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ever use VRBO...?

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I am planning ahead this year for possible vacations for myself and the boss (wife lol) and was thinking of doing Florida - NOT Disney - but any place south of Orlando, coast, etc. and was thinking of using VRBO.com


Has anyone ever used this arrangement for vacation accomodations?  Or anything similar...? 

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You know .... when I was reading this thread to my daughter she wondered why anyone would want to come to Florida, especially to the coast, during HURRICANE SEASON


What IS the best time to go to Florida.  My wife and I have usually gone in late February/early March for our anniversary, and it has been a mixed bag.  We go to Destin/Fort Walton Beach (though we drive to Panama City and Pensacola too) because we can drive there in a day from Indiana.  Never been farther south where it is warmer.  We are looking for somewhere to go later this year, and we love Florida when we go.  We live around enough city, so we don't care for that scene, but we like quiet and as few people as possible.  Got any pro-tips?


As for VRBO, we've known many people to use them and they've been really happy.  As with anything, there is always a risk, but they have reviews and such if memory serves, so they can be checked out and vetted.  

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As far as the best time to come to Florida, I would suggest it all depends on what you want to do on your trip.

Do you want to do many outdoor activities?

Or do you prefer a more leisurely vacation?

Well here is my attempt at a brief  "Florida Vacation Planner":


Ft.Lauderdale, Miami - All year is warm to hot 80s/90s, but summer is hotter and with 90-100% humidity

   = Beach, Swimming, water sports, boating, great Latin Food, dancing, tour the Everglades

   = Also very near are "The Keys"(snorkling/diving/fishing) but cautious with Key West(a 24hr party and open gay/lesbians

   = A majority of Hotels in Miami cost a lot but when you arrive you feel like you rented a cheap motel, especially in South Beach

   = So renting a home might be a great idea. The same with the Keys. However Ft.Lauderdale is better with hotels.


Orlando, Kissimmee

  = April thru October is the hot season 80s/90s with summer months having 90-100% humidity

            - Disney & other Parks are difficult due to sweating, sunburns, flash rains and very long lines of people especially Jun-Aug.

            - However there are several good Water Parks, natural springs(70 deg.water) and Daytona Beach & other beaches just 45-55min. away

  = November thru March the best time! It is the nice warm/cool season with 60-75 degrees(day) & 50s/60s(nights) & a just a few colder 40s/30s

            - Disney & other Parks are very nice in weather, not baking in sun, and crowds are much less except during holidays 

            - Nights are quite nice with many areas to walk/sightsee/shop, dinner outdoors. Many people at evenings are in shorts/sandals,

                 just maybe a light jacket if you feel a bit cooler.

            - Great season for outdoor sports, extremely popular are golf, tennis, boating/fishing with many lakes, running, etc


These were just some basics, I hope they are helpful.

If anyone wants to know any specifics on South or Central Florida please ask and I will give you all the info I know of.  :)

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As far as the "best" time to visit Florida .....


When it is hot here it is VERY HOT and Humid!


When it is cold, it feels VERY COLD


When it rains, it RAINS! When it is dry, well, you know, VERY DRY!


Just when you pick just the right weather for your visit, it will be different then what you thought it would be.


If you don't like the weather .... wait a minute or change to the other side of the street .... yep, it changes that quick and can be that localized.


Don't get me wrong ... Florida is a great place, I know, I live here. And, like my daughter likes to point out - at least when it IS cold, we don't have to shovel it out of our way.


Also, when it rains, for days at a time, the flooding goes away quite quickly.


So, in answer to the question ..... there is no BEST or WORST time to visit, depending on what you like.

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We live about 40 mins from PCB. Let me know when you next visit........... B)

Thanks Vernalee, we usually go in September maybe early October when it's less crowded and it's not so hot. I'll be sure to let you know.  :)

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