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Radical Muslims embark on brutal campaign to purge Iraq of 'opposers'.

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In recent weeks, Radical Muslims have purged the city of Mosul (Iraq) of nearly its entire Christian population, moved to restrict women and began the systematic destruction of city landmarks.




Just another reason for Jehovah to bring vengeance on the harlot, ie. false religion (Rev 17:16,17).

Interesting how this group used the political system to gain a foothold in the country first before ramping up its efforts to carry out its agenda.

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These Moslems/Isis/Islamic State are calling on all Christians, or religions other than their brand of Islam such as that of the Yazidi, they come across in any towns they conquer, to 'convert or die'. Many have fled to the mountains and the West and UN are deciding how to best help those trapped there.


Sad fact is that these radical Moslems have had much success conquering areas of Syria already. They were helped to distablise the government of Syria by certain Western governments. I watched the News and was amazed at Western Governments focussing on the so-called 'oppressive regime' of Syria that they thought local 'freedom-fighter' rebels' were trying to overthrow. I was surprised when they decided to 'help' these 'rebels' not really knowing who they were or what they represented. Therefore, Kurds/ Peshmurgas fighting these radical Moslems are finding that their enemies are armed with Western weapons and other Western kit.Such is the muddled thinking of the West about the Middle East. 


In the meantime, UK features news items of young men from the large communities of Moslems in Wales; Birmingham; Lancashire heading off to Turkey to eventually join up with these Islamic fighters in Syria/Iraq/Aghanistan/Pakistan, and other Moslem Countries. We have also had shared with us footage of many Moslems in Australia who have gone to fight 'over there' too. The worry here is that if they return, what will they be promoting/planning -as if there's not enough promotion of the Jihaddi cause here to have got them out there in the first place!


Hope/pray our brothers in Iraq are able to keep their heads down and quietly survive through all this.

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Yes, now that Isis is threatening the west - particularly the U.S. and other European countries, I think the rest of the world will take them seriously.  This might be just what is needed for the nations to go to the U.N. and decide what it will take to give the toothless lion some teeth!  I've heard several news reports criticize the U.N. because they are ineffectual and basically are too slow in reacting to these horrible situations.

Don't live for the moment - live for the future! :D

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"Knowing he has a short time..."

The radical trains of thought among various Islamic groups is just incredible. How can they be so brutal, so callous, so bloodthirsty?

Let's just hope they also have a short time.

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