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Iraq puts forward 'Islamic' legislation to legalize child marriage

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What makes these men think that God approves of them marrying children and adding children to their harem of other wives?


Nature should tell them otherwise.


The charity Medicines Sans Frontiers and representatives of UNICEF were on a BBC Radio 4 news documentary. They were taking reporters to some of the countries where child marriage is already allowed to see what could happen in Iraq. They gave shocking statistics of death in childbirth for under-age (by Western standards) girls in Moslem countries. They talked of touring the outskirts of Moslem towns and villages looking out for abandoned wives/young girls who resort to begging. Too young to stand the rigours of pregnancy and giving birth, if they hadn't died, it left them with damaged 'waterworks' and had left them incontinent. No longer able to keep clean nor useful to their husbands they are abandoned to beg outside the town like lepers until they die. International Charities were doing their best to find them before they died of blood poisoning or other disease to treat them.



These children are being trafficked like slaves from poorer families to rich older men. Iraq wants to be like other Moslem countries, to have no consent or rights allowed for female children, marriage is to become a business transaction between the men of the families.


Children are disappearing from schools here in UK to be forced into marriage illegally, but this problem is the least of what is going on here in the Moslem communities. Police are more concerned about how many boys and some girls are leaving the UK to fight in warring 'hot-spots' like Syria and if they aren't killed, are being radicalised to return to cause social problems here.

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There isn't a day that goes by that I don't pray for the garments of vengeance to be donned.

Especially reading these things, it is hard to have patience. Like the archaeologists who exclaimed why didn't Jehovah kill the Canaanites sooner after uncovering the infants who had been sacrificed at various altars, I know the reason why he hasn't and I am still impatient and praying for things to be set right. :(

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