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Movie "Son of God"

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No - my choice, everyone must go by their conscience. 

Diogo Morgado played Jesus also in the History Channel miniseries "The Bible", and is about to play the Devil in an upcoming miniseries.  He is Portuguese, is an actor and a model, and is pretty famous in his country and in Brazil.


Seems like so many of these present Jesus as a marketing commodity rather than someone with an important message.  Sex and violence sells marketing commodities.

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The movie Son of God is a film adaptation from the miniseries "The Bible".

It is the same as the miniseries I think with added footage. I haven't seen all of the movie though but here are my thoughts.

There were of course inaccuracies, most of them were expected, I didn't watch as far as his death but naturally the movie would have portrayed it on a cross.

Personally I can cope with the inaccuracies and would have watched the more but I just found it to be lame.

They tried to dramatise it in the wrong way and it came across like everyone in bible times never had conversations but lived through dramatic proclamations and sweeping statements every other minute. The temptations with the Devil, while I think they did the Devil well, Jesus just didn't feel right in these scenes. If I recall correctly he didn't even say "it is written" which didn't feel right. Though they did represent the offer of the kingdoms of the world in a clever way.

It does help visualise though, such as the confrontations between Jesus and the Pharisees. The trouble is, it clouded by mind with details that I am not sure a correct. I mean they might be but I'm not certain.

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my own opinion is that the series The Bible was a very good production compared to other ones

it helped visualize some biblical scenes in a way i did not think before

it portrays Jesus in a better way than many other movies

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