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Are You Going To Help Me Now?

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This experience was given by brother Splane of the Governing Body at an assembly in Ouhu some years ago. In an eastern European country in 1989 there was a huge 8.9 earthquake that killed 30,000 people in 4 minutes. It happened in the morning and a man had just returned from taking his small son to school. After seeing that his wife was alright, he went straight back to the school to find his son. When he got there he found it flattened, just rubble. He stood there devastated. Then he remembered a promise he had made to his son some time back. He had told him that as long as there was life and breath in his body, he would be there for him. So with that promise in his mind, he went around to the northeast side of rubble where his son's classroom had been and started digging through the debris.


Soon a neighbor came out and told him there was nothing he could his son was dead, the man did not stop digging, he just asked " Are you going to help me now?" Later the firechief came by and told him to stop digging, that no one was alive and he was putting himself in danger. Again, the father simply asked " Are you going to help me now?"

After many more hours of digging the chief of police came and told him he was putting other people in danger, ordering him to go home and leave it to the professionals. The man again said nothing but" Are you going to help me now?"

Finally after 38 hours of digging through concrete and twisted metal, the man moved a final boulder and found a small space where several children had been protected. His son was among them. The first thing he said to his father was " Daddy, I told them not to be scared. I knew you would come".

Brother Splane paused, and then he said... " The faithful slave is engaged in a massive search and rescue mission. It is an enormous task, and what they are asking of you and me is : " Are you going to help me now?" Then he walked off the stage.              http://bestrealstories.blogspot.com/2010/05/fathers-promise-ill-always-be-there-for.html

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