea. I thought about buying an inexpensive tablet (maybe two) for them, and I'm wondering if anyone has bought cheapies (as far as tablets go) for reading publications, listening to audio, etc.

Now, here's why I'm looking at cheap. These are people that pretty much have never had TV or internet, not because they can't afford it, but for reasons of their own. So, I'm not dropping the cash for on iPad or Galaxy for people that may not even like this. But WiFi is free at local restaurants and family homes of their children, and I was thinking that I could pre-load it with various publications, free ebooks, audio, etc. to enjoy for now, and they can go explore further on their own and at their leisure at the local coffee shop.

Would an inexpensive tablet work? Could I pre-load it without issue with enough publications and other books (just for entertainment) to make it worth doing?

My wife's dad would have fun with it if this would work. Her mom, maybe not so much, so I'm not sure about buying two, but I'm not opposed either if I could get a fairly inexpensive tablet to work.

Thanks for any advice.

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Mike..there is an excellent tablet called Hisense Sero..it is Android and has 4 Gigs...Sometimes you can find it online for under $100..the Hisense Sero Pro is 8 Gigs..recommended by Marcus Luton on Meekspace.org..got one for a sister..she loves it..also has a screenshot button..4.1 Jellybean..can update!

Walmart.com has Pro for $149..free shipping to store if desired..pay there!.Also..Big Lots has cases for $8..these are 7" tablets..

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I have a TMAX from SAM'S Club. It cost $99. Works just fine for everything I need for the Meetings and more.


It has these features:

  • Multi-Touch Screen with Auto-Rotation
  • 9 inch High-Definition Internet Tablet with 1024 x 600 resolution
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • Cortex A9 Dual-Core 1.5 GHz processor, with 1GB of DDR3 memory
  • Front and rear-facing cameras
  • WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Plays MP3, WMA, and WAV format audio files
  • Watch MPEG4, DivX, and WMV video files
  • Display GIF, JPEG and JPEG images
  • 8GB of internal memory.  Add up to 32GB of memory through the memory slot
  • Connect to your TV and other devices using the high-definition video port
  • Includes these apps: Google™ Play, Gmail™, Chrome™, Google Search, and many others

It can be gotten on eBay for $117 (free shipping) on a "Buy it Now" and they claim to have more than 10 available.


A couple of real nice features this tablet has is HDMI output, although no cable provided ... and a micro-usb port. The USB comes WITH a cable that allows you to connect USB devices like flash drives. I connected my Terabyte USB drive and it connects and reads it just fine. I also connected my camera and it reads that also as well as my MP3 player.

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Thanks!  I just looked up the Hisense and it has great reviews.  I found the 4GB model on eBay for $79 shipped, and the 8GB looks to be more like $110ish.  I could always pick up the 4GB and put a micro SD card in it to have much more storage than the 8GB for a similar price.  The processor wouldn't be quite as good, but these aren't people that will likely doing much that is very processor intensive.  


Off to check out the TMAX.......this might be a good idea after all (though they may also just use it as a coaster after we give it to them).

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Well, just found out that my FIL has a laptop already, and he's happy with that.  One of my SIL's has a nice Galaxy tablet, and they can kind of share.  Plus, they don't have internet at home.  So, it may have been a good idea, but we don't see them often and both had no idea that they had any such technology.  It isn't like we can chat with them easily over the interwebs, as they are completely disconnected other than visiting the library for wifi.  And they're an hour away, so we don't keep tabs on their daily goings-on.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.  Thanks for your help!  

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I have bought 7 of these babies and they have 32 gigs of memory for 109.00 and free shipping. I bought one for me and all my friends decided to get them too so I ordered them for them. Battery life is 8 hrs.


MFG Refurbished Item With 90 Day Warranty!

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I don't advice anyone getting a tablet with less than 8gb internal memory. Even though you can add a 32gb card, there is a huge limitation on the space you have available to install apps because they will go only to the internal memory (google forced limitation since android 4.1)

The system itself uses more than 1gb and soon you won't be able to install anything more....

So, unless you aren't planning on install more than a few apps, gor for the 8gb minimum

I have an 8gb tablet and its completely full :)

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So, unless you aren't planning on install more than a few apps, gor for the 8gb minimum

I have an 8gb tablet and its completely full

I have a 16Gb with 64 Gb external microsd. 1 program (  a GPS - better than one installed, same one I use on 3.8" screen  - 10.1" vs 3.8"  yup use the tablet :thumbsup:  ) uses 2.5 GB on internal storage. It will not install on external card.

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Just in case it's not already too late:



Sorry to go the opposite direction and recommend the most expensive device on the market, but the Samsung 2014 Galaxy Note 10.4 is a great tablet for meetings.  This is due mostly to the digital stylus. It blows using your fingers or capacitive styluses out of the water for note taking.  I got my wife one for our anniversary and she loves it. With the multi-window she can keep 2 apps open at once. It comes with a notebook app that looks like a journal.  She keeps all her meeting and assembly notes organized there, always with her and easy to access.


 If you don't think he'd ever want to use a tablet to take notes, then, yeah, save your money. The stylus is the only standout feature of that tablet.

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Samsung 2014 Galaxy Note 10.4


Oops. Before anyone spends any time scouring the darkest parts of the internet hunting the magical Note 10.4 device, it apparently does not exist - except in my medicated 1:00am Cheshire Cat addled mind.


As you likely suspected, I was talking about the 2014 Note 10.1.  


**If you really want to go nuts, there's always the hulking Galaxy Note Pro (12.2).**

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